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Heck on Monroe transcript


The following is a transcript of Offensive Line Coach And Heck's press conference following the selection of Eugene Monroe in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

(on getting Monroe) "I have gotten a chance to know Eugene and I'm close to the Virginia program having been there and this is a top flight character guy. The things I'm most excited about are his work ethic, determination, serious approach to football and anything he wants to be good at really."

(on having Monroe) "I couldn't be happier. Number one, we added a quality guy. (He's a) Virginia guy, a good person, a good student and a good competitor, which I'm most excited about."

(on if he worked with Monroe before the pick) "Yes, of course. Being in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, I got to be around him. I was actually on the field working these guys. I did go to Virginia's campus and work Eugene out. Even back from my days as a coach at Virginia I had some exposure to Eugene as a high schooler.

(on what he likes about him) "As a player, the thing that stands out to you is how good he is as a pass protector. I think he has the chance to be elite as a pass protector. As a young tackle, he has plenty to learn. The pro style offense is a little different than what is he use to in the terms of the run game. Because he has such a great work ethic and is such a great person, I expect him to come and pick up things very quickly."

(on whether coach wants him as a right or left tackle) "The thing about Eugene is that he possesses what we call left tackle abilities. He has the ability to kick and slide to speed rushers. He is very athletic and great on his feet; that is pretty rare to find. So a guy that you want to see if he can do it on the left side and we believe he can."

(on what people can be impressed about Monroe) "I think the thing that will be most impressive is he is a big man, a quiet man. He's very intense, purposeful and professional. He is going to find out what he needs to do and he is going to do that and then some. There is not going to be a lot of jacking with this guy because he is about business."

(on if he's going to make him into a mean run-blocker) "I want to be clear on this point. Eugene is a tough man and a tough football player. It's true that he will go long is his pass protection. I think he is an elite college pass protector. I think that will translate into being a good or elite pass protector in the NFL. He possesses the skills and the athletic abilities in protection that you don't find very often. He's going to be outstanding in that area.

"As a run blocker, you see more and more these days with the spread offenses, the two-point stance and less development in the run game out of these offensive lineman but that is no indicator to how tough he is. Now, he will improve as a run blocker as he starts to put his hand in the dirt and get accustomed to our system and way of doing things. What really makes him valuable is his ability to protect on the edge."

(on if he only played in the two-point stance) "Occasionally, they get in the three-point stance, but primarily they are in two-point stances."

(on if he will start from day one) "I don't know. I think he will come in and be very competitive. We have a competitive group at tackle with the addition of Tra Thomas. We got Jordan Black here and some younger guys. I'm excited about some of the competition that we are going to create at the tackle position."

(on if getting Monroe changes the roles on the line) "I think that is yet to be determined."

(on if getting Monroe makes the line better immediately) "Immediately. When you add that kind of talent to your group, you are better as a unit and as a football team."

(on the comfort of having Monroe) "I'm excited because he is a young player and talented. He's a guy that we anticipate being a starter here for a long time. He will be able to come in here and compete. It does give us flexibility. Again with Tra Thomas here and Jordan Black, we have a great opportunity to really compete at this position. Whoever wins that job, we have got some flexibility. Guys can move around. I'm excited about that. To have a guy with that kind of talent at left tackle and with the addition of some of the veteran guys we have here, I think we are going to be in good shape there."

(on if Tony Pashos could move inside because of the pick) "I don't know about that. We are looking for the five best players to put on the football field and then we will figure out where they go."

"I never would have anticipated that Mo Williams would be as good of a player at guard as he was. First, we are going to find the best five players to play with and then find the nine or ten that will make this team. After that, we will figure out where they will go."

(on rating Monroe) "l loved all the tackles that have been taken. I wouldn't compare or contrast right now."

(on where he thought Monroe would go) "I saw him as a top 10 talent. I think we are lucky to have him and excited that we do."

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