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Blake Bortles - Thursday, July 26, 2018

(On his relationship with Donte Moncrief) "It's been awesome. He has been incredible since the first day he got here. From the time we signed him, we immediately started talking and figured out some time to get together and work together. It was good for him to start hearing the language and stuff we were going to do offensively. He has picked it up all really fast. It has been impressive just going through OTAs and then obviously today, the first day, how quickly he has been able to pick everything up … It's been a good process in building the chemistry [with] obviously, being next to him in the locker room and being able to talk to him and do all that. He's been awesome from the time he has been here." 

(On if he was pleased with the first day of training camp) "Yeah, I thought it was good for the most part. We still have a lot of things to clean up. It is the first day. We have to get in better shape and run around and get used to playing in this heat because I think it is something we can use as an advantage to ourselves. That will come. There is stuff we have to work on, but I think overall for it being the first day of camp, I think there was a lot of good stuff."

(On dealing with a wrist injury over the past few years) "It kind of became normal. It just hurt all the time. That becomes the new normal, and it is not that big of a deal. It is definitely a relief to be able to throw a ball, and there is no pain at all. It is definitely good and positive."

(On working out in California without dealing with a wrist injury this year compared to last year) "It was way better. There were no restrictions. When you do not have to worry about going to rehab or going to get treatment, you have to make sure you warm it up the right way, you have to take anti inflammatory [medication] and do all of that stuff. It is just a lot of process to be able to go out there and do what you should be able to do without any pain. To be able to do that now finally is pretty awesome." 

(On if he sees himself improving as far as throwing) "It feels as thogh each year I feel better throwing the ball. Hopefully that continues to happen after going out to California and working out there and doing all of that stuff. Honestly, it gets smaller and smaller of a difference the more you do it. Hopefully, everything is at a high level and pretty consistent. That is definitely the goal, and I'm still working towards that." 

(On how California went and if he came back where he wants to be in terms of his progress) "Yes, I think so. I feel good about personally where I am at as far as throwing the football I feel good about, and [I feel good] where I am at as far as the offense and mentally and having an understanding and good grasp on things. There is still a ton to learn, a ton mentally and physically to get better at. There always is. There is stuff every day that I have to fix and be better at, but the whole California thing was a success." 

(On if he there are specific things he looks at in terms of what the offense needs to do in training camp) "I think the more you are doing … Obviously, playing quarterback, the older you get, the easier it is to recognize what good football looks like from an offensive standpoint. I think that is something that kind of in the beginning you just make sure you don't mess up. You are trying to do your job as you go, you start seeing everybody else and start seeing it as one big picture and the whole thing, which is how [Offensive Coordinator] Nathaniel [Hackett] sees it and that is how he calls plays. I think to be able to try and get to that and to be on the same page with him to see the thing as a whole … Kind of everything working in motion and being smooth and everybody is in the places they need to be and landmarks and all of that. It is a constant process of reps. We have to get as many of them as we can so we can get to the point to where everybody is in the right spot every play." 

(On if it will be a faster acclimation process on offense because of continuity) "I think so. I do. Obviously with Nathaniel coming back and for the most part, the core of our offense staying the same with a couple of new pieces, I think we will be able to reach that point quicker." 

(On if he likes to build up momentum or prefers to hit the ground running in training camp) "Personally, I don't think I have the luxury to be able to treat practices different. I don't think I can say, 'I am going to try to figure it out today' or 'I am going to try and take it easy today and see where I'm at.' I try and go and complete every ball and take care of the ball and not turn it over and make plays. I think for the most part as an offense, that is kind of how our identity and personality is. We want to go out there, and we want to be good from the time we step on the field. Obviously, the more you do it, the better you get at it. I think the expectations are as high as ever on the first day." 

(On what he has seen from Leonard Fournette) "Obviously the season he had last year was awesome as a rookie [and] to be able to see him do that and everything that happened … I think what has been impressive is that I think it is easy in that situation to take an offseason off. He just went through a whole [season]. That is the longest year of your life when you come from college and you train for the combine and then you go right into rookie minicamp and [training] camp. That is a really long year. I think it is easy to kind of get lazy in the offseason. The evidence of him losing weight and coming back in really good shape, that is not what he did. I think that speaks volumes of how important it is to him and how much better he wants to be and higher he wants to take his game."

(On not having to integrate as many rookies into the offense) "Definitely. I think that our rookies are now going into their second year. Keelan [Cole] and Dede [Westbrook] and Cam [Robinson], they are going into their second year so they are a ways ahead of where we started last year. I think definitely hitting the ground running, but it allows the young guys that we do have to sit back and watch and learn more rather than getting thrown out there and trying to figure I out. I think it works both ways pretty well." 

(On his confidence in his deep ball) "I felt good. We will watch it and see. There are always balls you throw that you wish were six inches one way or the other. But I think for the most part we did a good job. Our defense is pretty good, so they do a good job of taking things away down the field. We have to throw the ball to our [running] backs a lot in practice, which is good for them to work on. To get Leonard [Fournette] and T.J. [Yeldon] and Corey [Grant] the ball in traffic and get them running is good." 

(On how often Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett celebrates with him like he did in practice) "He was excited because we talked about it this morning. He was like, 'If you get this, you can throw the post.' All OTAs, we never really livened it up, and we got what we talked about and threw the post, so he was pretty pumped."

(On how things will change for the offense once the team puts the pads on) "I think we will be able to find obviously more of who we are and our identity. Obviously coming off of last year, being able to run the ball was a big part of who we are. It will be a big part of who we are, it was who we were [last year]. I think adding [Andrew] Norwell [and] Leonard going into an extra year, I think our run game is only going to improve from last year. It is just going to allow us to do a lot of other things play-action wise and on the field. I am excited to see how that goes."

(On if he's curious to see what Andrew Norwell does with pads on) "Yes, because we haven't seen it in person. It's tough to judge an offensive lineman when you go out there in shorts and a helmet. When they put the pads on, it will be good because he is going against really good defensive linemen. It is a good test for everyone up front, and he is obviously a really good player as well." 

(On the young players having a better grasp of the terminology) "Yes, it has been impressive. As far as Dede [Westbrook] and Keelan [Cole] and even Rashad [Greene] even thugh he has been here a couple years. Those guys getting in there and there were times last year where you kind of got that look in the huddle where it is like, 'Hey, I have no idea what you were talking about.' Looking at them this year, they are running out of huddle before I can finish saying the play because they know what they have. Everybody was good. We had not done signals in months, and we threw a couple out there today and Dede knew them all immediately. It is impressive what they have learned and what they retained." 

(On what he does when he calls a play and his receivers give him a confused look) "Timeout. We are going to have to talk about this one." (laughter)

(On if he embraces the high expectations for the team from the outside) "I think there are guys that maybe that kind of fires up and inspires. I think we had high expectations last year. I know I did. I had high expectations for our team, and I think for the most part our whole locker room did when not necessarily a whole lot of people outside of our locker room had the same expectations. I think now that the outside perspective has started to change a little bit, I think our [expectations] for ourselves have only continued to grow. Our expectations are always higher probably than what anybody else expects of us. That is what we decided and what we want to live up to and who we want to be." 

(On if he feels like there is unfinished business) "I think that our goal here is to make the playoffs, go win the AFC South and go win a Super Bowl. We got two out of three done last year and obviously came up short on finishing that last goal. In a sense, it does feel unfinished business as far as we didn't finish what we said this time last year what we were going to do and we were a game away. I know everybody is excited for the chance to get back to that and go do that, but I think we have to make sure that there is a lot of stuff that happens before we get to that point, and we can't overlook that. We have to go through this process and this camp just like we did last year in order to end up in the situation that we did and hopefully win that game."