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Harris wrap-up


(overall assessment of the draft and comparisons to the previous two drafts) "We're pretty pleased with this draft. The second day we were able to do some things for special teams. Some guys who can be competitive and some guys with some speed, so we feel good about that. The guys we got on the first day were all guys that we think can make the team and contribute."

(what ways has your roster improved?) "We've added a playmaking type receiver. We're adding an offensive tackle. Coming in we felt we needed another defensive back in terms of a speed, a nickel, corner type guy. In the back end of the draft we have some guys who can come in and compete for a roster (spot) and also help us on special teams."

(who of the second day draft picks do you think has the best chance to make an impact?) "I don't want to identify one guy over the other, but I think several guys we got on the back end can come in and be competitive."

(what kind of reaction do you anticipate Reggie Williams to have after drafting Matt Jones with the first pick?) "The pick had nothing to do with Reggie. We still expect Reggie to come in, go through training camp, improve, working with the new coach. We're expecting his production and his skill at that position to improve this year. So this really has nothing to with Reggie in terms of just adding another playmaker."

(if Reggie Williams had better production numbers last year, would you have still picked Matt Jones?) "We would have still had to consider a guy like Matt Jones. With Jimmy's (Smith) age, we'd still have to consider another playmaker at this time. Like I said earlier, we like our receivers but the level we were in the first round, the type of player that we were passing is the kind of player, you just don't pass those types of player."

(was there a player who had rated high on your board that you were able get in the later rounds?) "I don't want to get into identifying one guy over the other. We've got a lot of young guys coming in excited about making the team. There were several guys that we were excited to get the second day. Based on what was on our board, we felt pretty pleased those guys were still there. When the rounds start and you put the guys up and you look at your potential options for that particular pick, there are guys you think when you have to go a complete round won't make it. We were in that position several times. Fortunately for us, a couple times we got those players and some of the guys we were targeting didn't make it to us."

(on getting the players you wanted in day two) "(Chad) Owens is an exciting returner with a lot of production, five touchdowns this year. With that we had considered Owens as a returner but (Gerald) Sensabaugh at that time was too high on our board."

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