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Texans Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel: Sunday, November 8, 2020

(On how important the two long touchdowns were to Brandin Cooks and Will Fuller) "They were really important. On the one to [Brandin] Cooks, they had just scored on a touchdown themselves. For us to come back and score, that was good because it evened up the game. Then on the one to [Will] Fuller, after the interception being overturned for a touchdown, we threw the long ball and Fuller makes a great adjustment on the ball to catch it and run it in. It gave us a little cushion during the game. Those guys are tremendous players and work very hard every week. Today, it showed up on the field. We are happy they made those plays."

(On how he felt Deshaun Watson played and how much he ran the ball today) "I kind of like him running because he was able to gain yards and didn't get beat up too badly when he did. He is a magician. I don't know how he was able to get out of those situations he was in, but he had a feel for finding the opening and being able to get through. When he is able to get through, he gains yards and keeps the sticks moving and keeps the momentum for the offense going. You can say don't run it, but if you say don't run it then you are not going to move the ball and then you will be asking me a different question then. I am ok with him running."

(On leaving Bradley Roby home) "The Bradley Roby decision was a personal deal that we made together so I decided to leave him at home for this game. That's all I am saying about that one."

(On the defense being short-handed due to injuries) "Our guys stepped up because we did have some injuries. Guys got banged up and had to miss plays. Guys who were backing them up were able to step into it and do the job. They fought hard all game. (In) critical situations we were able to come up and make plays. Then we were able to win the game."

(On J.J. Watt getting his 100th sack and his overall performance) "J.J. is a tremendous athlete and a tremendous pro. In my time here with J.J., he has done a little bit of everything. He intercepts balls. He causes fumbles. He tackles in the backfield. He invades the run and rushes the passer. He does it all. I feel really good about him getting his 100th sack. As he said, he appreciates getting his 100th sack with a team victory."

(On Will Fuller's work and what he was able to do on the long touchdown) "I think we saw today why I would only take deluxe nuts for Will Fuller. He made tremendous plays. He is a tremendous athlete. He is a tremendous receiver and I am so glad that we have him."

(On if playing Duke Johnson more due to David Johnson's injury altered the game plan) "No, not really, because both of them can execute the game plan. In the last game, we started getting Duke in a little more on third down and some on first and second after he stayed in on a third down. We have confidence in both guys even though they are a little bit of different type runners. They both are effective in gaining yards and picking up the blitz so they fit right in our package."

(On if he considered going for it on the fourth-and-6 late in the game before punting) "It went through my mind. But I knew if I punted and we could back them up then going the length of the field would be more difficult than making it and going half the length of the field. I made that choice to punt and try to back them up."

(On if Bryan Anger has the option to pull a fake on his own) "Not unless we tell him beforehand and we didn't tell him beforehand on that one."

(On if running on first down today worked more than passing in the last few games) "It just depends on what part of the game you are talking about. In the second quarter, they were able to run the ball on us, move down the field and get a score. But at critical points in the game, we were able to bow up and stop those inside runs which we felt good about it."

(On the Jaguars running on first down) "Sometimes you make plays, sometimes you don't. The thing I felt like we had going is the passing game. It's been pretty productive. We were able to move the ball passing so you don't have to rely on the run."

(On how the rookies performed after being short-handed on defense) "The thing about the rookies is that they hung in there. Like [Jonathan] Greenard, he made more plays he has ever played around here. He hung in, even though he was tired, he kept going. That is the impact, having a guy who is willing to give the effort, line up out there and play. That is what a lot of the backups did today. They just stepped in and did their job so we could win the game and they helped us win."

(On health updates to Charles Omenihu and Brennan Scarlett) "Yeah [Scarlett], he had a lower arm injury. They are going to take a look at it. They are going to get the x-rays and all that stuff. But, he had arm injury. On the leg injury to Charles [Omenihu], Charles is a really fast guy and sometimes fast guys strain their hamstrings so he has a hamstring. We will work through that. Hopefully, we will get as many of those guys who got banged up back soon."