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Awaiting the right circumstance

Final day at the Breakers resort. I'll miss the Brownies, and the turndown service – not to mention the $6.75 domestics. #expenseaccountcreativity.

Let's get to it.

Alex from Austin, TX:
I haven't seen anyone else share my opinion on this so far so I have to ask. Why is nobody talking about getting Matt Kalil (if available) or Reily Reiff at no.7?
John: That's high to take a right tackle, and the Jaguars already have a left tackle. Not only do they have one, they have one that plays at a pretty high level, opinions to the contrary notwithstanding.
John from Bristow, VA:
Keep seeing multiple mocks having the Jaguars selecting Quinton Coples of North Carolina at No. 7. From everything I've read Coples doesn't appear to fit the GM's profile for high-motor/motivated players. If this is true, and Coples is the highest-rated DE, can you envision the Jaguars trading down to get the quality player they want? Thanks!
John: I agree with you on Coples. I'd be surprised if he's the Jaguars' selection. As for trading down, I certainly envision the Jaguars trying, though it's far easier discussed than done.
Joey from Yukon, OK:
I live outside of Oklahoma City and been here for six years now. I grew up in Jacksonville. We have an NBA team here that has sold out every single home game this year. We have half the amount of people that Jacksonville has, but don't have any issue of selling tickets. How can this be when the Oklahoma City Thunder have only been here for four years, and are doing better than the Jags, that have been a team 17 years?
John: There's a newness to the Thunder that I imagine helps. Selling a team in the early years always is far easier than maintaining that momentum after years of struggling at times on the field. And last I checked, the Thunder were pretty good this year, no? Winning helps.
Scott from Harlem, NY:
Can you give us a sense for what is taking place at the meetings this week?
John: Good question. On our coverage focuses on what the Jaguars are saying and doing, but overall, the meetings are where much of the official business of the league gets done. Not only is Owner Shad Khan here, but the team's president, Mark Lamping, is, too. So are senior staff Bill Prescott, Macky Weaver and Dan Edwards, as well as General Manager Gene Smith and Head Coach Mike Mularkey. All of the officials spend much of the days in meetings, with Khan spending time in the owners' meetings and committee meetings and others in meetings involving their areas. Smith, for example, spent a lot of time in meetings involving rules changes with the salary cap, free agency and on-and off-field rules. It's not thrilling in the sense of baseball's winter meetings – where a lot of major deals get done – but a lot of information is exchanged and in a sense, the tone is set for the league year.
Jeff from Jacksonville:
I saw in the twitter feed that our first six rounds of the draft are all sixth and seventh picks of that respective round. How did that happen?
John: The Jaguars and Redskins each finished 5-11. Teams that finished tied swap draft positions throughout the draft.
Jacob from New York:
Already last in power rankings. :(
John: Already caring not a whit. 
Tucker from Jacksonville:
Regarding management "lying" to the fans, I totally agree with Michael. Why is it that whenever a fan comes up with their own expectations and the team doesn't live up to them, they feel like they're being lied to?
John: Believing what you want to believe is easier than understanding the truth.
Nathan from San Clemente, CA:
After reading the "Making his Mark" article on comparing Tyson to other DTs, I can clearly say that he is what we hoped so far. All Jags fans should read it if they doubt his worth so far. Can you explain why so many believe he isn't worth that 10th pick? Lack of sacks? DTs don't get many unless you are Suh.
John: Ibid.
Brian from Melbourne, FL:
Stating the obvious here -- you have the coolest job ever.
John: No, this guy does. But I'm not complaining, either.
Jason from Cupertino:
Can you explain compensatory draft picks and will Jacksonville get any next year?
John: I'll give the simplified explanation, and that's that the league awards compensatory selections based on players lost in unrestricted free agency the previous off-season. The Jaguars received no compensatory selections this off-season because they signed more than they lost in free agency last off-season. I doubt the Jaguars will get compensatory selections next off-season, because they signed Aaron Ross, Chad Henne and Laurent Robinson and really didn't lose any significant free agents.
William from Jacksonville:
My question is about Terrell Owens. What is your opinion on his skills today and do you think he would be worth talking to? It seems as though he has really calmed down these last couple years and that he is still a very good receiver.
John: Owens absolutely is worth talking to. He's a very engaging guy. Now, as far as signing him . . .
Martin from Fernandina Beach, FL:
What circumstances led to Jimmy Smith getting cut by Dallas and Philadelphia? And what changed in Jacksonville to turn his career around?
John: Smith had serious health issues early in his career with Dallas and eventually was released by the Cowboys. He never got much of an opportunity in Philadelphia. What changed in Jacksonville was that Smith got an opportunity and he took advantage of it. A lot of times that happens, and the Jaguars are hoping it happens for a player or two on their receiving corps.
Scott from Jacksonville:
John, have you broken the Guinness record for the most consecutive days posting a question/answer column yet?
John: Did someone say, "Guinness?"
Joseph from Freeport, MA:
We are clamoring for a defensive end and many wide receivers. I have seen some mock drafts where we draft three-to-four wide receivers, which seems ridiculous to me. If we do draft wide receivers, does this mean Dillard and Shorts are deadweight?
John: My guess is the Jaguars draft one wide receiver early and maybe one late, but that's a big maybe. They recently re-signed Laurent Robinson and Mike Thomas obviously figures into the long-term plans. Shorts will get a chance to play his way into the rotation, and my sense is the Jaguars believe somewhere from the group of Taylor Price, Chastin West, Brian Robiskie and Jaret Dillard depth at the position will emerge.
Josh from Bowling Green, OH:
I don't think our WR corps is going to be a big issue as it was last year. Mike Thomas is a solid player, and the addition of Robinson gives us a deep threat. And, I still think Cecil Shorts will be what we envisioned him to be when we drafted him last year. I also like what I saw from the limited play of West. And, I believe we will draft a WR in the first couple rounds. Am I the only one who doesn't think it'll be that big of a problem?
John: You are not.
Andrew from Norcross, GA:
I saw your tweet and I was wondering why wouldn't Ross challenge Cox instead of Mathis for the starting spot. I know he is coming off a knee injury, but he is our best corner and all indications are he should be back strong and healthy.
John: You are referring to my tweet Tuesday about Aaron Ross competing with Rashean Mathis. The knee injury is why Ross would challenge Mathis. If healthy, I believe Cox and Mathis start. I doubt Ross would challenge Cox because I'm not so sure when everyone is healthy that Cox at this point isn't the Jaguars' best corner.
Jamie from Wye Mills, MD and Section 230, Row B:
When are you going to take a day off?
John: When circumstances dictate that I should.
Andrew from St. Augustine, FL:
One would think that Robinson (deep threat) and a highly drafted WR should take some attention off of Marcedes Lewis. Also, Blaine will have all summer to get his timing down with the former Pro Bowler. Sounds like mismatches on defense to me. Do you foresee a big year from Lewis?
John: I certainly foresee Lewis being closer to his 2010 production than his 2011 production. I foresee that being the case for Mike Thomas, too. That's because I believe the entire passing game will be more productive. I can't guarantee it, but I'd be surprised if it doesn't happen.
Michael from Section 148 Row V :
Just took a look at the full draft order for 2012. Can you remind me why our seventh-round pick is given to the Colts through the Jets?
John: The Jaguars traded their seventh-round selection to the Jets for Dwight Lowery. After that, the Jets traded the selection to the Colts.
Mason from Orlando:
What's your favorite Boy Band?
John: The one where there's one tough one, one cute one, one really talented one, one that you're sure your daughter is safe with and one that you can't really figure out why he's there so maybe he just knew the guy putting together the group.

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