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Brunell pick yields DPR


It was a well-traveled pick. Originally, it belonged to Washington, but came to Jacksonville in exchange for Mark Brunell. Eventually, after being dealt to Green Bay for a pick later in the third round and another selection in the fourth round, the Jaguars used the pick they got for the most popular player in their history on a pass-rush specialist from Nevada-Reno.

Jorge Cordova isn't the every-downs defensive end the Jaguars desperately need, but coach Jack Del Rio thinks Cordova might give the Jaguars' pass-rush a boost.

"He's a chase player. He has shown the ability to run around the tackles. He's an undersized guy," Del Rio said of Cordova, 6-1, 241.

Cordova was selected in the third round with the 86th overall pick, the Jaguars' last of the first day. The Jaguars acquired that pick and one in the fourth round (118th) from Green Bay for the Jaguars' third-round pick, through Washington, 72nd overall.

"We traded down because we felt we had a better chance of getting two for one. We felt our team needed a pass-rusher. We just thought he was a good fit," personnel boss James Harris said of Cordova, a high-intensity guy who totaled 29.5 sacks in his college career.

Cordova will be used as a designated pass-rusher (DPR) and special teams player. "Excellent coming off the edge; he runs well," said Harris, whose scouting department timed Cordova at 4.59 in the 40.

The addition of Cordova adds, yet, another loose piece to the Jaguars' pass-rush puzzle. When asked what he'll do in addressing the defensive end situation, Del Rio said: "Line up the best people we have, let them compete and expect results."

With the selection of Cordova, the Jaguars completed their first-day draft effort. Del Rio said he was satisfied with the take.

"For the most part, the day was very much what we had hoped for. We got an elite wide receiver, a very good linebacker, a very good running back and, at the end of the day, we got a DPR. I feel very good about the four men we added to the Jaguars," Del Rio said.

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