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Coughlin takes aggressive approach to fourth down

The following are notes from the Jaguars' 18-17 loss to the Ravens Sunday:

• Coach Tom Coughlin, criticized by fans for having attempted a field goal on fourth-and-one against Buffalo, ordered his offense to go for the first down on a fourth-and-inches play at the Baltimore eight-yard line on the Jaguars' opening possession. Coughlin employed an aggressive, empty-backfield play, but Mark Brunell's pass for running back Elvis Joseph was incomplete.

Why didn't he order a field goal attempt? "We had been aggressive to that point. I thought it would be a message from the bench to the players as to that was how we were going to play the game," Coughlin said.

• Brunell passed the 20,000 yards-passing mark for his Jaguars career.

• Ravens defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis was prepared for the event the Jaguars would not offer a balanced offensive attack. In the Jaguars' first possession, once the Jaguars established their passing game, Lewis benched starting defensive tackle Tony Siragusa in favor of Rob Burnett, the better pass-rusher. Burnett went on to see considerably more playing time than Siragusa, and the Jaguars' final play count was 37 passes vs. 15 running plays.

• Damon Gibson had a 72-yard kickoff return nullified by a holding penalty against Eric Westmoreland.

• Ravens safety Rod Woodson dropped a chance at a sure touchdown when Woodson failed to catch a pass that was bobbled into his hands by Keenan McCardell. Woodson had an open field in front of him.

• A holding penalty against Ravens defensive back James Trapp nullified a sack and a forced fumble by defensive end Michael McCrary, and a fumble recovery at the Jaguars 11-yard line by Ray Lewis early in the third quarter.

• The Jaguars began using their no-huddle offense in their first possession of the second half.

• Stacey Mack, in Coughlin's doghouse for costly fumbles and errors in the Jaguars' previous two losses, replaced Joseph in the second half after Joseph was poked in the eye. Mack caught an 11-yard touchdown pass from Brunell in the third quarter.

• The Jaguars continue to pick on Ravens cornerback Duane Starks, who Jimmy Smith has tormented the last two seasons. Sunday, Smith scored on a 35-yard touchdown pass from Brunell in the third quarter, and it was Starks who failed in a feeble attempt to tackle Smith.

• The key play in the Jaguars' first touchdown drive was a roughing-the-passer penalty against Peter Boulware on second-and-15 at the Jaguars 20-yard line.

• Smith and McCardell each caught passes for 100 yards or more in the same game for the ninth time in their careers, an NFL record. Smith has had six 100-yard games against the Ravens. He caught seven passes for 119 yards and McCardell caught 10 passes for 118 yards Sunday.

• How long does it take for a Super Bowl title to wear off? Apparently, a little more than six games, especially if three of those are losses. When Jaguars middle linebacker Hardy Nickerson intercepted a pass near the end of the third quarter, with the Ravens trailing 10-6, Ravens fans booed their team's offense.

• Ravens center Mike Flynn and quarterback Randall Cunningham botched two snaps in the second half, the result of Flynn having torn ligament in his thumb.

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