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Del Rio on day one


(on trading down in the third round) "Well we had a group of guys that we thought we could pick one from a little bit later which we were able to, we also got back our fourth round pick."

(on the possibility of moving up in the third round) "Not really. The way things worked I talked earlier about how we tried to go up and back and looked at all the alternatives, but at that point it just wasn't in the cards."

(on if the groups of players to choose from get bigger later in the draft?) "No they get smaller because they start getting picked. You would like to get a clump of players but going into tomorrow, we'll identify all of the guys who we had as first day considerations and we'll work from there. Everybody in the league is going to be doing that in the next few hours."

(on the defensive end position) "Line up the best people we have and let them compete and expect results."

(on bringing back Tony Brackens) "I've always wanted Tony back and nothings changed that. I said it didn't matter if we took a guy in the first round I'd still like to have him back. Tony remains a guy that I think still has a place here in Jacksonville we've just got to work something out with him."

(on his thoughts of the first day?) "I think for the most part the day was very much what we'd hoped for. We got an elite wide receiver. We got a very good linebacker, we got a very good running back and at the end of the day we got a DPR (designated pass rusher) special teams guy. If you look at all of them they are all high quality, high character, tough guys that love to play football. I feel very good about the four men that we just added to the Jaguars."

(on whether the team will add another DPR) "You know how I feel about making things competitive. We're going to look to create as much competition across the board as we can."

(on Brandon Green) "He's working out and doing well and rehabbing. He's excited about getting back out and getting after it this year, so he's right in the mix."

(on if he was surprised that some of the picks were still on the board?) "Coaches always say they were surprised, but we were happy in particular when we were able to go up and get Greg where we thought he became a real good value. We were also very pleased that Daryl Smith was still there. We kind of anticipated that unless somebody who really wanted that third wideout jumped in front of us we would have a real shot at Reggie and that went about like we thought it would. The last selection we traded back got our fourth round pick back and got a player that we identified as a guy we would like to have. All in all it was a good sound day. To me drafting is about selecting draft prospects and those guys are prospects until they become pro and make a team and establish who they're going to be and what they're going to be. We feel good about our selections and what they do for us bears out whether or not it was a good day. We feel very good about the process and the way we worked it. Gene Smith and his staff, Shack and his staff and all my coaches put in a lot of time and a lot of effort I feel good about the way the day went."

(on if the draft process went smoother this time than last year?) "I thought we were pretty smooth last year. I think we have a good process. I think we are very inclusive; we want to hear from all the scouts and we value everyone's opinion. The doctors are very thorough. It is a very thorough process and I feel good about the way we do things."

(what are the arguments like?) "We encourage guys to have conviction about how they see the players – good, bad or in between. So it's not so much arguments as it is respectful discussions. Guys stand up on the table for whom they believe in but we do that before we get to the draft weekend. The scouts are out on the road tracking these guys down for sometimes a few years and we want to hear what they have to say."

(on how many times Reggie Williams was view in person by the scouts) "I don't have the number. We have an area scout and a national scout and many layers of scouting. He was viewed live several times. I think he's going to be a pleasant surprise. I know that he's probably a little bit of a shock because we didn't really talk about him much. This is a good football player and when he gets here, you are going to see that."

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