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I favor "sudden death"

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Didn't we really over-pay for Lewis? A million-dollar signing bonus? Sounds way too much to me.

Vic: The signing bonus surprised me.

Nick from Clearfield, PA:
: I'm definitely looking forward to the draft and I just have to ask one question: Who would be more beneficial to the team if available, Jordan Gross or Andre Johnson?

Vic: Andre Johnson would seem to address a greater immediate need, but wide receivers are a lot easier to find in the later rounds than tackles are. That might be especially true this year, which features a very deep crop of wide receivers. In contrast, you have to get the big guys early, witnessed by the fact that 20 of the 32 starting left tackles in the league last season were first-round draft choices. Jordan Gross might be a better long-term selection. I'll be satisfied if the Jaguars select the best player available.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
I read an article recently that discusses the prospect of changing overtime from "sudden death" to some new system. Personally, I am in favor of keeping a timed overtime (which allows for a tie), but having the winner be the team that scores at least six points first. This system would require much more strategizing on the part of coaches, regarding how aggressively to play their offense or defense. It would also allow the team with the second possession to have a chance at scoring, even if they hold their opponents to a field goal. What do you think would be the best way to change the rules of overtime, or do you prefer the status quo?

Vic: As I've written previously, I'm in favor of maintaining the current "sudden death" system. In my opinion, the best overtime system is one that discourages teams from "playing for overtime" at the end of regulation. The current system does that because teams don't know if they'll get the ball. When does overtime begin? The last time you have the ball in regulation? New England didn't "play for overtime" at the end of regulation in the Super Bowl two years ago. They decided overtime began with their final possession of regulation, and they aggressively moved the ball toward the game-winning field goal. I like a system that promotes that kind of drama.

Dan from Orlando, FL:
I have two questions: What do you think the Jaguars are going to do about the kicker spot, and why not move Steve Smith to free safety?

Vic: That may be Steve Smith's ultimate destination. A lot of consideration was given to moving Smith to safety last summer, but he played well at cornerback in training camp and, of course, teams are always looking for cornerbacks first and safeties second. The placekicking job is not likely to be addressed in the draft. The Jaguars will find their man among incumbent Danny Boyd and the pool of available NFL veterans. I have no doubt the position will be stabilized.

Nick from Norristown, PA:
How many more years does Taylor have left on his contract, and do you think he will be too expensive for the Jags to re-sign?

Vic: Fred Taylor has one year remaining on his contract. I expect him to get a new deal before training camp begins, and I expect it will include a hefty signing bonus. That's one of the reasons the Jaguars are interested in re-structuring/extending Mark Brunell's contract; to find salary cap room for Taylor's new deal.

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