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Here's what I respect


Everybody wants respect and it just so happens I'm a very respectful person, so, you should really like this column.

Let's start with this: I respect you. I show that respect daily by reading every e-mail I receive to "Ask Vic." I respect the fact that you've taken time to express your opinions to me. I respect your passion for football.

I also respect the game and the men who play it. I respect both so much that I tend to be very old-school in my defense of each. I love and respect tough guys who honor the game by playing hurt. I sharply dislike and have no respect for those who dishonor the game and the brave men who play it by taunting them.

A long time ago a certain linebacker said to me following a crushing defeat, "Give me a six-pack and 20 minutes and I'll go play them again." That's what I like. That's what I respect.

I dislike and I don't respect whining and crying and begging for attention, which has become a sports contagion in this country recently. You don't request respect. You earn it with performance. This incessant demand for attention from the media is an embarrassing display of softness that I intensely dislike and disrespect. Are we all so weak that we can't function without praise?

The Jaguars have my respect. I respect the fact that they're 12-4 and in the playoffs. Mostly, I respect the fact that this team is in direct and unyielding ascent; 5-11, 9-7, 12-4. I revel in Jack Del Rio's proclamation on draft day last spring, that it was time for this team to "go to the next level," and that, in fact, it has.

I respect the New England Patriots. I respect their three Super Bowl titles in four years and their strategy for being a perennial playoff team. I love the respect the Patriots have for the salary cap and the courage their coach has shown in making aggressive personnel decisions, such as the one that installed Tom Brady as the team's quarterback. Most of all, I like and respect the Patriots' team-first philosophy that discourages trash-talking and post-play displays that would draw attention away from the team and to themselves.

All of these things I respect because I consider them to be of especially strong virtue. I dislike and disrespect those things born of weakness and that's why I am asking you to please stop begging for the nation's affection. It shouldn't be necessary.

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