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Hardly a bust

LookAhead Wednesday already? Yep.

Let's get to it . . .

John from Jacksonville:
The announcement by the NFL Tuesday to confirm the bad call as correct not only insulted the fan's intelligence but cheapened the NFL product in a big way. Integrity was thrown out the window and now anything goes. They could have saved face by acknowledging a mistake and perhaps making a courageous decision to overturn the call. Another example of how this country is falling further and further from doing what is right for the sake of what's easy.
John: I'll stop short of framing the situation as a commentary on the state of our nation. I just can't go there. I thought the play should have been an interception, and I don't think anyone involved would say that having the regular officials wouldn't be ideal. This issue has been pretty well-covered by pretty much every media outlet in the last day or so, but as far as the NFL overturning the call, there was no way that was happening. Once you overturn a call after the game, you set a precedent that it can be done again and it's hard to go back.
Kevin from Jacksonville and Section 216:
A comment I feel is important to remember: Lee Evans told reporters in training camp Mularkey's offense is complex and takes a while for players to fully grasp and execute to its full extent. He mentioned this was his experience when Mularkey took over as head coach in Buffalo in 2004 and that things didn't really click for that team until later on in the season. No excuses, but this is something important to be considered right now.
John: Yes, it is.
Robert from Green Cove Springs, FL:
Yes. I give. Uncle. Bryan Anger has punted very well. Not many ever doubted that he'd be a good punter. The problem is, he'll never be good enough to justify a third-round selection. For perspective, here are the current top five punters in average net yardage and their draft positions: 1.Brett Kern, undrafted free agent; 2, Jon Ryan, undrafted free agent; 3, Thomas Morstead, fifth round (164); 4, Bryan Anger, third round (70); 5, Britton Colquitt, undrafted free agent. I'm rooting for Anger. But there's no way the Jaguars ever attain good value out of that pick.
John: It depends on how you look at it. You make a valid point when it comes to comparing him to other punters. Someone else could come up with a list of 20 players drafted right around Anger who wash out and aren't in the league in five years. If Anger is punting at a Pro Bowl level in eight years, was he a better pick than the players selected around him? Someone else will find a Pro Bowl player taken sometime in the 100 selections after Anger and criticize the selection for that. If Anger is very, very good for a very long time and helps the Jaguars win games, it was a good pick; if not, it wasn't.
John from Gloucestershire, England:
When the team looks at tape of the game on Mondays to analyze strengths and weaknesses does it also consider what the opposition did well during the game? I ask because Reggie Wayne gave a master class on running good routes, checking back, catching the ball and gaining yards after the catch. He caught passes on the sidelines, midfield, short passes and long passes and seemed so difficult to defend against, whereas our receiving corps struggle to get open and catch the ball.
John: That's why Wayne played in five Pro Bowls. He's good.
Josh from Statesboro, GA:
I know it has to be hard for you to write for such a TERRIBLE team, and make things seem like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, yet still as useless as power rankings are, it is absolutely ridiculous if you TRULY believe that there are eight teams that the Jags are better than. I can honestly not name one team. ESPECIALLY not the Saints. That team would air-assault the Jaguars to a beat down. And you saying that is not true is a lie. Post THAT.
John: They're power rankings, Josh. NFL power rankings. I wasn't threatening your family. I didn't make fun of your dog. I ranked the Jaguars, what was it? – 23rd? – with a comment to the effect that they might have gotten a little "* hometown discount. Fun. Do I really think the Saints are 32nd? Do I think the Jaguars are 23rd? Do I think Britney was better than Christina in the Mickey Mouse Club? Josh, I don't know, and in the end, I'm not going to lose sleep – and THAT, Josh, is no lie.
Paul from Section 146:
We have seven games remaining with teams in the bottom half of the O ZONE POWER RANKINGS. Very interesting.
John: I imagine it intrigues the heck out of Josh. No lie.
David from Jacksonville:
What is going on in the NFL? It seems like every week I am seeing a big player go down with a substantial injury. Jags fans are upset about the injuries to our team but, wow, it seems like every team is suffering some big injuries. I know the game is faster and the guys are bigger but I don't remember a season starting with so many before.
John: Tough game. Physical game. Always has been. Always will be.
Adam from Section 148 and Jacksonville Beach:
Our pass rush has been awful for years. Years! It is no secret that in today's NFL you have to rush the passer. If you can't, you keep signing and trying until you find someone who can or you are done. The quarterbacks we face have an absurd amount of time in the pocket. John, it is such a glaring need; why haven't we tried harder to get one? It's not like we haven't had the cap space!
John: Well, last year there was Mario Williams available in free agency, and . . . well, basically, there was Mario Williams. The Jaguars re-signed Jeremy Mincey and drafted Andre Branch. They signed Aaron Kampman in 2010 and drafted Derrick Harvey and Quinton Groves in 2008. These guys didn't work out as hoped, but it's not fair to say the Jaguars haven't tried to get one.
Amanda from Jacksonville:
I was in Indianapolis in January visiting my boyfriend while he trained for a new job. He took me to St. Elmo Steak House. Neither of us eat shrimp very often so I am not an expert, but we ordered the shrimp cocktail because the restaurant was known for it. There is an amazing burst of flavor...your mouth is on fire. I would agree that it is legendary. Just as a side note, my boyfriend proposed that night in the snow and we are now happily married!
John: Sounds like a legendary evening all around.
Don from Section 114:
One point that has yet to be discussed is why our last kick-offs in the Colts and Vikings games were not deep and hopefully through the end zone. Each time, we have tried to get cute, and end up letting each team start its last drive well up the field. It likely has not changed the outcome in each game, but who knows when it might.
John: Yet to be discussed? C'mon, Don. Mularkey said after the Minnesota game and after the Indianapolis game that Scobee was trying to kick away. He mishit the ball. No one was trying to be cute.
Al from Fruit Cove, FL:
Can you please explain the difference between the PUP list (which apparently includes Chick and Session) and the IR list? Do players on PUP get to come back during the season? Do they not count against the 53-man roster? Is there a limit to how many players can be on PUP? Why would a team use one designation over the other?
John: If you're on IR, you can't come back to the roster. If you're on PUP, you can come back during a three-week window that begins in mid-October. They do not count against the 53-man roster, but they do count against the 80-man roster. You can only go on PUP if you have not participated in a practice once training camp begins.
Bryan from Tampa, FL:
What is your assessment of the performance of Aaron Ross so far?
John: He has struggled at times. There is often an adjustment period for free agents with new teams, and it appears he is going through it.
Brian from Jacksonville and Section 230:
Considering this is Fred Taylor week, what's your favorite Fred Taylor memory, playing or otherwise?
John: I only had the chance to cover Taylor on a full-time basis for three seasons, 1998-2000. I'll probably share a few more stories this week, but one of my favorites was how during Fred Taylor's rookie season, 1998, he had barely been a factor after two games. One of my bosses at the Times-Union called wanting me to work on a Fred Taylor Is a Bust story. As I recall, I convinced the boss to wait on the story. That weekend against Baltimore, James Stewart left with an injury and Taylor rushed for 128 yards on 23 carries. He caught nine passes for 85 yards. He finished the season with 1,223 yards rushing 17 touchdowns. He was not a bust.

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