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Do it again. And again

Still a pretty happy bunch of O-Zonians out there. Let's keep it going.

Let's get to it . . . Tyler from Oradell, NJ:
After watching Gabbert struggle against a top-flight defense, I am very impressed in how he was able to bend, but not break. The more I see of him, the more I like. His footwork is subpar, he tends to shy a bit from contact, etc., but the reason for my excitement is that everything he does wrong – footwork, pocket presence, etc.—is coachable and fixable while everything he does right you can't coach; you have it or you don't – work ethic, ability to see the field, arm strength. The throw to Hill for a 24-yard gain was a thing of beauty. You can't teach that. What impresses me the most is that even in games in which he struggles he is limiting mistakes. How many rookie quarterbacks go almost 100 passes, over three games, without throwing one interception? It's not always going to be pretty in its development, but when it all clicks, watch out.
John: There is and will continue to be a lot of discussion about Gabbert, and I agree with most of what you say. The rest of the season will be a constant rush to judgment on Gabbert. Shoot, the rest of his career will be a rush to judgment. As an NFL quarterback, that's the nature of the beast. Gabbert absolutely is not perfect and he absolutely must improve the things you say. If he doesn't, his career will be limited and the Jaguars' success probably will be, too. It's up to him, and there's no way to predict how it will play out. One of the reasons the Jaguars took him is they believed he had the desire and determination to achieve elite-level status. If he indeed possesses those things – and all reports are that he does – he has a chance to correct what needs correcting and achieve what needs achieving. All he can do is work and all we can do is wait and watch.
Adrian from Reading, PA:
Teams travelling to face a London team might face big obstacles, but nothing compared to what the London team would face - it would have to take that hit for half of its games. Would anyone really want a whole season of games where the first-half highlight is a 'touchdown' scored by a squirrel?
John: That's the major issue. That's why a team in London is probably a long way off.
Aaron from Jacksonville:
I was angry when the introduction package for the game on ESPN had probably a three-to-one ratio of Ravens content to Jaguars content. The game quickly changed my mind. Do you think ESPN's head honchos were sitting in the truck and going, "Oops?"
John: No. The Ravens were 4-1 entering the game and the Jaguars were 1-5. The Ravens were the bigger, better story entering the game and ESPN's job on its game-day and pre-game packages is to promote the game. I'm not saying it was balanced, but I doubt they were regretting their approach.
Adam from Jacksonville:
Let me start by saying that was the most dominant defensive performance I've seen from the Jags in a long time. Rashean and Cox were blanketing their receivers all night. Regarding Gabbert, it still concerns me that not once did I see him step up into the pocket to throw. All of his throws, even the ones he completed, were made while he was fading backwards. Is this something that can be corrected?
John: It can. And it must.
Andrew from Jacksonville:
Couldn't help but notice Tyson Alualu was completely absent from the box score and I don't remember seeing him causing as much commotion as his fellow Rushmen. What gives?
John: Alualu is a defensive tackle, so there are going to be games in which he's not in the box score. That's because he's not always going to get sacks and sometimes his role is going to disrupt while Jaguars linebackers make tackles. I didn't watch Alualu specifically, but the Jaguars' defense as a group played very, very well and that usually doesn't happen unless the tackles are playing well.
Logan from Gilchrist County, FL:
I think Derek Cox proved last night why Gene Smith gave up a second-round pick to get him.
John: Cox played well, especially for a guy from a small school.
Bradley from Jacksonville:
So it just dawned on me that if we find a way to win in Houston on Sunday, we would be 3-5 and possibly one game out of first place in our division! Then we'd head into the bye with two winnable games after that against the Colts and Browns. It's awesome that we're still in the division race despite that nasty five-game losing streak.
John: The Houston game suddenly has become a bit more interesting, but you gotta win it to get back in it. We've gotten a lot of these emails in the last 24 hours, and understandably so. I said last week the Jaguars need to win a game or two before I'd start thinking about playoff possibilities. That was one. Get two, it gets even more interesting.
Forrest from Jacksonville:
Best performance by a Jags defense I've seen. Period. That said, another game, another dropped TD pass by Lewis. Part of me is starting to think he overachieved last year. Thoughts?
John: You achieve what you achieve. Lewis played well last year, so he's capable of putting together a big-time season. He hasn't played as well this season. That needs to change.
Eric from Columbia, SC:
Maybe it's just me, but I'm getting sick of all of this bashing on Rashean Mathis. He's still a solid corner, and I hope that he shut the critics up after that dominant performance last night. He played lights out from what I saw.
John: It's not just you.
Emil from Tallahassee:
Is it just me, or is Jason Hill looking more and more like a solid, starting receiver each week?
John: It's not just you, either, and it's time to give at least a little credit to Jason Hill. He may not yet be quite what the Jaguars' envisioned in the off-season, but he has played better in recent weeks.
Zachary from Raritan, NJ:
Every media coverage focuses zero percent on the dominance of the Jags D, and 100 percent on the Ravens offensive failures. What does this team have to do to garner national attention, besides beating one of the leagues supposed best teams on Monday Night Football?
John: Do it again. And again. And again.
John from Jacksonville:
Personally, as fantastic as Scobee has been this season, I think the decision to kick the field goal with less than two minutes remaining was a gutsy call by the coach. If Scobee would have missed, because this wasn't just a chip shot, it would have given the Ravens excellent field position with plenty of time to score a winning FG. What are your thoughts on that decision? Were you thinking FG all the way or maybe a punt to try to pin them deep?
John: I was thinking I was really glad I didn't have to make the decision. You're right. If Scobee misses there, the Ravens probably win the game. On the other hand, if the Jaguars had punted, the Ravens had moved with relative ease in 3:20 on the previous possession. In the NFL these days, a team with the ball trailing by two points or less with more than 1:30 remaining is supposed to win the game.
Michael from Jacksonville:
Cecil Shorts is a bust. There is no development as a Jag in his future. With the offense ran Monday night and granted Gabbert improves, do you think that will be the offense that leads our team to future victories?
John: Why don't you tell me? Apparently you can predict the future.
Damian from Appleton, WI:
Why didn't Poz get awarded a sack for the play Mincey deflected a pass back to Flacco? Was Flacco considered a runner at that point; even though he was in the pocket?
John: It was a completed pass because Flacco threw the ball and caught the deflection, so, yes, at that point Flacco was a runner and therefore could not be sacked.
Jordan from Charlotte, NC:
The Colts have way more problems than Manning being out. I don't care how good he is, he wouldn't be able to help that defense. Regardless of what people say, I see that as an 8-8 team with Manning in the lineup. Thoughts?
John: I think they'd be in the playoffs. The Colts' defense has struggled in the past with Manning, but when their offense is good, it makes the defense look that much better.
Neil from Jacksonville:
I really enjoyed watching our defense dominate on Monday night. It's fun to see an area that has been such a weakness turn into a strength in the course of one off-season. It's going to be an up and down season but let's credit Gene Smith. Any way we can start a "we love Gene" fan movement? I for one want to keep seeing his style play out over many years.
John: I think, "In Gene We Trust" about covers it.
Dustin from Duval, FL:
So what does Mr. Tucker have to say for himself?
John: Talked to him this morning. Here.

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