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Byron Leftwich draft press conference


(on your reaction to Minnesota letting the clock run out?) "I was just hoping Jacksonville would just hurry up and take me. I had the feeling that was the place that I was going to be playing football. Those guys showed the most passion for me and I think I showed the most passion for them."

(on if he knew Jacksonville would take him after his workout?) "I kind of knew those guys were interested in me and I told my agent that I really wanted to go to Jacksonville. He said we would wait and see what happens. I'm glad they chose me with the seventh pick."

(on why he wanted to come to Jacksonville?) "After getting a chance to meet the coaches, Coach Del Rio and Shack and just having the opportunity to sit down with them and have conversation I know they are great coaches but even better people."

(on what the coaches have planned for him?) "I have no idea what their plan is. I'm just so happy I can't think that far down the line. I'm just ready to come and be a part of this organization."

(on if he's surprised to come to a team that already has two quarterbacks?) "It's a crazy thing out there. These types of things happen all of the time so I was prepared to go anywhere. I'm just happy those guys thought I was good enough to be a part of their team."

(on Mark Brunell) "There's going to be no problem. I'm going to try to come in a pick Mark's brain and get better as a player. It's all about the Jacksonville Jaguars and the right guy is going to be out there to help this team win. It's not about who's out there, it's about if the team is winning."

(on the broken leg) "My leg healed in late February so I wasn't worried about it, I knew I was healthy. It's just one of those situations that happens, unfortunately it happened but I had to deal with it. I think I proved to everyone in my workout that I'm healthy."

(on Minnesota letting the clock run out on their selection) "I didn't know what was going on. My cell phone rang and I knew the area code so I was hoping that it would be it. The Jacksonville coaches were on the line and they said we're going to take you and it was a great feeling. It was a dream come true something that I've always dreamed about. It was quick as soon as Minnesota's time ran out the Jaguars called."

(on who called him and gave him the news) "It was all the coaches. Coach (Bill) Musgrave, Shack (James Harris), and coach (Jack) Del Rio. I had a chance to talk to all of them because it took me a minute to get to the stage."

(on the west coast offense) "Good players can adjust. My job is to go into any offense. Good players can go into any offense east coast, west coast, north coast, south coast, it doesn't matter if you're a good player you can adjust and lead your team to success."

(on the broken leg) "I had a stress fracture two years ago and they placed a rod in my leg. During this season I was hit a totally different spot and I got another fracture there and it just needed time to heal. I don't have a leg problem, I just happen to have a fracture in the same leg in two different spots so that's going to nag over me until a get a chance to go out there and compete and play the game of football. The second one was an impact fracture. I was hit low in the game and that's when it broke."

(on the Akron game) "It was just trying to get back out there and help my team win. When you look back on it you realize the things that happened and how odd it was for someone to carry you down the football field. At the time my teammates and I had one goal and that was to win the football game. I didn't ask them to carry me, nothing was said they just came up and carried me. We had one goal and we were that tight as a football team. Our one goal was to win the game."

(on whether he thought about coming out of the Akron game?) "I was forced out. I went to see my doctor and got x-rays and found out it was broken. I just told my guys I had to go back in so I went back in. I knew it was broken the only question was could I deal with pain and if something bad happened could I deal with the consequences. But, at that time I was Marshall University's quarterback and I had to do what it took to put the team in a good situation to win."

(on being the best quarterback in the draft?) "It doesn't really matter it will all come out two or three years from now. Right now I can't worry about the next guy I have to worry about getting Byron Leftwich to be the best quarterback he can be."

(on Shack Harris) "I know of Shack. I've heard some things about him. I'm going to pick his mind too. I'm having so much fun with this. It's great to be on the team right now.

(on predicting he would play in the NFL while still in high school) "I told Michael Wilbon that about six or seven years ago. I was determined to get to this level and to have the opportunity to play on this level. I love the game of football. I'm not just a football player; I'm a football fan. It's just something about the game that's just in me. I'm just happy to have the opportunity to play in the NFL with and against some of the best football players in the world."

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