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Doug Marrone - Thursday, September 5, 2019

(Opening statement) "Glad to see everybody here safe. Our prayers are out to the people in the Bahamas and people up north where the storm's going. So, we're back. Not on our normal schedule, but all the players are back, so everyone was safe, and I think that's the most important thing. And then now we're getting back to work, and we've started at noon today, so we're getting our work done and combining some things and getting off and we've got a great challenge on Sunday. I'm sure you guys are aware of that, so any questions I'll be happy to answer."

(On if they use last year's loss to Kansas City as motivation) "I think it changes every year. I think the teams are different, the dynamics are different, so it's just like a brand-new year. We don't really look back on it, and we just move forward. I'm sure some people will draw experience, the guys that played, but I think you'd have to ask them. We kind of look at it and go about our business of just making sure our players are prepared to play against them."

(On how much communication he had with the players yesterday) "We've had communication. Personally, one-on-one I haven't, but prior to that, a lot."

(On if he communicated to players preparation-wise yesterday) "Yeah, we sent a bunch of things out. The installations, the video, and the players obviously had a lot of stuff on their iPads. Like I told them, I said, 'Make sure safety first and everyone's ok. And if you had some time and you wanted to look at it, go ahead.' So I think individually they'd be able to tell you exactly what they did, but it was there for them if they wanted it."

(On who would start at swing tackle if Cedric Ogbuehi cannot play) "We're working on it. I think that falls into there's a couple of guys there and it falls into—could be Will Richardson [Jr.] and then that falls into the play of who's going to play right guard for us."

(On if he's reevaluated how much they can get out of Quincy Williams) "I don't think we need to reevaluate because he's full, full-go."

(On if Brandon Thomas has the capacity to play left tackle) "I'm sure, yeah. I mean, he's a big, strong player. He can do it."

(On if Nick Foles' oblique soreness was something that crept up) "No, it's been there. It's been there for a while, we just didn't have to report it and then now we're in the process of you want to make sure that that's reported. He got it during training, but obviously it's much better now than it was before, so we're not concerned about it. It's just the quarterback and if you don't put something down, and something does happen, all hell breaks loose."

(On if Foles' oblique soreness is why he didn't play more in the preseason) "No, he could have played. He could have played. It was planned the first couple and then the amount of snaps in the third one was planned. No, it had nothing to do with it. We haven't taken reps away or anything, just to make sure it's full disclosure on everything."

(On people making a big deal out of teams signing players before they play their former team) "I would say that's probably over-exaggerated."

(On if he thinks people make way too much of teams signing players before they play their former team) "I do."

(On if he will pick the brain of newly signed QB Chase Litton) "Anything he thinks that can help us or anything like that, but you don't really get a lot. A lot of times everyone is trying to make a team or getting ready. You'd get more if it was a coach that came over. I'm just saying, you would. Players, there's a million things going on with them that they're concerned about, making a team and doing that stuff. No different than some of our players go to other teams too that we play."

(On if he thought they would keep Alex McGough) "I don't know anything about that stuff. 'Do you think you can keep him? Do you think someone's going to get him,' or anything. I have no idea what other teams need or what other teams do. But I think [Executive Vice President of Football Operations] Tom [Coughlin] and [General Manager] Dave [Caldwell] will probably have a good idea about that."

(On where he'd rank the Chiefs offense compared to the rest of the league) "When you follow the game, especially the history of the game which I love and you guys know that, I think the greatest show on turf always comes up when people think of offense. I think normally anyone that follows the game thinks of that Rams team and what they have. And I like to think that I was part of something when we were in New Orleans and really rolling, and they're still rolling with Drew [Brees]. I think you look at what [Rams Head Coach] Sean [McVay] has done at the Rams, and you look at people around the league, there's a lot of them, really good offenses that have been around. And I think what probably separates Kansas City and puts them up there, obviously a great coaching staff and they have such great players and guys that have developed so quickly. You look at someone that's thrown 50-plus touchdowns, there's only three quarterbacks that have really done that and the other two are Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. So, I think that it starts with the quarterback position and their quarterback's obviously the league MVP and is an outstanding player. He's done a great job and they have some great people around him, so it's going to be a great challenge for us, and we have to put a lot of work in. It's a lot of guys. You stop one and then you have another. They've got a lot of talent on that side of the football."

(On where he'd rank the Chiefs offense with the teams he mentioned above) "I'd put them up there against anybody. Yeah, I'd put them up there versus all those teams. I just don't know which one is the team that you would think. Like I said, for me I always think of the Rams offense, but in my mind, I love the history of the game so there's a lot of other great offenses that are even going on right now in the league and some in the past. But to answer your question, yes, they're up there in that conversation and can easily be put up there with the best ones. That's a credit to them and how they've performed."

(On the challenge to prepare for Mahomes) "Like I said, he's one out-of-three on what he has done. And the other two I think we all know about are all Hall of Fame quarterbacks and Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks. It's difficult, you know. If you keep them in the pocket, he can beat you with his arm. If you get them out of the pocket, he can beat you down the field – he can make all the throws. I think that he can run, he can scramble, he can… You know, there's a reason when you get named MVP in the league. You're the most valuable player. You're the best player in the NFL. And that's what he's done. It's a new year, a new season and we're going to go out there and do the best job we can."

(On whether it's demoralizing or discouraging as a defense when you've done everything right, but it changes) "You know, I don't think I would use those adjectives when you're playing. I think it's more of a 'tip your hat' and then let's get to the next play."

(On whether it's an advantage playing them early on in the season) "I'll know Sunday afternoon after the game. I don't know. I have no idea."

(On how WR Marqise Lee looked last week) "Good. Yeah, he played well. I think he's built up. I think a couple of weeks ago, it came up and I answered a question, but I couldn't really tell, so I went and asked him personally. He felt he was a little rusty. I think he's feeling pretty good right now."

(On when Josh Oliver might return to practice) "I think it's day-to-day now. So, it's close."

(On changes expected to be seen from the Kansas City defense) "Spags [Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo] is a good coach. He's been around for a while. He's been a coordinator. I think they got better with a bunch of guys defensively that are real solid, all around real good experience upfront. I don't know how he's going to play us. I think that's one of the things about the first game. You really don't know. You've got to be prepared for a lot of different things. There's a fine line between overpreparing and keeping things simple. I think that's what the challenge of the first game is all the time, for me going into it."

(On his history playing Andy Reid and if they've had much interaction) "No, I mean, I have a ton of respect for Coach Reid. He's always been available. Like a lot of the coaches, he's been very successful. If you ever ask him a question when you see him, he's always more than willing to help young coaches. I think that as a young coach, you always appreciate that from the coaches that have been around and been successful, like Coach Reid has."

(On whether they've settled on captains) "No, we're still working through everything. We'll announce it though, when we have it."

(On the different levels of concern between Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce on Sunday) "When you talk about a tight end that is probably one of the best tight ends, if not the best tight end, in the league. He's another guy, whatever he had, 1,200-1,300 yards and, I don't know, 10-12 touchdowns, something like that. I've seen him since college. I mean we played against him when I was Head Coach at Syracuse. He was at Cincinnati and caught a lot of big balls and made a lot of big plays. I think you're talking about Tyreek Hill – I mean everyone knows what he can do speed-wise. He can get behind you and he's a heck of a player. You've got to do a good job. You may think you have an angle on him, but you don't. I mean, he can really just outrun you. They've got a lot of other players too, and that's the one thing you try to keep telling your players. I mean Sammy Watkins is still out there and no one really talks about him. Obviously, I know he can play. Their running back situation, they've got a couple good running backs and Shady [Chiefs running back LeSean McCoy] just left there. He'll fit right in, he's been there before in that system, I'm sure. So, we've got to be ready for him. He's a great player. There's a lot of good football players, and it's starts with the quarterback. He's the one that can get them the ball. So, like I said, it's a great challenge. I mean, they've got great personnel and they've got great scheme. First game of the year, and we're just going to do the best job we can."

(On whether he sees a team on offense with better speed and weaponry this year) "That's a trick question in a sense. If I say yes, then I might be downplaying what they have and if I say no, then every team that comes against us is going to fight like hell to prove that they're right. I would put it this way. From what we've seen last year, it's hard to know if the team is going to produce the same amount as how this team produces. You know, if that remains the same in 2019. They're a great team and we're going to see other teams, too, that have great weapons coming down the road. Again, I think that each week we're going to be challenged in a different way, whether it be upfront, whether it be the run game, the passing game, scheme. I think you're challenged each week. That's what makes it the NFL. That's what makes it so great."

(On players and coaches' hurricane damage) "Yeah, you know, we checked with everyone. Everyone seemed to be fortunate. It was funny, I saw someone yesterday when I was out, and 'Our prayers must've been answered,' an older woman said that to me. And I was just thinking, you're right. We were very fortunate."