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Sorensen: "Live Your Dream"

Jaguars Safety Nick Sorensen met with a group of fifth graders at Lakeside Elementary School on Wednesday, April 14. He left this impression on their minds: "Live Your Dreams."

Nick shared with the students a few words of wisdom his mom used to say to him while he was growing up. "When I was younger my mom used to tell us to live our dreams. She would tell us all the time, and write it down everywhere. To this day, when she sends me birthday cards, at the bottom of card she writes Live Your Dream," Sorensen explained.

Nick was able to live out his dream as a football player with the help and support from his parents. "My parents were my role models," Nick said in response to one of the questions asked by a student. "My dad used to play football in college, and I really looked up to him and wanted to play."

During his talk, Nick also advised the students to surround themselves with people that are positive thinkers and have positive attitudes. "Look at it this way, if you hang around garbage long enough, eventually you will start to smell like garbage. The same applies when you hang around people that get into trouble, and try to talk you out of living your dream, their same attitude will rub off on you," said Sorensen. "Have you ever heard of the law of harvest? You reap what you sow. What you put into something is what you get out of it. That is with everything in life, whether it's sports, school, or whatever…"

After his talk, the students asked Nick more questions. One student asked what has been his greatest moment in football, and Sorensen replied, "Senior day in college is the greatest moment in my football career. On that day all of the seniors on the team gather on the field with their parents…they call your name out, everyone is cheering, it's great!"

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