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Starks conference call


(on his small size) "The thing about being cornerback is you can't worry about your size. You have to go out there and be confident and compete. To make up for my size I went to the combine and jumped a 43 ½ vertical leap."

(on playing in a division with many elite receivers) "I can't worry about the names. I just have to go out there and do what my coach needs me to do and that's play within the scheme and try to make plays that way."

(on being drafted in third round) "My agent told me that I would go between picks 73 and 93. It was getting close to that pick 93 and I was getting nervous. I saw the Florida area code call and I started getting excited."

(on his value increasing by playing special teams) "I think that is what made me attractive to a lot of teams. A lot of guys don't think it is important to get out there and play special teams. I take special teams very seriously.

(on volunteering in college to play special teams) "Yes I did. I talked to my defensive coordinator coach about it and he told me he thought I could help out on special teams. I then talked to the special teams coach about it and told him I wanted to be a gunner, I wanted to be the best gunner, that's what I set out to be this year in the Big Ten."

(on coming in and competing for a starting job) "I feel like I can come in and compete. I'm going to come in and do my best. I'm going to do a lot of hard work and study a lot of film, if that's what it comes down to then I'm willing to do it."

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