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Derrick Harvey conference call


(on being drafted by the Jaguars) "I was watching the draft with my family and I saw the Jacksonville Jaguars come up and I was like, 'Oh, Jacksonville.' I kind of figured they were going to pick me because they needed a defensive end."

(on if he was much of a Jaguars fan the last couple of years) "I love the uniforms. They have a couple of Florida Gators down there. I used to watch Reggie (Nelson) every game with my roommate. We used to watch every Jaguars game pretty much last year."

(on his impressions are of the Jaguars defense) "I love the Jacksonville defense with John Henderson. They had Marcus Stroud and Bobby McCray last year and Jeremy Mincey, Paul Spicer, Mike Peterson, Reggie Nelson. I know pretty much the whole defense. I'm just ready to get playing with them and contribute to the team and help them win."

(on the strength of his game) "Pass rush. It's always pass rush. I can play the run, too. Solid run player, but I'm a pass rusher."

(on where he expected to go or if there was a certain team) "It didn't really matter. Whatever team I would have gone to, I was just trying to come in right away and contribute, work hard, get with my defensive line coach, get with the veterans on the team and start playing real good and try to learn the system. It didn't really matter, but I'm a Jacksonville Jaguar now. I'm happy and ready to get down there."

(on where he watched the draft) "I'm at home in Marlboro, Maryland with my family. I have about 15 people over here and we are celebrating and just relaxing, enjoying the day."

(on how he got to Florida from Maryland) "It was just the best place for me. It was a great school, great environment."

(on what the celebration was like when he saw his name) "My whole family just jumped up and started celebrating, hugging everybody. It was crazy."

(on if he has any siblings) "I have two sisters, one is 21 and one is 11.

(on if he was spoiled being only the male in the family) "I was never spoiled. I had to work for everything I got. My mom doesn't play that. I had to work everything, for every scholarship."

(on his expectations as a rookie) "I am going to come in for the offseason program, work hard and get in the weight room, learn the plays, get with my defensive line coach, get with the head coach and some of the veteran players and just learn the system. Just come in and contribute. Whatever my role will be, special teams, defensive end, it doesn't matter. I am just trying to help the Jacksonville Jaguars win more games than they did last year."

(on how much he played at right end and at left end last year at Florida) "It was about 50-50. I went to the strong side so it was about 50-50 the whole season."

(on what makes him think he is a good fit for the Jaguars) "They have a 4-3 defense. That is why they are a good fit. I love rushing the passer. I love 4-3 defenses. I love the Jacksonville Jaguars. I'm ready to come down there and strap on the helmet and start playing."

(on if it will make it easier with the transition with Reggie Nelson and Jeremy Mincey on the Jaguars roster) "It will make it easier because they already know the system. Some of the other veteran players know the system and I can lean on them to help me out, kind of coach me through the system."

(on if his father played football) "Yes. He played football at Easton High School."

(on what his mother does for a living) "She works for Verizon. She played basketball in high school. She is about 5-11."

(on if his father is out of his life) "Completely for about 10 years."

(on if there is a lot pressure on him being the man of the household) "Not at all. I have my stepfather."

(on running over Jaguars defensive line coach Ted Monachino at the Florida Pro Day) "I remember that. We were watching it on tape yesterday. My family has it on tape. They came to the Pro Day and taped it."

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