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Harris on fifth round


The following is a transcript of James Harris' press conference folling the Jaguars fifth round picks.

(on Thomas Williams) "Thomas Williams played at USC and USC probably has the best linebacking corps in the country. This year they had Keith Rivers and in the next year will have some more guys coming out. Thomas Williams got a lot of playing time. He is an outstanding special teams player. He has played all three linebacker positions and we think he will have a chance here as a special teams player and a versatile linebacker."

(did he start at USC?) "He was the fourth linebacker but he got a lot of playing time. USC has some outstanding, top notch players."

(on drafting Williams for depth) "He has a chance to compete and help us in that area. He plays all three positions. The coaches will find the best fit for him, but he brings versatility. Usually when you have linebackers like this, one of the key things is to find a good special teams player. When you get some guys with better size and can match up, they have a better chance to make your team."

(did Dallas call you?) "Several teams did. We were in contact with several teams around the league. There was some interest and some discussion, but nothing really worked out to our liking."

(did you consider moving up earlier in the day?) "We did. We tried to get into the third and the fourth. We tried to move but we couldn't get in."

(on not addressing offensive tackle position, are you happy with that position?) "We feel we can play. We have Khalif Barnes, he has been our starter and we have been one of the better offensive teams in the league this year. We have a promising tackle behind him in (Richard) Collier, who was a good athlete and has a chance to be good. We have Mo Williams, who we re-signed and can play tackle. We have the same personnel that we had last year and were successful with it."

(on the frustration of sitting for four hours waiting to pick) "You always want to be in position to pick, it's all you can do. You work the phones to try to see where you can make a deal. It didn't work out this time."

(are you out of needs?) "We want to continue to work to improve, especially with our opportunities. So we will continue to do that. I think there are still some areas of the team that we can add competition to and we have one more pick and free agency."

(on Williams' true talent is on special teams) "His talent is that he can play all three linebacker positions. He is a real good special teams player. When you are filling out your roster and are going six deep, if you have a guy that can play all three spots and is a special teams player, he will have a better chance of making your team. When you have a fifth-type player and he doesn't play special teams, then it's going to be difficult for him to make your team or to get into the 45 each week. You are talking about a guy that can get into the 45 and if there's an injury can come in and play all four (linebacker) positions."

(on whether a reserve at USC would start at most other colleges) "He would start at most of the teams around the country."

(on how difficult it will be for a fifth-round pick to make the team) "We are a team that has free agents make the team every year. Our coaching staff does a good job of giving them an opportunity to really develop playing in the preseason. They have done a good job of playing in the preseason to earn a roster spot."

(on Trae Williams) "He has been a long-time starter at South Florida. In 2006, he led the conference in interceptions and was first team all-conference. This year he was second team. He and (Mike) Jenkins formed one of the better corner tandems in the country. He can provide us help at corner and at nickel. We feel we needed some additional secondary help and at that point he was a good fit for us. He has a chance to play corner and nickel for us. He is not a safety."

(is he a special teams player?) "He has a special teams mentality, but he's been a starter. A lot of times as a starter teams don't always use you on special teams. He played special teams early on, but he has mostly been a starter."

(he is only 5-9) "He is an undersized player, but he is a productive player."

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