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Draft Transcript: Aaron Colvin


(On if getting picked by the Jaguars was a surprise) "It's just a blessing. I really didn't know what to expect, I came in being ready for whatever. I hadn't really talked to the Jaguars since the Combine, and that was brief. What Coach (Gus Bradley) said was 'I'm going to come get you,' and he did, so it's pretty crazy."

(On if it was Gus Bradley that made the remark) "Yes sir."

(On how long it took to get back on track after his torn ACL) "Just a few days. The main thing was getting mentally right and I know that I can play with the best of them and that is what I'm going to do when I get to Jacksonville. I had to get my head right and I did, and now it's just time to compete."

(On how soon after the injury he had surgery) "About a week."

(On if it was just his ACL that was injured) "Yes, just the ACL. They had to do some work with my meniscus, but everything else they just let heal. They really just worked on my ACL."

(On what ACL treatment he received) "They took it out of my patella tendon."

(On which knee was injured) "My right knee."

(On how the rehab is going, if he is on track) "Yes, I'm right on track. I've been running for about two weeks now. I've been doing some DB drills as far as just light backpedaling, doing some things like that. The next step is to start cutting and once I do that I'm ready to go."

(On his expectation for the upcoming year) "Dr. Andrews told me he expected me to be back in training camp practicing, I won't be full contact, so I won't be all-out go, but I'll be back during this training camp and my goal is to come back this season and I won't have any other option but that."

(On if he'd be disappointed to sit out the season to recover) "No, I'm ready to do whatever they need me to do. I know when my time comes, I'll be ready to contribute to the team and I will be a playmaker."

(On what he can bring to the Jaguars' secondary) "You're going to get a lockdown corner. I can play nickel, I can play corner, I can play safety, but I feel like when you have me on the outside as a corner, I'm gonna lock down whoever you give me. That's just my mindset. I'm a true competitor and I'm going to bring that fire to the secondary."

(On what experience he has using press coverage) "Yes sir, a lot of press. I can play off as well; I like to play off a route and anticipate what is coming."

(On how his injury occurred) "It was  simple one-on-one, something I've done a million times. The guy from Florida, (Solomon) Patton, he ran a dig route and I just tried to break and go inside with him and my knee just gave out. It was kind of just a freak accident, honestly."

(On if the Gus Bradley came before or after the injury) "This was after, it was at the Combine. I had just walked by. I was on my way to go meet with the Giants, and he pulled me over to the side and he said, 'We still love you. I'm going to come get you, you can bank on that.' And I didn't really think of it too much and they called me and I love that organization, so I'm thrilled to get picked by them."

(On when that conversation came back into his mind) "It came to me right when I saw that 904 number. I knew that was a Florida number because I was down there for so long in Pensacola. Right when I got that Florida call I had a feeling it was them. When it was , I was just thrilled, words can't even describe it."

(On where he has been rehabbing) "I was in Pensacola the whole time rehabbing at Andrews."

(On what his lowest point was after his injury) "Honestly, yesterday. You don't ever know in this draft, especially with my situation, I couldn't go out there and prove myself. I was pretty disappointed watching some of the guys that went before me, but it's part of the draft and it's part of life. There were always days where I had doubts, but I couldn't let it defeat me. Any time I had doubts, I went out and got some extra work in. That's just how I am."

(On if playing under the Jaguars' staff at the Senior Bowl give him a head start with the team and experience with the staff) "It was great, I love those guys. I loved both the DB coaches, Coach Walker and Coach Rudy. I can't say how much they helped me just in that one day I was down there. A lot of things I did at OU, they did the same things, so I fit into the scheme pretty easy the first day of practice and we had that connection. I'm thrilled to get picked by them because I know what they expect and I know what they expect from me."

(On how many teams talked/visited with him recently) "Yes sir, I had a lot of teams contact me, but I would say San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New Orleans were very, very strong. Honestly that's where I thought I would end up. (The teams) were constantly calling me every day. They never came to Florida, but they flew me out to their facilities."

(On if those three teams were the only three he visited) "Those three, yes sir."

(On what day of Senior Bowl practice the injury occurred) "It was the second day, on a Tuesday."

(on if he liked Gus Bradley at the Senior Bowl) "Coach Gus brings so much passion, he brings so much energy and that's just something I love. You never want to be in a dull environment. You can tell that they truly care about their players, they care about whoever they are working with and they try to get the best out of you. When I get up there, I'm just ready to work."

(On what his current weight is) "I'm back up to about 186/187."

(On what his lowest weight was) "My low was 177 at the Combine. It was about two weeks after the surgery, when I was still on medicine."

(On if he had a formal interview with the Jaguars at the Combine) "No sir, I never had a formal interview with them. I really didn't talk to them since the Senior Bowl."

(On if he was surprised to get drafted by the Jags) "Yes sir. I'm telling you, that one day or two days I was there, we got a chance to get to know each other. It was something I could definitely connect with and you don't get that too often, so you know when it is and I could definitely feel it with them."

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