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The 4th and 1 Football Camp


The 4th and 1 Football Camp, will be held on the campus of Jacksonville University during the week of June 16-21, 2013.4th and 1 is a free football and life skills camp for student-athletes. The camp's unique model balances football training with intensive ACT classes and life skills workshops. For six days, student-athletes will live on the Jacksonville University campus and gain exposure to college life. Participants are exposed to college admissions counseling, business skills training, life skills courses, and motivational speakers. The innovative curriculum includes daily yoga instruction, résumé writing workshops, and a dinner etiquette course. With the support of nearly 40 volunteer coaches and instructors, 4th and 1 delivers a host of life-changing experiences to its student-athletes. The camp is sponsored through a grant from the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation.

4th and 1 was founded in 2010 by current Cleveland Browns coach, Daron Roberts. Roberts, an African-American graduate of Harvard Law School created the camp in his hometown of Mt. Pleasant, Texas while he served as assistant secondary coach with the Detroit Lions. Since the inaugural camp in East Texas, 4th and 1 has expanded its operations into Michigan (East Lansing). The Jacksonville camp will serve as the third location. To date, nearly 200 student-athletes have experienced the program.

"The game of football teaches the importance studying, teamwork, self-initiative, respect and determination that youth will need throughout their lives," noted Jaguars Foundation President Peter Racine. "4th and 1 instills the importance of mastering these skills during these critical high school years as these youth prepare for college."

"We are thankful to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the opportunity to provide a camp that seeks to elevate the aspirations of these students. Our goal is to supplement the dreams of our student-athletes with tangible action plans for realizing their hopes," Roberts commented.

"Our day will begin at 5:30am and end at 10pm every day of the camp," added Camp Director, Alfonso Longoria. "Our young men will walk away from 4th and 1 with a greater sense of confidence in their ability to become change agents in their communities."

The 40 Jacksonville area student–athletes, from the Duval County Public Schools, will be chosen through a highly competitive application process. Duval County Public Schools' high school coaches and counselors will nominate candidates for the 40 slots and student-athletes will be notified in early May of their status. The group will include student-athletes who are underrepresented on college campuses, students who will be the first in their families to attend college, and those that might not have thought about going to college as a viable option in their future. 4th and 1, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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