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Trae Williams conference call


The following is a transcript of Trae William's press conference following his selection in the fifth round of the draft.

(on if opponents threw the ball in his direction a lot with 2008 first round pick Mike Jenkins on the other side at cornerback) "In the beginning they used to throw my way a lot until I started getting all those interceptions. They started running the ball or throwing it at the safety."

(on if he was disappointed he lasted until the fifth round) "I was a little disappointed but God has a plan for everybody. I feel like He put me in the situation that I needed to be in and Jacksonville was it. I'm happy to be a part of the organization."

(on if he felt like he was overshadowed by teammate Mike Jenkins) "I think so throughout my career. I'm happy for him for going to Dallas in the first round."

(on if he followed the Jaguars since he played in Florida) "I followed them a little bit even though I grew up in the Bay Area and I was a Bucs fan. I did follow them a little bit."

(on if this is good situation for him with established players in the secondary) "It's a great situation. I'm going to go in there and learn from guys like Rashean Mathis. They have been in the league for a while and they are great players. It will be great to learn from behind those guys."

(on if he has the ability to play special teams) "Yes. I want to play by any means necessary. Whatever they need me to do then I'm willing to do it."

(on if he was recruited by a lot of schools) "Most of the schools were from up north. The only two schools that recruited me in Florida were UCF and USF. "

(on how many people he has in his family) "I have two younger sisters and a host of cousins."

(on what his father does for a living) "He is a brick mason and builds houses in Georgia."

(on if he had always played football) "I played baseball before I started playing football. I was a baseball player for about two or three years before I played football. It got kind of boring. I was a centerfielder and I would just sit out there and play in the grass until the ball came which was once or twice a game."

(on why he thinks former teammate Mike Jenkins went ahead of him even though they had comparable statistics) "It could be because he was an inch taller, a couple pounds heavier or a second or two faster than me. That could be it. That is the only thing I can think of."

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