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Fresh-faced good looks

Let's get to it . . . Neil from Mesa, AZ:
Goodell opened the door for a team to move to Los Angeles in 2013. Despite Khan's public commitment to keeping the Jags in Jacksonville, I think this part of the report is interesting: "Goodell stressed in the memo that the league's owners – and not individual franchises – would determine any relocation." Surely, he'll be involved in the process, but is the final decision to stay or go truly Khan's to make?
John: What Goodell meant in the memo is that franchises won't be able to pick up and move to Los Angeles on a rogue basis, and that the franchise that moves to Los Angeles – if it happens – will have to be approved by the league's overall ownership. Goodell didn't mean that the league is going to force a franchise to move. It's natural that Jacksonville gets thrown into this story because that has been the norm for a long time, but consider this: since taking over as owner, Shad Khan has hired a new president, a new senior vice president of sponsorship and a new senior vice president of fan experience. Those people were brought into sell Jacksonville and the Jaguars as a regional market and to create a fan experience at EverBank Field. These people have moved here with that in mind, and Khan has invested in a locker room at EverBank Field, stadium improvements and appears to be considering a $10 million practice bubble. I know he's a wealthy guy, but why would he do all of that voluntarily if he's planning to apply to move to Los Angeles in seven months?
Tim from Section 438:
I'm headed to the local brew store to build a six pack of cold beer for the hot weekend. Any suggestions besides the Magic Hat #9?
John: Build more than one.
Clyde from Jacksonville:
I read all the O-Zones. I am aware there isn't a lot of football stuff going on and you get a lot of the same questions! But rap crap, dating stuff, come on O Man, can't you find something about football to post?
John: I got a few questions along these lines in the last few days. As I recall, I got quite a few along these lines last year in late June and July, too. Such is the nature of a football column in the middle of the off-season. I looked back over the last week, and while there were questions about rap and dating that were answered with my weak attempts at humor, there also was football. If I post every question about football this time of year, I get complaints about covering the same topic too often. This is a time of year when we're going to stray from football on occasion, maybe too much for some people's tastes. I look at the O-Zone this way. I do one every day, pretty much year round. Some days you're going to please some people. Some days, you're going to please others. Some columns may not please anyone. I try to answer questions that I find interesting, and usually when we go a little off course and bizarre with some strangeness about raps and dating, I get questions indicating some amusement at these little off-topic tangents. They rarely last long and are interspersed with football questions. If you're not interested in the "rap crap," I've always found it's possible to move my right finger to the right side of my computer and hit page down with an amazingly little amount of effort. I am rarely out of energy or unusually fatigued after doing this, and I've been pretty up front here in the O-Zone that I fatigue quite easily.
John from San Antonio, TX:
Clear eyes, full hearts...
John: . . . Can't lose.
Terrance from Jacksonville, FL:
Recently Big Cat Country wrote a blog asking if the Jags had a problem coming to contractual agreements with specialists, kickers/punters. Obviously they seem to value the positions, drafting a punter in the third round and all. However, last year they couldn't agree with Podlesh, haven't signed Scobee to a long-term deal and the third-round punter has yet to sign. What's your take on this?
John: My take is we're overanalyzing things just a bit. Teams put a certain value on certain positions in terms of contracts, and as much as fans see good players and believe the solution to their contract issues is to "just get something done," you can't just meet every contract demand of every player. The Jaguars wanted to re-sign Podlesh last season, and they want to re-sign Scobee this season. The Jaguars have offered a contract at what they believe is fair-market value. Scobee obviously wants more than that, and that's OK, but the team doesn't believe it's the right time to offer more. The Anger contract isn't going to be a long-term issue. He's a rookie punter. These things get done in time.
Will from Ohio:
I really have come to appreciate your quick-witted comments. But I feel compelled to respond to your answer for Cliff from Las Vegas. Scobee was complaining about the Jaguars not talking to him. Yes, they applied the franchise tag but he wants to be a Jaguar for a lot longer than one year and that's why he hasn't signed the tender yet.
John: The Jaguars want Scobee to be on the team for a lot longer than one year, too. They also believe their offer is fair. That's why they haven't offered a different deal yet.
Andy from St. Johns, FL:
I pretty much submit a question every day or so. Some are funny. Some are serious. Some are to get a reaction. Some are to get facts. Each one I feel is worth answering. Am I wasting my time? Do you say, hey, this is the best question of the day (again), but you don't want the same reader's questions to be answered every other day?
John: I'm sorry. What was your name again?
Dustin from Jacksonville:
I try not to let the business side of football get to me but Scobee's comments about playing under the tag have me heated. To me, he's saying he won't play his best if he has to play with the tag on. If I was Gene, Josh would be waking up to a headline saying he had been cut in the middle of the night. I have been a huge Scobee supporter but this crosses the line. While I don't think MoJo deserves a new contract right now, I've written in saying how much I appreciate his professionalism and the way he's handling the entire matter. He's the star of the team and he's not making senseless threats. Scobee's just a kicker. Rant over.
John: Things get said in negotiations. They often have nothing to do with what happens on the field. Scobee is a professional. He'll play his best if he is with the team, which I don't doubt will be the case. Besides, what incentive would he have for not doing his best?
Jeremy from Navarre, FL:
The Jags are dropping the ball when players such as Josh Scobee are speaking out in frustration. I'm not saying the Jags should give Scobee or MJD whatever they want but for crying out loud, keep communication channels open. The Jags need some PR help in the front office. They really need to get their act together to keep things from boiling to the point of some bad press. Communication is key to good leadership and management and Smith and Mularkey obviously need to step it up in that department. That's my I way off base here?
John: Yes, you are. The Jaguars' public relations people are among the best in the NFL. I have met few media who would disagree. In contract situations, there's little the PR people can do, and if players are unhappy with their contracts, it really doesn't matter how open the lines of communications are with the general manager and coach; things are still going to get said. Players are going to be swayed by their agents when it comes to making public comments about contracts, and there's little the public relations people can do to control that situation. Remember, it's the off-season. Things get said. Usually, the regular season rolls around and things that get said in the off-season are forgotten.
Redmond from Jacksonville:
If You Draft A DT IN The Top Ten I Would Say His Main Job Would Be To Rush The Passer And His Ability Against The Run Doesnt Make Up For His Lack Of Pass Rush In My Book Alualu Is Going The Way Of Derrick Harvey.
John: On So Many Levels, Your Book Couldn't Be More Uninformed.
Jeff from Fullerton, CA:
I always hear about this Ryan Robinson fellow and can't help but wonder what he looks like. I mean, we have a picture of you. Can't we have one for Ryan somewhere? When I see his name in articles I tend to picture Ryan Reynolds, is that a fair comparison?
John: In the sense that Ryan Reynolds is a boyish Hollywood actor that appeals to the ladies with his easy charm and fresh-faced friendly good looks, then, no, it's not a fair comparison.

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