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Did you lose with Peyton Manning too?


Week 16 is done, and so is the 2009 fantasy football season. The talk of the office was undoubtedly who won the Championship game this week… but was it you? Did you climb to the top of Mt. Olympus and let your thunderbolts rain down on the poor soul who took home second place? If you listened to me you probably did because I won the league title in 22 of my 25 leagues this year and I can honestly say, "Second place is just the first loser!"


##### Losers

Vince Young: Young looked like he was taking some steps forward in his playing career, but the Chargers defense made him take two steps back this weekend. Young finished the game with a whopping 89 yards passing, 40 yards rushing, 2 INTs, 1 TD, and 1 lost fumble. Will Tennessee finally walk away from the Vince Young experiment?

Peyton Manning: I warned you not to start Manning; did you listen? Manning finished the game with an empty 192 yards, which accounts for roughly six fantasy points in standard formats. Did your #1 overall pick lose you your fantasy title?

Ricky Williams: Sticky Ricky was ineffective this weekend as he finished with a robust 35 yards rushing, 26 yards receiving, and not a single score. What a worthless play he was on Sunday when he had been so good leading up to the fantasy title game.

Brandon Jacobs: Jacobs finished with a grand total of six carries for one yard and he suffered a knee injury that may keep him out of the season finale. Jacobs has been off all season long anyway, so hopefully you didn't have him in your lineup.

Brandon Marshall: Marshall reverted back to the receiver I have come to know and love this weekend as he finished with 39 yards receiving and no touchdowns. I knew he was due for a bad game, I was just hoping for the best.

Reggie Wayne: When a QB does badly, his WR in turn will also suffer. Not only did I warn you about Manning, but I warned you not to play Wayne because I knew an empty 33-yard receiving game was in store for him.

Vernon Davis: Regardless of whether or not Davis was able to score this weekend, his 18 receiving yards made him a loser in my book. I've come to expect much more out of Davis so weekends like this make me want to scream.

New York Giants defense: The Giants needed to win, the Panthers are not a good team, but it was fantasy owners who played the G-Men this weekend that suffered. The Giants allowed 41 points while tallying just one sack… can you say negative fantasy points?

Let me just say what a privilege it was talking with all the fans and all the readers each and every week. I enjoyed helping many of you win your league title and for those of you who didn't, let's give it a try again next year. We still have one more article to go this week, the fantasy football awards, so make sure you check back to find out who won, who lost, and who just broke even.

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