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Give me a head with hair

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mike from Orange Park, FL:
What would Tom Coughlin have done about all the nasty-looking hair sticking out from under the helmets on an increasing number of Jaguars?

Vic: I can't say for sure what Tom Coughlin's hair policy would be with this team, but your question reminds me of a humorous story from Coughlin's first year as Jaguars coach. He had signed a long-shot player and the kid had reported to the Jaguars' mini-camp with a Mohawk haircut. At mid-day, Coughlin told the kid he had to get rid of the hairdo, so the kid shaved off what remained of his hair. That afternoon, Coughlin cut him. I guess you could say Coughlin wanted to make sure the kid was properly groomed for his first job interview.

Matt from Erie, PA:
Do you think this year will be like the 1999 season?

Vic: No; this year I think the Jaguars may actually beat the Titans.

Jason from Jacksonville:
How is game-planning done differently, if at all, between a preseason and regular-season game? Obviously, the goal is to evaluate talent and not necessarily win, so do coaches focus on certain plays they want to evaluate?

Vic: The difference is that intense effort is made in evaluating the opponent for a regular season game; almost no effort is spent on the opponent for a preseason game. At this time of the year, all effort is spent on your own team and its development. Game plans are limited to those "bread and butter" plays everybody already knows you have, and they have them, too. Your first premise is correct: The preseason is about evaluation of personnel. That doesn't mean, however, that you're not allowed to complete a pass and make a first down.

Gary from Oklahoma City, OK:
How many wide receivers will the coaches keep and which ones will they keep, in your opinion?

Vic: I'm thinking five wide receivers would be a sensible number. In my opinion, the leading candidates for those five positions are Jimmy Smith, Troy Edwards, Reggie Williams, Ernest Wilford and Cortez Hankton, but not necessarily in that order. The one thing we know for sure is that Williams is going to make this team; he's certainly not number three in the roster-decision order.

Kyle from Jacksonville:
Don't you think it's unfair Jeff Chandler wasn't even given a chance to kick the ball when Scobee was performing really bad?

Vic: These guys get a chance every day, and it started way back in April. Josh Scobee had taken a significant lead over Jeff Chandler in the Aug. 6 scrimmage. Jack Del Rio obviously wanted a full dose of Scobee in the preseason opener; it was his job to win, or lose, and he struggled. As a result, Del Rio said yesterday that Chandler may get a shot in this Friday's game against Tampa Bay. But don't say he didn't get a chance. It's not just about the game. These guys are in a pressure cooker every day. Their kicks are charted, critiqued and catalogued. Everything they do is intensely evaluated.

Jeff from Westminster, CO:
For your website fan who has difficulty reading the yellow text on a black background, tell him to go to Internet Explorer's Edit Menu, "Select All." That reverses the colors, making it dark text on a white background. I do this myself in order to make the page easier on my eyes.

Vic: Thanks, from all of our visually-impaired readers.

Juan from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
In (I believe) 1978, one Monday morning a representative of the Atlanta Falcons went to a bar in Philadelphia and signed the bartender to a contract as a kicker. That night, Tim Mazetti was five-for-five and led the Falcons to a 15-7 win over the L.A. Rams on Monday Night Football. Do the Jaguars have anyone scouting the bartenders in Philadelphia?

Vic: I don't know, but you've allowed me to tell another story. In covering Super Bowl XIV, I had reason to spend time with some fellow sportswriters at the hotel refreshment center. On many a trip to that facility, we were engaged in conversation by a young attendant who claimed to have played quarterback at UCLA, and he said he remained committed to his goal of playing quarterback in the NFL. We smiled and said pour me another cola, kid. Well, five years later I found myself covering a game in which that kid was the winning quarterback. "Hey, that's the kid at the hotel bar," one of my sportswriter buddies said. Jay Schroeder is the kid's name.

Mo from Mountaintop, PA:
Here's an idea: With all those lightning-quick Olympic sprinters getting suspended, what if we picked up a couple of them. They're pretty well-built, they just need to learn to run routes and catch balls. Couldn't we put them on the practice squad? I know this seems far-fetched, but the next summer Olympics won't be around for four years. Please don't make fun of me!

Vic: Make fun of you? I would never do that. I just like the name of your hometown: Mountaintop. What a great name. I've always wanted to be from a place like that. I'm jealous.

Keith from Neptune Beach, FL:
I'm watching Green Bay and I think their stadium is sold out for a preseason game. What is the capacity of that stadium. How do we compare?

Vic: Lambeau Field seats 72,200 and I assure you, it was sold out.

Bill from Buffalo, NY:
We Bills fans are rough and tough and no Jags fans are comin' in our house!

Vic: I am.

Larry from Kansas City, KS:
I'm planning on coming to the Kansas City/Jaguars game on 10/17. Is it safe to wear my KC Chiefs clothing?

Vic: No one comes into our house, man! We're rough and tough.

Antoun from Jacksonville:
Should we, as fans, be worried about our offense's lack of execution, or is it too early?

Vic: I only have one concern: lack of speed at wide receiver. When Jimmy Smith isn't on the field, the deep ball doesn't exist. I understand speed is tough to find, but, in my opinion, this team needs to look for a field-stretcher.

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