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Blake Bortles - Wednesday, August 22, 2018

(On if he was surprised to practice outside today) "That has been on the schedule the whole time. We expect to practice outside. Unless it is raining, we are going outside and practicing. This [weather] is what we play in, and it is an advantage I think to be able to be used to it. I do not know if you ever get used to it but knowing what to expect and practicing and playing in it. We are playing some northern teams early in the year I think it is something we should be able to use to our advantage."

(On if the team can see the plan of training camp) "Yes, I think the whole plan and everything that went in to it last year obviously turned out pretty well as far as what we were able to do. I think it is going to only continue to grow. I think that allows guys to understand that if what we did last year was hard and it worked and we had a good year – obviously we came up a little short – but that is kind of what seems to be the recipe here as far as getting prepared and getting ready to go for the season. I think guys found ways to take care of their body and make sure they were fresh and ready to go by Week 1. [They were] doing things throughout the year and throughout the season to make sure that their legs were still good and under them into that playoff run."

(On if he hears fewer complaints about training camp this season) "Complaining is part of it. Guys are going to moan and complain about it. That is part of it, but we go out and practice hard every day regardless of the conditions or the weather or what is going on. That is part of it, but the guys do a good job of getting it out of their system and going to work."

(On the difference between Week 1 in preseason and Week 3 in preseason) "You don't prepare the same, but you try and treat it the same – the game as far as your mindset and the way you want to play and how you want to execute plays and do all that. I would say that I think the speed is a little bit slower in the preseason. Like you said, this third week of the preseason is the closest to a regular season type game atmosphere and kind of tempo of the game being played. The starters will play for a while, and I think that is good work and good action. I think that once Week 1 [of the regular season] starts, everybody is playing as hard as they possibly can on every single snap. I think you can notice that."

(On if it would bring him more comfort if he had a clear No. 1 wide receiver) "I don't know. If you give a Julio Jones or an Antonio Brown – some of these guys – there is nothing bad about having a guy like that on your team. I am more than happy with the group of guys that we have. I think that Marqise [Lee], Dede [Westbrook], Keelan [Cole], Rashad [Greene Sr.], Donte [Moncrief], DJ [Chark Jr.], I think all those guys have been incredible. It is kind of receiver by committee. We have run guys out there [in] different groups at all times. They are all really good football players. They know where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there and if you give them a chance, they are going to make a play. I love those guys, and I would take them over any other group in the league."

(On if he has an appreciation for the last year after not being the starter going into the third preseason game in 2017) "Yes. It feels good to not get benched this week. That is a positive. I didn't play good and what happens at that level is that if you don't play good, they are going to find someone that can play. I think just continuing to try and do whatever I can to help us as an offense move the ball, pick up yards, pick up first downs, score touchdowns, put up points and most importantly take care of it and not turn it over. I think as long as I am able to continue to do that for our offense, I think we will be in good shape."

(On if he feels like he played well against Minnesota) "I think we did some good stuff. The first series was slow. The second series I obviously threw the pick and then we bounced back. We were playing a really good defense and a 10-12-play drive together and went on the field and scored. I thought that was good to be able to bounce back from that as a team and overcome that adversity, put the defense on the field, they get a turnover, give us a chance and we go capitalize and go get 7. I thought that was good. There is always stuff to clean up. It is still Week 2 in the preseason going into Week 3, so we still have a little bit of time to get ready to go. I think we are definitely headed in the right direction."

(On if T.J. Yeldon seems rejuvenated) "I think so. He has been very impressive all camp, all preseason. He is a guy that … We used him a lot last year on third downs. He kind of knew that was something that he was really good at and he is going to continue to get better at that and also give him touches on base downs. I think he has done a really good job of being an every down back and rotating in there with Leonard [Fournette] and doing a good job."

(On what it does when Leonard Fournette and T.J. Yeldon are on the field at the same time) "Both of them, you put both of them out there and then you mix Corey Grant in there with them and some 20 personnel stuff, it's not something that we do a lot of, so I think it kind of throws defenses for a loop and getting some misdirection and guys going different ways and doing all that. They are good as far as they are kind of interchangeable. One guy can be the 'F', one guy can be the 'H', one guy can block, one guy can run, one guy can catch the screen, one guy can go the other way. They are good and they are both good with the ball in their hands. We are going to try to get it to them as much as we can."

(On if training camp in general has met the expectations he had) "I think after going through everything last year and kind of having an idea of how [Head Coach] Doug [Marrone] is going to run camp, I think everybody knew what to expect. I think for the most part that is kind of how it has been. It has been very similar to the way it was last year. Only one joint practice this year compared to two last year is probably about the only difference. Everything else has been the same, so I think guys have done a good job of what to expect and going out and working each and every day."

(On if he worries about the connection with Austin Seferian-Jenkins because Seferian-Jenkins has missed time in preseason) "I am comfortable with the work that we have put in all throughout camp and in the preseason against our defense. We get to go against a bunch of really good football players every day on that side of the ball. To get the work we have done against our safeties and against our corners and linebackers, I feel good about that. I am excited to see him play this week and see what he can do."

(On if there are any updates on Brandon Linder's injury and what adjustments the team can make if he can't play) "I don't know. I have no idea what his status is, but [Tyler] Shatley is a guy that has played before. He played a couple of games last year. I think he played a couple of games the year before – started at center, started at guard, so he has a lot of experience. It is somebody that I have played with. We all came in together in the same class, so it is kind of like just plugging the same guy in. Obviously Brandon [Linder] is an extremely good offensive lineman and pretty irreplaceable, but for a guy like Tyler Shatley to come in and step up the way he has done and be able to come in and control the line and make all the calls and help everybody out and me and him are on the same page just from getting that past experience together. He has been good."

(On what he says if a lineman whiffs on a block) "Really, nothing. Everybody handles it differently as a quarterback. I think there are different ways to handle that. He is not whiffing on purpose. Just like I am not throwing picks on purpose, he is trying as hard as he can to do his job and everybody here does that and I think as a group we understand that about each other. There are times where it takes somebody to get on somebody else in order to get them going. I know for sure that the five guys that I play behind do everything they can to make sure I don't get hit."

(On if QBs go after players who make comments about them and if the QBs that Jalen Ramsey spoke about in a recent GQ feature will target him) "I don't know. I can't speak for Matt Ryan or the other guys that he talked about – a group of them. I do not know how they are going to handle it. I am excited to watch Jalen [Ramsey] play. I look forward to watching him play every time he gets a chance to step on the field. I look forward to that. I don't care. There are guys that say stuff and you ignore it. I know at least for me personally, I honestly forget about it. You just go play. You go in the locker room after the game and you beat them and somebody says something and it is like, 'Oh, yeah. That guy is on their team.'"