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Doug Marrone - Friday, October 25, 2019

(On what he saw out of newly acquired DT Akeem Spence) "I wasn't really him that much. I watched him play last week, he played 53 plays [with] Philly. So, I have a little bit of background with him, I recruited him when I was at Syracuse and I've seen him play, so we'll see if we're going to be able to use him or not."

(On his on confidence in DL Taven Bryan) "I think his snaps have been going up for the week, so I think he's been doing a good job. I think it's one of those things, you increase the snaps and see if we can still get the same type of production. And I think it's a challenge for him to show that he can still get even more production as the snaps go up, and that would be great."

(On if he things WR Dede Westbrook will play on Sunday) "Yeah, I feel good. I just think that if you don't practice all week it's better to put him as questionable. But I think he'll play."

(On who they are starting at linebacker) "We're going through it right now. It's either going to be Austin [Calitro] or Malcolm [Smith]. We're still working through that, just want to make sure we feel comfortable and everyone knows what they're doing. We feel comfortable [if] it'll be Austin, we may split it. We're still talking about it. We split the reps today, so just want to see where everybody is, really not sure right now."

(On if LB Joe Giles-Harris would be the strongside linebacker if the team played base formation) "We have a good plan for what we are doing in base. We are fine with that. I am more concerned about the three WILL linebackers."

(On the benefit of switching out right guards and if he has gotten comfortable with that) "It is not a matter of whether I am comfortable with it or not. It is a matter of the production out of it. Will [Richardson] Jr. is playing and Will has been playing well. Eventually that is going to be beneficial for us somewhere down the road, we all understand that. He is playing at a good level. More importantly, I think with Will playing, it has pushed A.J. [Cann] to a point where he is playing better. We have had talks with them. It's like why do you have to have someone in there competing with you to play better? It is human nature, and I think he is trying to figure it out. Right now, we are comfortable with the way it is because of the production."

(On if the team looked good in the red zone in practice) "It always looks good in practice. The games are when you have to be able to perform. Sometimes you don't know what you are going to get. You have to do a good job scripting it, make sure that we execute down there and execute well. I do not want to get too ahead of ourselves. First, we have to be able to get down there."

(On if he foresees TE Josh Oliver playing a limited snap count again) "I do not think he was on a limited snap count [against Cincinnati]. We had three guys playing that position and for the first time being back, I would not call that limited for that position. I would like to see where he can be involved and what he can do."