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Coughlin's the best at Q&A


Web-goers, you are going to be treated to an audience with the coach this Friday at 3 p.m. on It will be the first-ever "chat" performance by Tom Coughlin.

This is an exciting first, as Coughlin's move into the cyberworld represents somewhat of a seal of approval of and an overall acceptance of the credibility and power of the web.

Amazing! The coach with the old-fashioned values and work ethic is stepping into the 21st century's highest form of technology.

Anyhow, what's important is that this first-ever "chat" be a success. Trust me, you want more of these with Coughlin because he is one of the most interesting interviews in all of coaching. In fact, he's the best Q&A coach this reporter has ever known. Q&A is his thing; that's the interview format at which he shines the brightest.

How do I know that? Well, once a week during the season and once a month during the offseason for the last six years, I've conducted Q&A sessions with Coughlin. Any of you who've read those Q&A's in Jaguars Inside Report know there's nothing softball about them.

On occasion, I've even sprinkled in some questions at which I've either known he would bristle, or that he absolutely wouldn't want to answer. Can't blame a guy for trying, right?

So, we'd get to the question, then he'd give me that look, and I'd say: "You don't have to answer it." Then, he'd answer it because it's Coughlin's nature to address everything. He truly is the "coach of a million words," and, frankly, I like that. After all, my job is about words.

Get your questions ready, but make them credible because this is your chance to play sportswriter. Go ahead, ask him the tough question. He'll answer you. Just make sure your question has true worth. Future "chats" are at risk.

I will offer this one bit of advice to the web-wise: Ask, don't tell. Opinions are for the "message board." Coughlin can get all of the opinions he needs at the barber shop. This "chat" is about gathering information. Your "Ask Vic" questions would be fine.

Try some of these:

• What rookies might offer help this season?

• What are his plans for the fullback position?

• Is he expecting a break-out season from Larry Smith?

• What are his long-term plans for dealing with the Jaguars' salary cap problems.

• What is his draft philosophy?

Don't try some of these:

• Why did he fire himself as offensive coordinator?

• Does he want to be the coach at Notre Dame?

• Why is he mean to Mark Brunell?

• What is the team's current medical report?

• Does he like quiche?

Of course, you'll want to talk to him about Jimmy Smith; that's only natural, but, understand that he knows no more about Smith's prognosis than what was posted on this past Monday.

Wanna get him talkin'? Ask him what he thinks of sportswriters. Then, go ahead, be one.

Vic Ketchman is the Senior Editor of Jaguars Inside Report, the official team newspaper of the Jacksonville Jaguars. One-year subscriptions may be purchased by calling 1-888-846-5247.

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