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Blaine Gabbert conference call transcript


(on if he was surprised it was the Jaguars and not somebody else that picked him) "No, not at all. I was not surprised. Going into the night I knew a lot of things were going to go on just because of the fact that the lockout was looming over the whole draft. Right when I saw them trade up I got the phone call and my agent kind of gave me a little wink, and I knew I was getting drafted."

(on what his reaction is in terms of knowing the Jaguars quarterback situation) "I'm ecstatic. David Garrard is a great quarterback. It's one of those situations where I can come in and learn as much as possible and compete in training camp, and that's all you can do."

(on how much time he spent with the Jaguars) "We had a great meeting at the combine. I love the coaching staff. Coach Del Rio is a great guy. Coach Koetter and Coach Sheppard are great coaches. I'm looking forward to having the chance to work with them."

(on if he came down to Jacksonville) "I did not."

(on if he'd welcome the thought of sitting a year and learning) "Whatever the coaches deem necessary after training camp I'm willing to do. That is to be determined. Like I said, whatever they think is best for the football team and the organization that's what I'm willing to do. In the mean time I'm going to learn as much as I can as fast as I can and just compete and play football."

(on the humidity of Florida) "I've been to Florida quite a few times, so I'm good with the humidity."

(on his football IQ and where it comes from) "The biggest thing as a quarterback is you have to be able to process information, diagnose certain coverages in order to throw the football. That's extremely important to being able to have success on the field. You have to prepare very hard and pick up the X's and O's. It's crucial to the quarterback position."

(on what he thinks his strengths are) "The biggest thing is most definitely arm strength. I have the ability to throw the ball down field and fit it into tight windows, and then the ability to make a play when the pocket breaks down. Obviously nothing is perfect on game day and you've got to be able to throw on the run, and I make people miss."

(on his mentality on the lockout affecting quarterbacks learning new systems) "As of right now the lockout is over, so I'm excited to get down there and start working out as soon as possible."

(on when they'll get him a playbook) "We have not determined that, but I'm sure it will be very quickly."

(on what he needs to work on) "The biggest thing is I played in a spread offense in college. It hasn't been hard so far. Once I get the playbook and learn that, it will make it a lot easier."

(on if he's concerned about the transition) "Not one bit. At the end of the day you still play football. I was asked to throw the football about 500 times a year so I consider myself a good decision-maker."

(on if he's been a quarterback his whole life) "I played quarterback, linebacker and defensive end throughout middle school and then played quarterback in high school."

(on if he was a five start recruit out of high school) "I believe so."

(on his younger brother) "Yeah, I have a younger brother at Missouri who is a redshirt freshman and competing for the starting job."

(on if he was disappointed he didn't go higher) "No, not at all. I never went into this draft with any expectations. It was one of those things where I knew you were going to end up where you're supposed to end up. Whatever team you got drafted by was the team that wanted you the most and I'm honored to be a Jaguar."

(on the feeling of waiting) "I was having fun. I wasn't waiting very long and it was just one of those moments where I was enjoying it as much as possible."

(on the draft day as a whole, if he was anxious) "I wouldn't consider it anxious. I'd consider it more excited. I was happy to know that I was going to be on a team by the end of the night. That was the best part about it."

(on what he knows about Jacksonville's offense) "Coach Koetter is a great coach and likes to throw the football, but you have a great running back and that's a huge security blanket for the offense and for any quarterback to have Maurice Jones-Drew in the backfield."

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