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Let's get to it . . . CD from Orange Park, FL:
You tend to view anger and outrage as a normal and acceptable behavior for a fan. An emotional response is definitely part of being a fan, but turning that emotion into irrational anger and spewing hatred in the forums is never acceptable in my opinion, and can never be used as a measuring stick of loyalty or passions. Calling for someone to be fired, or someone else an idiot (either a player or another fan) is never productive and to support or condone that behavior I think is a disservice to the spirit of sportsmanship.
John: I don't know that it's acceptable and I don't condone it. I also in no way use it as a measure of a fan's passion. At the same time it exists, and it's among those things that I'm pretty sure I can't control. I worry about enough. I choose not to worry much about that.
Lee from Duval County, FL:
Pro Football Focus was not as high on Will Rackley's play as the Jaguars were last season. Are there any jars on the shelf that could possibly push him for the position?
John: If you're asking if I think Rackley's going to be a starter next season, yes I do. I also have heard very little to make me think he's not going to be a long-term starter and pretty good NFL player.
Scott from Jacksonville:
How did you react to Mora's "Playoffs" rant? Were you entertained? Shocked? Were you the guy in the back laughing his butt off? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts and feelings during Mora's meltdown.
John: That 2001 Colts season was a pretty crazy one, and by the time the "playoffs" press conference rolled around, not much surprised me. Edgerrin James had torn an ACL, after which Colts President Bill Polian had gone on a national radio show to defend the team's handling of the injury with comedian/talk show host Jay Mohr – as you can imagine, that was quite a scene. A few weeks before the playoff rant, Mora had come close to calling out Manning for throwing interceptions and a few days later, Manning had defended himself on a conference call – again, quite a scene. So, yes, I was entertained, but certainly not "shocked." And I wasn't laughing – not on the outside, anyway. The funny thing about the playoffs rant was I'm not sure anyone in the room thought it would be infamous 11 years later. Mora, as I recall, had his rant and finished the press conference in fairly normal fashion. It took off when it was replayed again and again on ESPN, and it eventually became something of a cultural phenomenon. At the time, it seemed to many of us like a coach frustrated with a difficult season.
Bill from Jacksonville:
This is not a Tebow question, but instead a question in regards to my standing as a 'real" Jaguars fan. I'm so tired of hearing people in the Jags media and others, telling me I'm not a "real" Jaguars fan because I would have liked to have seen Tim Tebow as a member of the Jaguars. I fit into three different categories: I'm huge Jaguars fan, I'm a huge Gators fan and I'm a huge Tim Tebow fan. What I don't understand is why people can't understand Gators fans wanting to see their favorite players in Jags jerseys. I can think of nothing better than the fact that I followed Fred Taylor as a freshman at Florida and watched every single game he played in, then was able to watch him play almost his entire career right here in Jacksonville as a Jaguar. Why can't I be a "real" Jaguars fan, a Gators fan AND want to see players I followed for three-or-four years play right here in my hometown? What's wrong with that?
John: I've always felt the same way – that being a fan of one shouldn't rule out being a fan of the other. The problem becomes when a Florida fan or a fan of any other college becomes angry at the team for not taking a player from a certain college. The problem isn't when Florida fans or Tim Tebow fans want to see him play here. The problem is when they go to the extreme of saying that because he's not playing here they're not Jaguars fans. If that's the case, then I have to question if they were really Jaguars fans in the first place.
Stan from Jacksonville:
I understand your position that Khan wanted Tebow here to not necessarily start at quarterback but as more of a business decision. However the problem with that is the dynamics of this city simply just wouldn't allow it. Two thousand miles away in Denver they put up billboards demanding Tebow. Here in his backyard if Tebow wasn't declared the opening day starter there would be a riot asking for everyone to get fired. It's easy now to say yeah he wouldn't start because he's not coming here but I think we all know what would really have happened and any commitment we had to Blaine would have flown out the window.
John: I've said several times that would have been the most difficult part of the entire scenario. The idea of Tebow being a backup and that status satisfying his fans was a little hard for me to picture.
Bo from Dresden, NC:
Is there any chance we trade the No. 7 pick for Mike Wallace, then maybe everyone would get over this T-bow thing!
John: Reports as of Thursday are that Mike Wallace is seeking Larry Fitzgerald money. He reportedly has denied this, but if he's seeking anything close it probably explains why there have been few reports of teams interested.
Dave from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
If I recall correctly, there was talk in JTW post-2010 draft about how the Jaguars had done some research into the ticket-sale impact of drafting Tebow and that it was considered to be smaller than a bread basket. But in Wednesday's JTW, you and Tony acted as if that research didn't exist and both of you threw up your hands as to the impact of trading for Tebow. Is my memory failing me or did the Jaguars do that research? If it exists, why is JTW acting dumb about it?
John: I wasn't here during that time, but the numbers I have heard from those studies is drafting Tebow would have drawn about 2,500 season tickets or so. That was coming out of college. My theory was maybe you double that to about 5,000 considering the reach of Tebowmania in Denver last year. It was because of that theory that I was skeptical about the Tebow-tears-the-tarps-off argument. The number Brian Sexton threw out to Tony Boselli – the Commissioner of Team Teal – on JTW Wednesday was about 7,500. Boselli said Wednesday he believed there would be a bump. He didn't know how much, but those were the numbers we were kicking around Wednesday.
Jeff from Wake Forest, NC:
Please pass along to Gene and Mike that there is still a large contingent of fans that believe in what they are doing and support their vision to bring a full stadium by winning instead of a circus. Keep up the great work! Btw, what would the reaction be today if Tebow had gone to Missouri and Gabbert went to Florida?
John: It's a good question. I wonder.
Billy from Northport, NY:
In regards to the Aaron Ross signing, most people wonder what will become of Rashean Mathis; the more intriguing question to me is with three very good cornerbacks in Cox, Mathis and Ross how does the signing effect Drew Coleman's status on the team as the incumbent nickleback? And furthermore Will Middleton who played very good football filling in for Cox and Mathis last season.
John: I don't think it would change Coleman's role. The nickelback often plays the middle of the field in passing situations and isn't asked to play the run as much as a cornerback. I would think Coleman remains the nickelback, with Cox, Mathis and Ross playing the outside corners.
Tucker from Nashville, TN:
Hey John, I want Freeney. I think the colts will release him. He would be a better option than Anderson. Your thoughts.
John: I definitely think Dwight Freeney is better than Mark Anderson.
Tim from Jacksonville and Section 109:
I'm sure this won't make your column, but when readers ask your opinion and you hide behind those who are in the know in the NFL. Real curious are these the same NFL knuckleheads who said with emphasis that Mojo was too small to be an effective RB at this level?
John: Funny. I never thought trying to give readers an idea about what professional NFL people who are paid to know football think was "hiding," but perhaps it is. And yeah, a lot of those knuckleheads missed on Jones-Drew, but they were right about many more than they missed.
Scott from Jacksonville:
A year or two ago, there was some talk about Uche backing up Brad at center. Do you think when Brad retires, that Uche moves over and we bring in another guard? Could that happen this year?
John: No. I think Meester plays at least another year, and when he does retire, I think for now the Jaguars are eyeing John Estes as the possible center of the future.
Chad from Palatka, FL:
I was wondering with the addition of C.J. Mosley and the fact that Kampman is not as productive as he has been in the past, is there any way the Jags could consider moving Tyson Alualu to the outside as a DE?
John: Probably not. There has been talk about this in the O-Zone and among fans, but Alualu is far too valuable in the middle of the Jaguars' defense. Talk to coaches and personnel people about Alualu and they say his ability to disrupt and make players around him better is very, very strong. He likely won't be a huge sack guy, and for that reason there will always be critics, but he is a strength at defensive tackle and you don't want to move him from there.
Brian from Atlanta, GA:
John, No question - I just want to say "thank you" for the way you have handled what must have been a remarkably difficult couple of days. You took on the tough questions, suffered personal insult with grace and delivered honest opinions and valuable insight. You sir, are a rational individual and a class act. This was your "trial by fire" and you passed with flying colors. We're truly fortunate to have you as the voice of our beloved team. Thanks again for all you have done and continue to do for us fans.
John: You're welcome, but I didn't see it as a trial by fire or all that different from a lot of days or periods of time since I've been here. My job is to be here to answer questions, provide insight and try as best I can to shed light on why the Jaguars are doing what they're doing. If you remember that, it's not hard to stay rational. As for being a class act, you obviously didn't see me when I (DELETED BY EDITOR).

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