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In-game blog: Chargers vs. Jags

Nov 18 2007 10:47AM
Hi and welcome to the press box in "The Jack." It's a beautiful day for football in Jacksonville. I saw a lot of wired-up fans outside the stadium. This is certain to be one of those games you remember, as we turn into the holidays season and the race to the playoffs.

Nov 18 2007 11:05AM
The other game I'm most interested in today is Cleveland at Baltimore. It may be the toughest game on the Browns' remaining schedule. If the Browns win this one, they could win-out.

Nov 18 2007 11:10AM
This is a big weekend in the AFC because so many playoff contenders are playing against each other: Jags and Chargers, Browns and Ravens, Bills and Patriots, Chiefs and Colts, Titans and Broncons. Last weekend was the first big swing weekend of the season. This one will likely have the same effect.

Nov 18 2007 11:53AM
Jaguars inactives: John Carney, Todd Bouman (third QB), John Broussard, LaBrandon Toefield, Aaron Glenn, Richard Collier, Tutan Reyes, Bobby McCray.

Nov 18 2007 11:55AM
Chargers inactives: Charlie Whitehurst (third QB), Paul Oliver, Eric Weddle, Anthony Waters, Nick Hardwick, Malcom Floyd, Scott Chandler and Luis Castillo. Antonio Cromartie starts at left cornerback in place of Quentin Jammer. Jammer is healthy; he's being benched.

Nov 18 2007 11:56AM
McCray's deactivation is surprising. There are alarm bells attached to it.

Nov 18 2007 12:29PM
Deactivating Carney shows a lot of confidence in Scobee. Carney is nine of 11 in field goal attempts. He's been very reliable on the short kicks. I hope this doesn't come back to haunt the Jags.

Nov 18 2007 12:30PM
I'm heading to the radio booth to do the "Jaguars This Week Extra" segment of the pregame show. I'll be back just before kickoff.

Nov 18 2007 1:06PM
The Jaguars won the toss and will receive. It's warm and humid; not much wind. Enjoy the game everyone.

Nov 18 2007 1:09PM
David Garrard throws to Dennis Northcutt for a first down on third down. That's a good start for Garrard in his comeback game.

Nov 18 2007 1:11PM
Maurice Jones-Drew converts on third-and-one; right up the middle.

Nov 18 2007 1:12PM
Garrard throws it away deep. Reggie Williams was covered like the proverbial blanket.

Nov 18 2007 1:13PM
Garrard to Ernest Wilford for 15 yards and a first down at the San Diego 37. Garrard looks surprisingly sharp.

Nov 18 2007 1:14PM
Fred Taylor looks light and quick. He's moving well.

Nov 18 2007 1:15PM
Garrard's third-down pass knocked down by Jamal Williams. Scobee is trying a 48-yard field goal. It's good. That's big for him. The drive is 12 plays, 46 yards. Good start all the way around.

Nov 18 2007 1:18PM
The Chargers mishandled the kickoff and had to fall on it at their five-yard line.

Nov 18 2007 1:20PM
LaDainian Tomlinson gains four up the middle. He had a hole.

Nov 18 2007 1:20PM
Tomlinson around left end for six and a first down. That's too easy.

Nov 18 2007 1:21PM
Tomlinson around right end. Nice strategy; stretch 'em right and left.

Nov 18 2007 1:24PM
Phillip Rivers completes a pass short of the sticks on third down. The Chargers have to punt. Northcutt returns the punt 25 yards to the Chargers 48-yard line. That's the Jaguars' longest punt-return of the season.

Nov 18 2007 1:26PM
Taylor runs for 13. First down at the 35.

Nov 18 2007 1:27PM
Greg Estandia dropped a perfect pass from Garrard.

Nov 18 2007 1:28PM
Jones-Drew cuts it back to the left for 15. The Chargers look slow.

Nov 18 2007 1:29PM
How can this be the same team that went 14-2 last season? That team was high-energy and muscle. These guys look slow and soft.

Nov 18 2007 1:30PM
Jaxson de Ville is in a cage along the sideline. He's being ordered to move it back against the wall. Bill Polian.

Nov 18 2007 1:32PM
Taylor has just passed Jimmy Smith for the team record in yards from scrimmage.

Nov 18 2007 1:33PM
The Jaguars stall at the 11. Scobee will attempt a 28-yard field goal, following this time out.

Nov 18 2007 1:33PM
No, they're going for it on fourth-and-one.

Nov 18 2007 1:36PM
Garrard sneaks for it.

Nov 18 2007 1:36PM
Taylor takes it to the one. He was stopped at the nine and just kept pushing. The Chargers are limp.

Nov 18 2007 1:37PM
Jones-Drew, no gain.

Nov 18 2007 1:37PM
Jones-Drew, no gain, again; fourth and goal.

Nov 18 2007 1:39PM
Touchdown! Jones-Drew over right tackle. Jack Del Rio is in a bold move today. He's two-for-two on fourth down.

Nov 18 2007 1:43PM
End of the first quarter. The Jaguars dominated it. They out-gained the Chargers 94-19. The Chargers only had the ball for 3:53.

Nov 18 2007 1:47PM
The first thing that strikes me about Rivers is that he barely has enough arm to get the ball to his receiver.

Nov 18 2007 1:48PM
Pressure is the thing in defensing Rivers. If he can't set his feet to throw, he doesn't have the arm strength to make the throw. I just saw evidence of that on a first down incompletion.

Nov 18 2007 1:50PM
Brian Williams got beat deep, but Chris Chambers is ruled to have bobbled the ball as he went out of bounds. Norv Turner is challenging the call. I'll take a look.

Nov 18 2007 1:51PM
I don't know. This one is going to be close. Chambers may have regained control before he went out of bounds.

Nov 18 2007 1:53PM
It's a catch. I figured they'd reverse that one. The ball is at the Jaguars nine-yard line.

Nov 18 2007 1:55PM
Tomlinson to the four. John Henderson is upset about something.

Nov 18 2007 1:56PM
Incomplete for Antonio Gates. Nate Kaeding boots a 23-yard field goal; 12 plays, 75 yards.

Nov 18 2007 1:58PM
On the Chambers play, Williams got beat deep and Reggie Nelson came over to cause the bobble. As long as that ball hung in the air, Nelson should've been able to make a play on it.

Nov 18 2007 2:00PM
Cleveland has a 10-0 lead over the Ravens. The Chiefs are leading the Colts, 3-0. I was told that Peyton Manning threw an interception that was returned for a field goal. That's a joke, folks.

Nov 18 2007 2:05PM
Matt Wilhelm dropped an interception. Garrard's pass was tipped at the line of scrimmage. Jamal Williams can play, baby.

Nov 18 2007 2:06PM
The Chargers' energy levels are beginning to increase. Maybe it was too early for them to play.

Nov 18 2007 2:07PM
Garrard to Wilford. That's a sensational pass. He threw a dart into a very tight space. First down at the Chargers 36.

Nov 18 2007 2:07PM
Taylor, no gain. The Chargers are tightening down on the run.

Nov 18 2007 2:08PM
Touchdown! What a throw. Garrard sizzled one to Reggie Williams at the five-yard line. Nine plays, 73 yards.

Nov 18 2007 2:10PM
I never expected Garrard to play this well after being inactive for a month. This guy is having an amazing season. His talent is undeniable. Rivers was the third pick of his draft and Garrard was a fourth-round pick, and Garrard has twice the arm and, I'm sure, far more mobility, too.

Nov 18 2007 2:13PM
Tomlinson breaks loose for 14 and a first down.

Nov 18 2007 2:18PM
We're at the two-minute warning. The Chargers are facing third and seven at the Jaguars 45. Their running game is starting to move the ball, but they're too far behind to use it. I think that's probably symptomatic of their disappointing performance this season.

Nov 18 2007 2:20PM
Incomplete; terrible throw. Punt time.

Nov 18 2007 2:20PM
Rashean Mathis has a leg strain. His return is questionable.

Nov 18 2007 2:21PM
The Chargers have all three of their times out remaining. The Jaguars need a first down or they'll give the Chargers another chance to score before halftime.

Nov 18 2007 2:24PM
The Chiefs and Colts are tied at halftime, 3-3. The Jaguars get called for holding on first down. That means the Chargers don't have to use a first down.

Nov 18 2007 2:25PM
Second and 10 from the Jaguars four; time out Chargers. They have two left. They'll have one in their pocket when they go on offense unless the Jags get a first down. If you're going to throw, do it here on second down.

Nov 18 2007 2:26PM
Garrard to Estandia for eight. That's big, but he went out of bounds.

Nov 18 2007 2:27PM
Jones-Drew gets the first down. That should kill the first half. Good job by the offense. Outstanding job by the offense.

Nov 18 2007 2:27PM
I heard so much about the Chargers cornerbacks but I'm not seeing it.

Nov 18 2007 2:41PM
Cleveland's lead is down to 10-7. Byron Leftwich threw a fumble for a touchdown.

Nov 18 2007 2:43PM
Scobee kicks it out of bounds. San Diego starts at its 40.

Nov 18 2007 2:43PM
Gates has been no factor; two catches for seven yards.

Nov 18 2007 2:45PM
Hey, Norv, run the ball.

Nov 18 2007 2:46PM
Rivers swings it to Tomlinson who runs 34 yards to the Jaguars six. Rivers throws it out of bounds on first down. I don't understand why the Chargers don't run the ball.

Nov 18 2007 2:46PM
Touchdown! Tomlinson breezes into the end zone around right end. I'm tellin' you, folks, if the Chargers play a little defense and run the ball, they can still win this game.

Nov 18 2007 2:50PM
That's the hardest hit I've seen all year. Carlos Polk unloaded on Jones-Drew on the kickoff return and Polk nearly knocked himself out. Wow.

Nov 18 2007 2:53PM
Fred hasn't had a 100-yard game this year. This could be it. He's up to 62.

Nov 18 2007 2:54PM
Holding on Marcedes Lewis. The ball is back to the Jaguars 20; second and 15.

Nov 18 2007 2:54PM
Garrard did a great job of dumping the ball off to avoid the sack. More and more you see the development of a quality quarterback.

Nov 18 2007 2:55PM
Adam Podlesh hits a good punt and the Jags coverage guys swarm. The ball is at the Chargers 30.

Nov 18 2007 2:57PM
In my opinion, the game is in the hands of the run-defense. I can't imagine that Turner won't lean hard on Tomlinson now.

Nov 18 2007 2:58PM
Third and 10 very quickly. This is a big play.

Nov 18 2007 2:59PM
Rivers to Gates in the deep seam for 23 yards at the Jaguars 47. That's Rivers' best throw of the day.

Nov 18 2007 3:02PM
It's going to be fourth and two. They're kicking. Rivers threw short of the sticks. The punt goes out of bounds at the Jags 13. Tickets distributed, 66,732.

Nov 18 2007 3:04PM
Cleveland's lead is 13-7. The Colts are up, 10-3.

Nov 18 2007 3:06PM
Garrard to Northcutt for a big gain to the Jaguars 37. It's a good thing that one had zip on it because a defender came a whisker from picking it off and taking it in.

Nov 18 2007 3:06PM
Garrard to Wrighster for 36. Baltimore has taken the lead over Cleveland, 14-13.

Nov 18 2007 3:07PM
Garrard hits Williams with a laser shot to the one-yard line. Garrard has never thrown the ball better. There isn't a quarterback in the league with a stronger arm.

Nov 18 2007 3:09PM
Touchdown! Lewis all alone in the end zone. Jones-Drew thumped Shawne Merriman in pass-blocking. Garrard is up to 128.8 in passer rating in this game. He is the difference in this team this season. There is absolutely no question about that.

Nov 18 2007 3:11PM
The Colts and Chiefs are tied, 10-10.

Nov 18 2007 3:14PM
Three and out. The Jaguars are on fire. We're under three minutes to play in the third quarter. I think it's run the ball time. The Jags start at their 21.

Nov 18 2007 3:16PM
Two passes, one run; yuk! There's 1:20 left on the clock and the Chargers get it back.

Nov 18 2007 3:19PM
There are 20 seconds to play in the third quarter and the Chargers are at the Jags 41.

Nov 18 2007 3:20PM
On the first play on the fourth quarter, the Chargers will face a third-and-six at the Jags 41.

Nov 18 2007 3:23PM
On fourth and two, Turner calls some kind of goofy play that didn't work. Tomlinson took a pitch and looked like he wanted to throw a pass, but the receiver wasn't open so Tomlinson ran out of bounds. Yoi.

Nov 18 2007 3:25PM
The Chargers have quit. I just saw it. They let up on a tackle of Jones-Drew before the whistle blew and he gained five more yards. The Jaguars need to run the ball and kill time. That's all. I see no reason to risk an interception.

Nov 18 2007 3:28PM
Incomplete. Why? The clock is stopped. Podlesh on to punt. The Chargers have it at their 35.

Nov 18 2007 3:30PM
Cleveland's ahead, 20-14.

Nov 18 2007 3:31PM
Make it 27-14. That's all there.

Nov 18 2007 3:32PM
Short pass, long run; by Tomlinson. He's a great player. The ball is at the Jags 40.

Nov 18 2007 3:35PM
The Jags got lucky here; offensive pass-interference on Chambers. It would've been a first down. I just saw the replay. I see nothing.

Nov 18 2007 3:36PM
Reggie Nelson intercepts on a Rivers overthrow. I don't know where Rivers was throwing. I saw nothing but teal jerseys.

Nov 18 2007 3:41PM
I just saw the worst great punt ever. Podlesh punted it straight up in the air, but it came down and bounced hard forward and out of bounds at the Chargers 10.

Nov 18 2007 3:43PM
Rivers to Chambers over the middle for 20 to the 30.

Nov 18 2007 3:45PM
He just doesn't have the arm to make the deep sideline throw.

Nov 18 2007 3:45PM
Fourth down. This is it.

Nov 18 2007 3:47PM
Rivers to Chambers. Nelson is going to cost 15 yards for a helmet to helmet hit. The ball is at the Jaguars 24.

Nov 18 2007 3:48PM
Touchdown! Rivers to Gates. That was an outstanding pass. Gates split Nelson and Sammy Knight.

Nov 18 2007 3:49PM
Now they need to do more than kill clock. They need to move the ball. I wish they had just killed clock earlier.

Nov 18 2007 3:50PM
Why is this place emptying out? I don't get it.

Nov 18 2007 3:51PM
The Jags start at their 23. There's 5:01 to play.

Nov 18 2007 3:52PM
Fred runs twice for the first down. Now you're talkin'.

Nov 18 2007 3:55PM
Rivers has thrown for 309 yards. Tomlinson has just 62 yards rushing but 93 yards receiving.

Nov 18 2007 3:56PM
The Jags will have to punt. There's 2:20 to play. The Chargers have one time out remaining.

Nov 18 2007 3:58PM
The Chargers start at their 25. Rivers scrambles for six. We're at the two-minute warning. Now is when we find out about Rivers. Can he do it at crunch time.

Nov 18 2007 4:00PM
Rivers scrambles for the first down but the clock is running.

Nov 18 2007 4:01PM
Intercepted by Knight. He jumped the route. Bye everybody.

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