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Del Rio on Greg Jones


"Greg Jones is a big back. He was a guy that we thought a lot of. We think that he's capable of playing some fullback and some one back, power running back. He's a second year removed from his injury that he came back from. He will be even stronger and even faster than he was and he's a very fast, strong guy. A top quality character guy. Like Daryl Smith, a team-elected captain. This is a quality, quality guy. This is a great addition."

(did you have Jones listed as a second round pick?) "We had very good grades on him and we're happy to have him. We think he's a heck of a player."

(is he one you envision at the very least using in goal line situations?) "Absolutely. This guy will touch the ball. We envision being able to use him and Fred Taylor both at the same time."

(with the current core of running backs on your roster being physical players, did you look at getting a change of pace type player?) "David Allen is a little bit of a change of pace guy. I think in Greg we've added a guy who has shown you that he is very physical. He leaves bodies lying across the field. He's the right kind of person. He's a good fit. If he wasn't injured, he'd probably have been in the top half of the draft in the first round. We just think he'll be that much better the second year removed from his injury. I think we got a really high quality kid."

(what did you see in Jones that maybe other teams did not?) "Everybody puts their board and selects it according to how they see it and what they want to do. It's a good fit for us."

(did Green Bay want both of your third round spots?) "I don't believe that came into play at all. We basically let teams know what we'd be willing to do. Once their player wasn't there, they were willing to do it."

(will you be bringing back Chris Fuamatu-Ma'Afala?) "We'll bring all of our backs back."

(is your theory you can't have enough good backs?) "I don't think there's any question about that. I was in Baltimore the year after we won the Super Bowl, Jamal Lewis goes down in camp. We had let Priest Holmes go. We missed him. I think especially at that position, those guys have to give it up. They take a lot of pounding and they play hard. I think you just can't have enough good players."

(how will you use Jones if Fred Taylor is healthy?) "He'll be in the backfield with Fred Taylor some."

(do you see Jones as a player who can have 20 carries a game if Fred Taylor gets hurt?) "He can carry the load. LeBrandon Toefield is a good back and we like him, but this is a real physical specimen. This is an impressive winner here."

(was there any hesitation to pick based on greater needs at other positions rather than value?) "It was a situation where it was a clear top tier talent that was coming down the board. We still have our third and we still have work to do today."

(when did you start the trade talks for Jones?) "It wasn't too far after we selected. We thought he merited that."

(???) "What you want to do add is add quality guys. You want to add good football players. You'd love for it to be a position, but I think when you go in and take the best players, and particular early in the draft which we've been able to do, we're ecstatic that we were able to add three quality football players like we've added, and we have more work to do."

(did you consider Jones in the second round?) "We did but we had a guy who was a little above him and we selected him already in Daryl Smith. We have some good football players."

(???) "I wouldn't say I don't want to but I'm not going to force the issue. We're just looking for good football players. I think part of that is the fact that we added some good football players in the secondary in free agency and depth at linebacker. We don't feel like the cupboard was completely bare. We played decent defense last year. We feel like we'll be able to play good defense."

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