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Running Backs Coach Terry Robiskie - Tuesday, September 1, 2020

(On the status of the running backs room without former RB Leonard Fournette) "It looks young, it looks young. It looks energetic, it looks like a bunch of fresh guys, just a bunch of big-eyed guys that [are] looking at the goal, [they] just want an opportunity, they want an opportunity. I think they feel the opportunity is there. A group of guys that [are] ready to go meet the challenge, go prove themselves. Like I said, everybody in life wants an opportunity. I've got a group of guys that [have] got a shot, they've got an opportunity here and it's right before them."

(On being brought in to mentor RB Leonard Fournette and on the disappointment that it didn't work out with him) "Again, I don't know if I was brought in to mentor Leonard, to bring Leonard forward or whatever that is. I hope I was brought in to coach the running backs, I hope I was brought in to coach that room. And at the same time, I think we did some things in that room that came out of that pretty good last year. I hope I was brought in to coach that room and to be a part of an organization that wants to win, that's trying to win. And I did that, that's obviously what I did. I've got a group of guys in there today that of course—that's what I've got to do, I've got to spend every minute of my energy and time with that group of guys, trying to get them ready to play. We'll be opening here in whatever that is, about two weeks, a little less than two weeks, I think. We've got an opening game against Indy [Indianapolis Colts] and I've got to do, as you said, I've got to do what I was brought here to do, to coach the running backs room and get them ready to play."

(On the skill sets of the young running backs) "Again, I think they're young guys that are very, very energetic. They're very, very proud of this opportunity. As far as skills sets, I think when you've played the position, when you've been a running back, you've got the skill sets to do what running backs do. You've got the skill sets to run the ball, you've got the skill sets—you better have, I shouldn't say you've got—you better have the skill sets to run the ball, you better have the skill sets to catch the ball, you better have the skill sets to protect. Any one of those three that [are] missing, you're flawed. So, my job is to take those young guys that [are] all new in the room, that we're all trying to get to know, that we're all in the room with, and trying to bring it all together and get on the same page. I've just got to bring them all together and whatever skill sets they have—that God has given them—I've got to try and get that out of them and do the best I can to get them to show their ability and to play to the best of their ability."

(On importance of RB Chris Thompson leading the group) "In that room it's phenomenal because to have Chris in there, any time that we're going in and installing something new, especially with so many other things going on in the world, so many distractions today. With everything that's going on with the world, the environment, the society—so many other things going on in the world today, it's a true blessing to have Chris in there. Because obviously, I've been coaching for a long time, Jay [Gruden] has been coaching for a long time, we've never coached together so, trying to get on the same page has been a challenge and we've been rationing with it and getting it done. But to have Chris in there to just clarify something that may be as simple as 2 yards wider, 2 yards deeper. To have Chris in there who has done it and has done it consistently at a high level in this offense, is a plus. So, Chris is a blessing and I'm happy as [heck] that he's here."

(On whether RB Leonard Fournette was a problem in the locker room) "I couldn't answer that question, I don't spend time in that locker room. My job is to keep that group I've got in that meeting room. When it was time to go to the locker room, I was always, I guess I was a little bit late. My guys in the locker room, I can't speak for what was going on in the locker room. I don't know the dynamics of that. I kept my guys in my [meeting] room as long as I could before it was time to go to practice to make sure that we were prepared and ready to go. So, that was something I wouldn't be able to tell you about, as far as what happens in the locker room." 

(On what they didn't see in RB Leonard Fournette) "I don't think it had anything to do with not seeing from Leonard. I think it had everything to do with seeing from the other guys, you know what I mean. Just basically, like we talked about a minute ago, as far as my blessing of Chris Thompson for being in the meeting room. I think it was the same phenomenal blessing to have Leonard on the practice field and have a bunch of young guys watching him out there on the field and showing us the way, showing us how we want to hit this one or how we want to run that one or whatever the situation was. It was just a blessing to have him out there to demonstrate it and to show it to the guys, of how we want it done. Because again, I've got a group of young guys that haven't played a lot football. So, now it's all about them and it's about me trying to get their talents, pull the talent out of them and get them to play, get them to play well and get them to play up to par. And especially, they'll be able to do that as a unit, to try to get them to do it collectively."

(On the improvement and expectations to increase running touchdowns this season) "I'm wishing, I'm working hard to get that accomplished. I'm a part of that, that this department, that Doug feels, I feel extremely disappointed, probably a little bit more. Because the first thing you see Gene, was he said he was disappointed we didn't have enough running touchdowns. And when they say running, that's when I fall in. So, I'm disappointed, I'm as disappointed if not more disappointed than the head coach. The only thing I say, we've just basically go to continue to put out such a position to have more opportunities to get it done and when we get in that position when we get down there, we've got to just have the mindset that we're going to pound it, we're going to get it in [and] we're going to do whatever the [heck] it takes to run it in. We can sit down and say, 'They're in this front, in that front, they've got an 8-man front, or 8-man box.' We've got to make up our minds, we're going to run it, we're going to run it in and whatever the [heck] it takes to get it in, we've got to get it done and I've got to be a part of that process."

(On being involved in the Voting "Get in the Game" Jaguars campaign) "Oh, I think we've done all we could—we continue to keep doing as much as we can. That is a phenomenal thing to be a part of, this is the first time, obviously, in my career I've had an opportunity to be a part of something, phenomenal thing. It's been fantastic for us. We're like scratching the match to kind of get it all started, to get it going and it's a flame that burns deep down inside of us. I think it's a big, big plus to have the support of the head coach, the organization, the owner and to have so many people at the top level that [are] kind of leading us and taking us to it. So, that's been phenomenal, I've enjoyed it, every minute of it. It's been—I think the difficulty of it has been to keep track, because there [are] so many things going on. You know, it's kind of like what they say, you've got one little fireball in here, when you put that one out there's another one on the other side of the track. So, that whole thing has been phenomenal. I'm happy as [heck] to be a part of it, I hope we can keep it going. And what started off as a little spark, has certainly picked up into a big fire and a big flame, I hope we can keep it going."

(On the progress of the undrafted running backs) "No, I mean, all of the undrafted—again, in my room, all the guys in the room have been really, really good. We have not sat down one day and said, 'Oh boy he didn't get drafted, oh boy you didn't get drafted.' All of the guys in the room have worked, they've worked extremely hard, they have studied, they have prepared. They've been very, very attentive in the meeting room. And on the football field, like I told them, they've continued to do what they've been doing all their lives in just playing football. I think the thing that's a blessing for them is I haven't—and I don't think anybody has treated them like an undrafted guy. We've treated then like a Jacksonville Jaguar, we've treated them like a—I have treated them, I've tried to treat them like a running back that's on the team for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We haven't sat down to say, 'You didn't get drafted, well you're a free agent, oh boy you're [not] going to make it, oh boy you're not good enough.' Every guy in that room is working like he was drafted, and I'll say we might not be, but every guy in the room has worked like he was drafted in the first round. It hasn't really phased them that, 'I'm a free agent, I'm not a free agent, I'm a third-round draft choice, I'm a fourth-round draft choice.' The guys are very, very fired up, very enthused about the opportunity and I think they're all doing a great job of coming together and working with each other and helping each other to succeed."

(On whether RB Leonard Fournette was late to RB meetings) "He was not late to my knowledge, no. I don't remember him being late to any of my meetings and he was very, very attentive."

(On last conversation with RB Leonard Fournette and advice for him going forward) "The last time I had a conversation with him, he and I were speaking on the field Saturday at the scrimmage. We spoke there we talked about going out and playing fast and playing with energy. And let's go play [well] and do a good job. We hadn't talked after that. Any advice I'd give to Leonard today, would be [to] continue to be Leonard, go work hard, do what you do. You've been playing football a long time, if you get another opportunity, go play football and enjoy."

(On the transition of the running backs room into OC Jay Gruden's new offense) "Devine [Ozigbo] has transitioned extremely well. He's the guy that's been a little spark in the room. He's got some light in his eyes. You remember last year, he played—he ended up playing quite a bit for us in the last game against Indianapolis. He did some things extremely well. I'm looking forward to him to pick up this year against Indy right where he left off from last year. I don't want to sit down and say he's made the team, but from what he's been doing, if he continues to go and continue to look as good as he's been looking, I hope he can be here, play against Indy and continue to do the things he did last year. As for Q, Ryquell [Armstead] has been out, he hasn't been in as much, he's had some little knicks and knacks that he's had to deal with, a sore groin, a sore hammy [hamstring]. So, he's just basically been meeting with us mostly on the computer, he hasn't been out on the field doing a lot of work with us yet, he's kind of off to the side doing his work."