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Doug Marrone - Monday, November 25, 2019

(On if he is opposed to making staff changes during the season) "Obviously it's something that you don't want to do, you don't think about doing it. It's obviously something that I have done in the past, making those decisions during the season. I feel like if it's going to make our team better, and help us win, then I have to do that. But I think when you make a decision like that, you have to look at the staff and see if there's someone – if he can do it better, if you have someone that's better doing it in executing that role. I don't believe that there's a change that I can make right now that would make sense for me, or this team, to help us win."

(On if addresses the staff regarding changes) "I do. I talked to our staff, and I think when you get into this point in the year, and having gone through it as an assistant, as a head coach and myself, is that everyone kind of gets protective, and they get isolated. We've been doing more things together to stay together, to keep our head up, to keep fighting. Try to build up those walls on the outside and not concern ourselves with things that are not going to help us fight our way out of this predicament that we all are responsible for getting ourselves in."

(On if the 'platoon' system is not being implemented at the RG position anymore) "I appreciate you asking that question. So, what happened is, going into the game we wanted to put an emphasis on stopping the run and trying to get Dontavius Russell active to see if he could be a factor in helping us in the run game. So, Dontavius got in there, and he played about 49 percent of the snaps, so we knew he was going to get in there and play. Cam [Robinson] was a little limited during the week, so what it came down to was, because of that roster spot of who really platooned – we platooned Cedric [Ogbuehi] and Will [Richardson Jr.] at tackle that week, to see who had the best chance at being our swing tackle , and at the end of the week we decided to go with Ced[ric]. But it's not an indication of A.J. [Cann] did something, or Will did something that played better. In a perfect world, I'd much rather have Will up there and we would keep doing what we're doing."

(On how much the recent performances of the defense are impacting Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash) "Well I think we're all battling. I think not only just Todd, obviously everyone's going to take pride in exactly what they do in being on that side, but it falls on me too, and it falls on the assistant coaches and it falls on the players. We continue to keep trying to do different things that would be able to help us. I think you just have to be careful of … the defense is much different than it was two years ago. And we have to continue to do a good job with the players that we have and try to become more consistent. I think when you look at it, and really when you look at the past three weeks, it's like a tale of two tapes. You look at the first half in these games and there's more consistency, we're doing a better job. The games are close. And then in the second half we become less consistent. And if it was one player you can replace, if it was a coach not doing the job obviously you can replace. But talking with the team, and showing the team everything today, it's on all of us. So, does it take a toll? It does. But you have to take that energy, because if you don't put that energy towards somewhere, and you just start feeling sorry for yourself, then you're not going to be able to overcome it. And that was my talk to the coaches. 'Hey, we're going to do things together. We're going to communicate, we're going to talk, we're going to avoid that noise.' Same with the players. We want to do things together; we want everyone to see what we have to get done. We want everyone to look at hey, when we're successful, this is what we're doing well. When we're not successful, here's what's happening, these are the breakdowns. And I think that the only way I know how to get out of it is to fight and you've got to be strong minded. You have to be a great leader, and I'm talking about everyone, and you have to stay focused on the task at hand and fight your way out of it. Because any other way you go about it, it's not going to work."

(On what he can change to get the team headed in the right direction) "The challenge is, is that you have the players that you have, you have the coaches that you have, and we just have to find a way. And again, we put in a different front last week, we brought Dontavius up to see if he can help us. We did some things to play more downhill. And there are times where those plays were effective, and there were times where we didn't do as good of a job as we should. We played single-high safety; we've committed as many people as you can to the box. So again, we're looking at it, we're talking about it. We're going to see who's available for us this week from an injury standpoint. We're still working through that, and then once we know who's going to be available, then we can start saying what we can do to help ourselves with a different challenge this week. The challenge this week is you have two 1,000-yard guys on the outside. [They're] the number one team in explosive plays, comes from the passing game, so we have to do a good job of being balanced, and figuring out the best way for us to play and what we have to do to stop the run."

(On why the quarterback situation is not subject to change) "I've always tried to take pride in myself that the quarterback is not treated differently, meaning that when you're in front of the team, and you can correct a quarterback. I've always been involved in a lot of different type of philosophies when I was an assistant of what coordinators or head coaches had. I don't necessarily believe – I think you look at each position the same way. Is this player, in whatever position he's in, giving us the best chance to win and I think you make decisions like that. What gets difficult is when you have a player in a position that is inconsistent, and you really don't have any place to go except to try to coach him better and do things to get it clear. Whether it's cutting things down, and that's usually the first thing that you do to eliminate errors, or if it's a point of not having the right players in position, then you have to do more to hide your deficiencies. And those are conversations that we had today. So, with the quarterback position, I look at how it is right now, I believe that [Nick Foles] gives us the best chance to win. And I evaluate it like everyone else and I try to treat that position the same."

(On if he would be set on only starting QB Nick Foles if he has poor performances in the future) "Absolutely not. I think what I said was if the person at that position, or any position, is not going to give us the best chance to win, then I'm going to make a change at that position. I think I've held true to that and that's my call. I'm not going to put someone out there that I don't feel is going to give us the best chance to win if I have an opportunity to put someone else in there. Right now, I believe that he gives us the best chance to win."

(On DE Yannick Ngakoue's ability to create strip sacks) "He's a player, he works his butt off, and you can see the results on the field. Some guys are good at sacking the quarterback, and there's some guys that are really good that just have this craft, or they work on it. And he does it in practice all the time, even though obviously we don't hit our quarterback, but he works on that off-hand, or whatever it may be, free to be able to get [the football]. So, he takes a lot of pride in that and he's done a heck of a job with it. I think somebody was telling me a stat, like 1/3 of his career sacks are strip sacks. So, it's a big point, it's a big play. It's a turnover. Every time he gets close to the quarterback, I'm thinking always strip sack and he does a good job of it, he can get on the edge. But make no mistake about it, he works extremely hard at it, and that's the one thing about the kid – his work ethic, and his desire to get better and be the best at what he does is something that maybe a lot of people aren't able to see, because obviously they're not there throughout the whole practice."