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Doug Marrone - Wednesday, September 18, 2019

(Opening statement) "It's a short week, and it's always a challenge, but I thought the coaches, we got the plan together. The players did a nice job. We're locked in, focused and, again, we're excited to get out there, play an in-division opponent. It's a Thursday night game. We're at home on national TV. We came up short last week, and it's a quick turnaround and we're going to be out there again, and our focus is on winning."

(On if Jalen will be playing on Thursday night) "Yes."

(On the status of Cam Robinson and Will Richardson Jr.) "Will's [Richardson Jr.] healthy. Cam [Robinson] will start at left tackle."

(On who will play at right guard) "A.J. [Cann] will be the right guard, and I wouldn't be surprised if Cedric [Ogbuehi] and Will both play in the game."

(On if he has talked to Jalen Ramsey) "Jalen and I have always had a good, open relationship, where we've always been able to talk. We sat down yesterday. We talked about what's going on as far as he and I and it's like anything else in this profession. It's behind us now. His focus is on playing and doing the best job for his teammates. And then my job is being able to do the best job for the team, so that's behind us right now."

(On if he and Ramsey have had a good relationship over the past three years) "You'd have to ask him, but from my standpoint, absolutely. I've always felt that we've been able to talk, we've been able to sit down. We have in the past from multiple things that have come, from when he's been here and when he's been at home in Tennessee."

(On if he has ever experienced a trade request situation) "I stay out of that. Again, that's above what goes on. I stay out of contracts, stay out of that stuff and my focus is on the guys that are playing, and he's playing and he's on the team, so I don't get involved in that."