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Vincent Manuwai conference call


(on being drafted by a team with a need for guards) "Even before the draft I started working at the left-handed stance. If a team drafted me for that position I wanted to be prepared."

(on what position he played at Hawaii) "I played right guard at Hawaii. The thing about our team was that nobody got hurt except for this past year when our starting center was out for the season. So everyone got to play the same position and no one moved positions too much."

(on moving to the left guard position) "I don't see any big problems. You just have to get a feel for the position. I've been practicing my left-handed stance since my last bowl game in college trying to do run blocks out of it and setting up in pass protection."

(on the talent he played against in college) "We played against Alabama. Their entire defensive front was good. I went against Jaret Johnson and Kenny King. Last year my junior season I went against Alan Harper who was probably the best defensive tackle in our conference."

(on Chris Naeole) "It's great. When I got drafted here the first thing people said was how great it was that I would get to play with another local guy. I don't know him personally, but I know of him. Since he was drafted by the Saints I've kept up with his career, but I've never spoken to him."

(on being far away from home in Jacksonville) "The plane trip and all that I'm not really worried about being far away from home. As long as my family comes up with me I'll be fine. Football is something I love to do and it will keep me busy. I was happy with Jacksonville because of all the guys they are bringing in like Byron Leftwich. We have the same agency representing us and we worked out together for two months in Florida.

(on having a former NFL head coach as his college coach) "It was great. (June Jones) told me to follow the things you do and it turned out well for me the four years I played at Hawaii. I finally got drafted and now I have to continue to do these things, work hard and get into Jacksonville's system. It's great. Coach Jones has also been there in the NFL. He coached in Atlanta and brought the same system to Hawaii so he knows what types of players the NFL looks at. So you believe him when he tells you there is a chance you could be drafted."

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