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In-game blog: Jags at Bucs

Oct 28 2007 12:54PM
Hi and welcome to the press box at Raymond James Stadium. Skies are overcast and temperatures are mild. There's a chance of rain, otherwise, it's good weather for a football game. The big issue for the Jaguars today is Quinn Gray, who will be making his first-ever start at quarterback.

Oct 28 2007 1:13PM
This will be only the third game in Jaguars history played in Florida outside Jacksonville. The other two were in Miami in 2006 and in Tampa in 1995. The Jaguars split those two games. The Jaguars are 2-0 on the road this season and are looking to win their first three road games for only the second time in their history. The other time was in 1999.

Oct 28 2007 2:33PM
I'm flying blind on the blog today because, for whatever reason, I can't see on the home page what I've written here in the press box. I've been told it's OK outside the stadium but that's not going to help me here. Bare with me, please.

Oct 28 2007 2:48PM
Jaguars inactives: David Garrard, Josh Scobee, John Broussard, Brian Williams, Derek Landri, Richard Collier, Uche Nwaneri, Tony McDaniel. Cornerback Aaron Glenn will make his first start as a Jaguar.

Oct 28 2007 2:49PM
Brian Williams has a hamstring injury. It appears Maurice Jones-Drew will play but LaBrandon Toefield is active for the first time this season.

Oct 28 2007 2:54PM
Paul Spicer will start for Reggie Hayward. The Bucs inactives: Luke McCown (third QB), Brian Kelly, Michael Pittman, Jeremiah Trotter, Patrick Chukwurah, Dan Buenning, Michael Clayton and Alex Smith.

Oct 28 2007 4:02PM
The Jaguars have only three defensive tackles active for today, and that means Marcus Stroud and John Henderson are going to get a lot of playing time. It's not a hot day, but it's going to be a long day for those two guys. I hope they're in top condition for this one.

Oct 28 2007 4:06PM
The Jaguars won the toss and elected to receive...and score, hopefully. Enjoy the game, everybody.

Oct 28 2007 4:09PM
Scott Starks got out near midfield with the kickoff but Jamaal Fudge was flagged for holding. The Jaguars will start at their 17-yard line. The first play is a run by Fred Taylor for three yards.

Oct 28 2007 4:10PM
Are you ready for some running? Fred left, Fred right. This could turn out to be the fastest game in history.

Oct 28 2007 4:11PM
Maurice Jones-Drew runs for the first down on third and six. It's a 21-yard gain. There will be no passing. Good!

Oct 28 2007 4:12PM
That's five straight runs; third and three.

Oct 28 2007 4:12PM
That's six straight; punt time.

Oct 28 2007 4:15PM
Into the end zone, but they're tacking on 10 for holding against the Jags. It was obviously after the punt. That's a net of 20 yards. Not good.

Oct 28 2007 4:17PM
Jeff Garcia broke the pocket and nobody was there. He ran to the Jags 45 for 21 yards.

Oct 28 2007 4:19PM
He did it again for 10 yards, but this time Reggie Nelson is flagged for a personal foul for going for Garcia's head after he slid feet-first. The ball is on the 20.

Oct 28 2007 4:21PM
Sacked by Rob Meier on third down. That's big. It leaves the Bucs to attempt a field goal. Matt Bryant is good from 44.

Oct 28 2007 4:24PM
The Bucs went with the pooch kickoff and George Wrighster found a seam for 29 yards to the 50.

Oct 28 2007 4:26PM
We're up to eight straight runs. Care to make it nine?

Oct 28 2007 4:27PM
That's nine straight; fourth and one.

Oct 28 2007 4:28PM
LaBrandon Toefield gets four and a first down; that's 10.

Oct 28 2007 4:28PM
We're up to 11 now. I think I just saw the ghost of Woody Hayes walk onto the sideline.

Oct 28 2007 4:29PM
That's 12 and another first down; at the 22. Fred is runnin' good.

Oct 28 2007 4:30PM
The 13th straight puts the ball at the Bucs 18. As Tom Coughlin used to say: Balance, balance, balance.

Oct 28 2007 4:31PM
Timeout for the Jaguars. I think they called a pass play and Quinn Gray wanted to check and make sure it wasn't a mistake.

Oct 28 2007 4:32PM
Folks, all the wrong teams won today. The Jaguars have to win to keep pace in the wild-card race. We're up to 14 straight runs now.

Oct 28 2007 4:34PM
We have a pass, sort of. It was a five-yard toss to Jones-Drew, who took it to the Bucs one. Toefield scores on the next play. Now that's what I call balance; 50 percent of the runs to the right and 50 percent to the left. Take that passing-game sissies.

Oct 28 2007 4:35PM
I can't imagine the Bucs have been caught off guard with all of these runs. What did they think the Jaguars were going to do, spread it and throw. That drive has to be embarrassing for Monte Kiffin's unit.

Oct 28 2007 4:41PM
That's the end of the first quarter. Fred Taylor has 37 yards on nine carries. He needs 98 to reach 10,000. Gray is one for one for 15 yards and a 118.8 passer rating.

Oct 28 2007 4:45PM
The Jags take over at their 31 following a punt.

Oct 28 2007 4:49PM
Run two, pass one, punt. That incompletion is really going to hurt Gray's passer rating. My God, it just fell 53 points.

Oct 28 2007 4:54PM
Road teams won six of the seven early games today.

Oct 28 2007 4:55PM
The Jags have it at their 43 following a Bucs punt.

Oct 28 2007 4:58PM
Gray to Greg Estandia to the Bucs 27. The Bucs were playing 12 in the box on that first-down play.

Oct 28 2007 4:58PM
All joking aside, the Jags offense is playing great football, especially the offensive line.

Oct 28 2007 5:01PM
That one was nearly intercepted and it could've gone the distance. John Carney is on. His kick from 41 yards is right down the pipe. That's his longest as Jaguar. He hit it with effortless ease. Carney is a real pro.

Oct 28 2007 5:05PM
Touchdown, Aaron Glenn. He stepped right in front of a Garcia pass. Glenn had him baited and then he hooked him. Glenn holds the longest active streak in the NFL of at least one interception in each of the last 13 seasons. By the way, that was Garcia's first interception of the season.

Oct 28 2007 5:07PM
Ladies and gentleman, the Jaguars are beating the Bucs like a rented mule. How can it be this easy?

Oct 28 2007 5:09PM
Touchdown! Garcia 58 yards to Joey Galloway, who toasted somebody. Sammy Knight was the closest Jaguar.

Oct 28 2007 5:10PM
Ryan Robinson just scolded me. He said this one is so far from being over. OK, coach, I'm sorry I offended your sensibilities. How about loosening up a little bit?

Oct 28 2007 5:12PM
I see some teal t-shirts in the stands. The Jags have some fans here. I like that.

Oct 28 2007 5:14PM
On third and five, Gray is nearly picked. It's punt time. It was nearly blocked and Phillip Buchanon took it back 24 yards for a net of 20. Ouch!

Oct 28 2007 5:14PM
Marcus Stroud just arrived. He sacked Garcia.

Oct 28 2007 5:16PM
Galloway is the Bucs' only weapon. Everything else is a five-yard pass. The Jags must focus their attention on Galloway who, at 35, still has world-class speed. Great player!

Oct 28 2007 5:17PM
Rashean Mathis nearly intercepted a pass for Galloway. It's punt time. Ryan Robinson said that was the big play of the game because now the Jags can go into the halftime with a seven-point lead. Now that's what I call sophisticated analysis. He just went to get another Nutty Buddy.

Oct 28 2007 5:22PM
Gray for Matt Jones on third down; dropped. He tried to make a one-handed catch. Adam Podlesh hits a great punt. The Bucs have it at their 38. We're at the two-minute warning.

Oct 28 2007 5:24PM
That third-down drop could really hurt the Jaguars, if the Bucs go down and score. That ball had to be caught. It was perfectly thrown. I just don't understand.

Oct 28 2007 5:26PM
Garcia to Maurice Stovall for 10 to the Jaguars 39. Garcia is gritty. I admire his energy and dedication. There is 1:42 to play in the first half.

Oct 28 2007 5:27PM
Garcia to Stovall at the 27.

Oct 28 2007 5:30PM
Garcia to Jerramy Stevens for a first down at the 13. Knight made the tackle. There are 51 seconds to play and the Bucs are out of times out.

Oct 28 2007 5:31PM
Scott Starks knocks away a pass for Ike Hilliard. It would've been a touchdown. Good for Scott. He should get more playing time, in my opinion.

Oct 28 2007 5:32PM
Garcia threw it away; scrambled for five seconds.

Oct 28 2007 5:34PM
Nelson is out on the ground. He went helmet to helmet with Garcia and lost. It's fourth down. The Bucs are going to kick.

Oct 28 2007 5:35PM
It's good. That field goal bothers me. It shouldn't have happened. You have to catch that ball.

Oct 28 2007 5:37PM
The Bucs have outgained the Jags 216 yards to 127, but the Jags dominated the first half until the final minutes. A four-point lead is OK, but it's not indicative of the Jaguars performance.

Oct 28 2007 5:54PM
We're underway in the second half. The Bucs have the ball.

Oct 28 2007 5:57PM
Garcia to Stevens for 22 yards to the Jags 37. I think he beat Nelson, but Knight follows with an interception on the next play. John Henderson blasted Garcia to the ground. That's Knight's 40th career interception.

Oct 28 2007 5:57PM
The Jags have it at their 40-yard line.

Oct 28 2007 5:59PM
Fred danced too much on that run; one cut and go.

Oct 28 2007 6:01PM
I think Jones-Drew is just shy of the first down. Jack Del Rio is giving signs of going for it on fourth and inches at the 50. I don't know, Jack. Make sure you get it. He's going for it.

Oct 28 2007 6:02PM
Gray sneaks for the first down. What a relief.

Oct 28 2007 6:04PM
Fred almost broke it. It's third and three at the Bucs 42. Big play.

Oct 28 2007 6:04PM
Jones-Drew is a yard shy of the first down. It's fourth and one again. He's going for it, obviously.

Oct 28 2007 6:05PM
They didn't get it. Ronde Barber shot through to stop Toefield for no gain.

Oct 28 2007 6:06PM
The Bucs have sold out to stop the run. They are manning up on the wide receivers and they are in press. If one receiver could make one big play, it would change everything.

Oct 28 2007 6:07PM
I think this one is the defense's hands. What little the Jags showed in a passing game has faded away.

Oct 28 2007 6:11PM
The defense holds; three and out. The Jags are playing this game on their side of the 50 now. That's not good. The offense needs to flip the field, if nothing more. They'll start at their four-yard line. Field position is critical.

Oct 28 2007 6:14PM
The Bucs had nine in the box on that play. The running room is gone. They'll have to open up the offense soon.

Oct 28 2007 6:16PM
Gray throws out of bounds on second down. Clearly, he's been instructed not to challenge defenders; only throw for wide open receivers. On third and nine, Gray averts disaster. He fumbled in the end zone but managed to pick it up and crawl out to the one-yard line with it. The Bucs have the ball at the Jags 33 following the punt.

Oct 28 2007 6:18PM
Gray's confidence is clearly in decline. The Jaguars need to get him a completion just to get him feeling better about himself. Can the defense get a stop here? That's the priority issue.

Oct 28 2007 6:19PM
Garcia to Ernest Graham; first down at the 19.

Oct 28 2007 6:20PM
Touchdown! Garcia swings it out to Michael Bennett. There were two great blocks and then Nelson couldn't close on him.

Oct 28 2007 6:21PM
The game plan is out the window. Run the ball doesn't work when you lose the lead. Gray will have to be "The Man" now.

Oct 28 2007 6:22PM
The aliens have landed here, too, I see a lot of empty seats.

Oct 28 2007 6:24PM
The Jags will have to start at their 11. They can't catch a break. Fred gains nothing. Gotta throw, coach.

Oct 28 2007 6:24PM
Gray overthrows Wilford badly. Gotta trick play?

Oct 28 2007 6:26PM
Screen pass to Jones-Drew loses a yard. It's fourth and 11. Stovall partially blocks the punt but it wobbled out to the Jags 30, Alrighty then.

Oct 28 2007 6:30PM
Matt Bryant gives the Bucs a six-point lead with five seconds to play in the third quarter. Bryant hits from 42.

Oct 28 2007 6:32PM
Good, hard return by Toefield. He was all out and got a late-hit penalty on the sideline. The Jags will start at their 48. That's great field position. This is their chance to do something on offense.

Oct 28 2007 6:34PM
That's the end of the third quarter. The Jags are getting thumped in the stats. The only stat they lead is a two-minute time of possession advantage. They're two of 12 on third down. That has to change to have any chance of winning.

Oct 28 2007 6:34PM
Gray completes a pass to Reggie Williams. In true Reggie fashion, he got blasted but he hung onto the ball.

Oct 28 2007 6:35PM
End around by Dennis Northcutt gains four yards. Northcutt has been quiet today.

Oct 28 2007 6:35PM
Jones-Drew runs for a first down at the 26.

Oct 28 2007 6:36PM
It's second and six. Watch for a screen pass.

Oct 28 2007 6:37PM
Gray throws out of bounds in the end zone. He never gave Northcutt a chance.

Oct 28 2007 6:38PM
Gray to Wilford on the sideline for a first down. This one might be challenged. It is challenged. I'll take a look.

Oct 28 2007 6:39PM
I think he caught it. Wilford bobbled and then regained control, and then got his second foot down inbounds without touching the chalk. This one is going to stand.

Oct 28 2007 6:41PM
The call stands. The ball is at the Bucs nine; first and goal. This is it with 12:24 to play. The game is on the line.

Oct 28 2007 6:42PM
Touchdown! Alley-oop to Matt Jones.

Oct 28 2007 6:43PM
No challenge; the PAT is good. Jags lead. He went with the one-handed catch and pulled it in.

Oct 28 2007 6:50PM
Oh, my. Galloway had Mathis beaten down the sideline and Garcia overthrew him. The Jags took over at their 10-yard line following the punt.

Oct 28 2007 6:51PM
There is 10:13 to play. The Jags, no doubt, will attempt to run the ball here.

Oct 28 2007 6:53PM
I was wrong. Gray throws to Wilford, but Wilford gets called for a push-off. Now the ball is back to the five.

Oct 28 2007 6:55PM
Taylor gains nothing on first down. Taylor gains two on second down. What to do on third down, huh?

Oct 28 2007 6:59PM
Gray to Jones for a first down, but it's illegal touching because Jones went out of bounds first. It's fourth down at the Jaguars seven. Podlesh kills the ball. It goes over the returner's head and goes out of bounds at the Bucs 17.

Oct 28 2007 7:00PM
Podlesh was downwind. Remember that. The wind is strong and Tampa will be kicking into it. Podlesh's 76-yard punt is the second-longest in Jaguars history.

Oct 28 2007 7:02PM
Garcia to B.J. Askew for 22 yards to the Jags 47.

Oct 28 2007 7:04PM
It's fourth down. The Jags may have to hold one more time. It's up to the offense to do something and help the defense. The punt is dead at the three.

Oct 28 2007 7:07PM
Gray to Greg Jones for a first down at the Jaguars 25. That could turn out to be the big play of the game.

Oct 28 2007 7:08PM
Tampa calls time out with 2:24 to play. The Jags have second and eight at their 27. One first down will do it. That's all. Just one first down.

Oct 28 2007 7:09PM
Ineligible man downfield; Tony Pashos. It nullifies the pass completion to George Wrighster. Oh, that hurts.

Oct 28 2007 7:10PM
Sack; at the 12. It's third and 23. Tampa calls its last time out. Twenty-three yards is a lot to gain. Maybe it's time to do the conservative thing.

Oct 28 2007 7:11PM
Jones-Drew runs the draw to the 21. It's fourth and 14. We're at the two-minute warning. The game is on Podlesh's foot now.

Oct 28 2007 7:14PM
Low line-drive punt but the Jags are going to get a hold on the Bucs. They'll start at their 34 with 1:43 to play and no times out remaining.

Oct 28 2007 7:16PM
The Bucs move up to the Jags 45 on a pass to Galloway. The clock stops on an incompletion. There are 42 seconds remaining. They need a completion and a spike.

Oct 28 2007 7:18PM
Hilliard was wide open at the goal line and Garcia overthrew him. I can't believe it. How could he get that wide open?

Oct 28 2007 7:19PM
Game over. Garcia hit Hilliard on fourth down, but Mathis hit him and knocked the ball loose on fourth down. That's it. If he catches it, the Bucs have a mid-range field goal try. Bye everybody.

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