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Day after: Marrone speaks


JACKSONVILLE – The quarter pole is no time for long reflection.

It is a time for looking ahead, which is what Head Coach Doug Marrone said the Jaguars will do this week.  No, 2-2 is not what they wanted through four games. But it's where they are.

What matters now, Marrone said, is where they go from here.

"We can't look back," Marrone said Monday, a day after the Jaguars rallied from a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit in a 23-20 overtime loss to the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

"You can't look too far ahead. You have to look at what you're doing right now."

The Jaguars' coaching staff emphasizes breaking the NFL's 16-game season into quarters, the theory being if you win every quarter you finish 12-4 and make the postseason.

"Obviously the first quarter we tied," Marrone said. "We had some opportunities to win it and that [Sunday's loss] is not the direction that we want to be headed. Now, it's into the second quarter and the goal is to win this second quarter."

The Jaguars, after opening the season with a 29-7 victory at Houston, lost 37-16 to the Tennessee Titans at home. They followed that with a 44-7 victory over Baltimore before Sunday's loss to the Jets – and they enter the second quarter tied for first place in the AFC South with Tennessee and Houston.

Marrone, who said the idea this week will be to reset after the first quarter, was asked if he believed the Jaguars are better now than before the regular-season opener.

"No doubt about it," he said. "You're always trying to make sure of, 'How we play, this is what we want to do, this is the type of game that we want, this is what we have to do a better job of, this is what cannot happen to us with the way we play, this is what we need to take advantage of when we do have these opportunities.' We have to make them work. That is a constant education of the players knowing exactly what we want to do.

"Really for us, we are a new staff getting together and training camp and trying to figure out who is going to be on the team, who is going to be playing, what do we want to do and seeing what we do well and trying to play to that strength."

Marrone on Monday discussed several specifics from Sunday including:

*Leonard Fournette's workload, saying "It's not an exact science but it's one that we continue to keep working on." The rookie running back rushed 24 times for 86 yards and caught four passes for 89 yards. He had 39 snaps compared to 34 for veteran Chris Ivory. "It's tough," Marrone said. "He was out there 39 snaps overall and he touched it 28 times. … We're still trying to do a better job of when we distribute all that stuff. … We just have to keep exploring that and keep doing a better job. This way, when the right situation comes up, we can put him there and get him in there. … His running, it's all hard running. I think that's something we can do a better job of." …

*A first-and-goal situation at the 6-yard line in which quarterback Blake Bortles threw three passes before a 22-yard game-tying field by Jason Myers with :46 remaining. Marrone said the Jets entered the game "pressuring – or blitzing" – about 80 percent of the time in that situation. Bortles threw incomplete to Ivory, for two yards to wide receiver Allen Hurns then incomplete to tight end Marcedes Lewis. "We felt pretty good with the first one; go ahead and throw it with the pass," Marrone said. "The second one, we had an option called and they did a good job; they disguised it. We can do a better job of helping ourselves out and maybe formational, doing things of that nature to see whether it's cover-zero or not. The third one, we probably outsmarted ourselves." Marrone added of the third-down slant to Lewis: "We threw the fade last week and we were thinking, maybe he'll back up and get over there and we'll hit the slant," he said. "I have to do a better job of not overthinking things too much." …

*A 15-of-35 passing performance by Bortles in which he completed 11 of his final 30 passes. "Early on [in the game] he took three big shots," Marrone said. "Anytime a quarterback takes a couple of shots it's not what you want, obviously." …

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