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In-game blog: Jags at 'Skins

Oct 1 2006 2:06PM
(pregame) -- Hi,everybody. Welcome to FedEx Field. If you're watching the game on TV today, you'll have a better view of the action than I will because the press box is in the end zone. It used to be at midfield but it was moved to make room for club seats. Make no mistake about it, the Redskins are about the money.

Oct 1 2006 3:38PM
(pregame) -- Here are the Jaguars inactives: LaBrandon Toefield, Dee Webb, Derrick Wimbush, Richard Collier, Chad Owens, Montavious Stanley and Quinn Gray (third quarterback).

Oct 1 2006 3:39PM
(pregame) -- The Redskins inactives are: Reed Doughty, Shawn Springs, T.J. Duckett, Mike Pucillo, Jim Molinaro, Ryan Boschetti, Joe Salave'a and Jason Campbell (third quarterback).

Oct 1 2006 3:41PM
(pregame) -- I failed to include Marcellus Wiley among the Jaguars' inactives. Sorry for the mistake.

Oct 1 2006 4:15PM
(pregame) -- The Jaguars haven't lost consecutive games since 2004 when the Jaguars lost at Minnesota and then to Pittsburgh.

Oct 1 2006 4:23PM
(kickoff) -- Jaguars won the coin toss; will receive.

Oct 1 2006 4:24PM
(not much of a crowd) -- There are a lot of empty seats.

Oct 1 2006 4:25PM
(three and out) -- Pass, run, pass. The Jaguars will punt from their 32.

Oct 1 2006 4:26PM
(Redskins ball) -- The ball is at the Redskins' 38.

Oct 1 2006 4:28PM
(interception) -- Flea flicker. Mark Brunell had a receiver breaking open but he couldn't get it there. He threw weakly underneath and Rashean Mathis intercepted. The Jags are at the Redskins' 27.

Oct 1 2006 4:30PM
(third and 10) -- Incomplete in the end zone for Matt Jones. Holding against Khalif Barnes. The Redskins have accepted the penalty to push the Jags back to the Redskins' 37.

Oct 1 2006 4:31PM
(to Jones) -- But only for nine yards. The field goal attempt will be 46 yards.

Oct 1 2006 4:32PM
(field goal) -- Josh Scobee knocked it down the middle. That's a big kick for Scobee, who missed two kicks in Indianapolis last week.

Oct 1 2006 4:33PM
(when they score first) -- The Jaguars are 18-4 under Jack Del Rio.

Oct 1 2006 4:39PM
(touchdown) -- A short pass from Brunell to Santana Moss on third and five. Moss did the rest. Deon Grant was the last Jag to have a shot at him.

Oct 1 2006 4:41PM
(big play) -- Moss beat Terry Cousin for the catch, then the Redskins sprung Moss with three blocks. The Jags defense looked porous on that series. The Redskins ran it and they threw it.

Oct 1 2006 4:43PM
(good field position) -- The Redskins to a celebration penalty on the touchdown. The Jaguars will start at the Redskins' 45.

Oct 1 2006 4:44PM
(loss of one) -- Fred Taylor loses a yard. The Redskins are playing the run and daring the Jaguars to pass it.

Oct 1 2006 4:44PM
(Marcedes Lewis sighting) -- That's his first career reception; for nine. Third and two.

Oct 1 2006 4:45PM
(Jones-Drew didn't get it) -- He's stopped a yard shy of the first down. The ball is at the Redskins' 36. They're going for it.

Oct 1 2006 4:46PM
(Leftwich got it) -- On a quaerterback sneak.

Oct 1 2006 4:51PM
(touchdown) -- Leftwich to Reggie Williams for 33 yards. Williams caught a short pass over the middle and did the rest. It was a third and nine play.

Oct 1 2006 4:54PM
(out of bounds) -- That's Scobee's second bad kickoff. The ball is at the Redskins' 40.

Oct 1 2006 4:57PM
(punt dead at the six) -- That's where the Jaguars will start.

Oct 1 2006 4:59PM
(three and out) -- Leftwich is sacked for the second time.

Oct 1 2006 5:00PM
(punt) -- The Redskins start at the Jags' 45.

Oct 1 2006 5:05PM
(not stopping the run) -- Injuries may have caught up to the Jaguars. The Redskins have 41 yards rushing so far. On one play, the Jaguars had Tony McDaniel, Bobby McCray and Rob Meier in the game.

Oct 1 2006 5:06PM
(field goal) -- John Hall hit it from 44 yards. We're tied, 10-10.

Oct 1 2006 5:12PM
(pass to Wrighster) -- Gain of 23 yards to the Redskins' 46.

Oct 1 2006 5:14PM
(sack) -- That's three. They started the game with three for the year. The Redskins are mixing a lot of blitzes. Adam Archuleta got him.

Oct 1 2006 5:14PM
(touchdown) -- Leftwich picked up the blitz and threw over the middle to Maurice Jones-Drew. It was a 51-yard catch and run play, the longest play of the season for the Jags.

Oct 1 2006 5:17PM
(Leftwich responds) -- The Redskins' defensive game plan challenged Leftwich by crowding the line of scrimmage against the run and blitzing on the pass-rush. The Jags quarterback has responded with two touchdown passes.

Oct 1 2006 5:18PM
(Jags are 10-1) -- When Leftwich throws for two touchdowns.

Oct 1 2006 5:22PM
(punt) -- The Jags start at their 31.

Oct 1 2006 5:23PM
(replay punt) -- Something about no foul but replay the down. I don't know.

Oct 1 2006 5:25PM
(that's good) -- A 24-yard punt. He actually hit the ground with his foot. Jags start at their 46.

Oct 1 2006 5:29PM
(fourth and one) -- They weren't going for it; just barking signals. Jags got flagged for false start. Here comes a punt.

Oct 1 2006 5:29PM
(touchback) -- Redskins start at their 20 with 6:13 to play in the first half. The Jags threw short of the sticks on third down. I don't know why they do that.

Oct 1 2006 5:32PM
(driving) -- A run by Portis and two completions has the ball at the Jaguars 38.

Oct 1 2006 5:33PM
(third and six) -- Big play.

Oct 1 2006 5:34PM
(bad throw) -- Brunell missed Brandon Lloyd near the goal line. The Redskins punt to the Jags' 16.

Oct 1 2006 5:37PM
(punt) -- With 2:27 to play.

Oct 1 2006 5:39PM
(tricky Redskins) -- That's two tries with Antwaan Randle El; this one on a punt throwback. That's not how the Steelers used him. They picked their spots.

Oct 1 2006 5:44PM
(fumble) -- By Alvin Pearman on punt. The Redskins recover at the Jags' 45. Special teams continue to struggle.

Oct 1 2006 5:44PM
(play being reviewed) -- He may have been down before the ball came out.

Oct 1 2006 5:47PM
(ruling on the field stands) -- That surprises the press box. Most people thought Pearman's knee was down before the ball came out.

Oct 1 2006 5:47PM
(pass) -- To Randle El at Jags' 27.

Oct 1 2006 5:48PM
(timeout Redskins) -- There are 24 seconds to play in the half. The ball is at the 23, second and six.

Oct 1 2006 5:49PM
(great play Darius) -- To stop a screen pass that was free to the goal line if Darius doesn't make the stop.

Oct 1 2006 5:50PM
(field goal) -- Hall from 37 with six seconds to play. The fans wanted the Redskins to run another play before a FG attempt, but they were out of times out.

Oct 1 2006 5:52PM
(halftime) -- The Jaguars lead, 17-13. That's a good start. The best thing about the Jags' first-half performance is Leftwich, who is 10 of 15 for 145 yards, two touchdowns and a 137.5 passer rating. More to follow.

Oct 1 2006 5:54PM
(more Leftwich) -- The Jags needed to make plays in their passing game and they made two big ones in the first half. Leftwich has been outstanding through 30 minutes. He's getting it done with his arm and his head.

Oct 1 2006 5:55PM
(watch for) -- The Redskins to lean harder on the run in the second half. They spread it around pretty good in the first half, but run the ball is what they really want to do.

Oct 1 2006 5:56PM
(and watch for) -- The Jaguars to try harder to run the ball in the second half. They gained only 13 yards rushing in the first half. Having enjoyed success throwing the ball, the Jaguars may have forced the Redskins to fore more against the pass and less against the run.

Oct 1 2006 6:09PM
(Redskins driving) -- Portis is pounding. The ball is at the Jags' 40; second and seven.

Oct 1 2006 6:12PM
(punt) -- Jaguars defense stiffens. Pearman fair-catches at the Jags' 12.

Oct 1 2006 6:17PM
(third and four) -- At the Jags' 28. The Jags called time out.

Oct 1 2006 6:20PM
(incomplete) -- Reggie Williams couldn't hold on. Chris Hanson punts to the Redskins' 14; great punt.

Oct 1 2006 6:22PM
(big play) -- Chris Cooley goes 34 yards with a screen pass to the Redskins' 48.

Oct 1 2006 6:23PM
(Redskins' plan) -- To attack the Jaguars' linebackers. That's what you're doing when you screen and the Redskins are running a lot of screens.

Oct 1 2006 6:24PM
(Fred Taylor) -- Has a knee sprain. He's likely to return.

Oct 1 2006 6:26PM
(third and six at Jags 38) -- Big play with 5:00 to play in third quarter.

Oct 1 2006 6:27PM
(big play) -- Pass to Lloyd for 33 yards to the Jags' five-yard line. Brian Williams was covering.

Oct 1 2006 6:28PM
(third and goal at the one) -- The big play of the game, so far.

Oct 1 2006 6:30PM
(touchdown) -- Portis one-yard plunge at 2:49 of third. That was an 86-yard drive, 10 plays. The Redskins have rushed for 87 yards to this point. The Jaguars haven't allowed more than 88 in a game this year.

Oct 1 2006 6:34PM
(at the 22) -- That's where the Jags start.

Oct 1 2006 6:34PM
(short throws) -- They can't get open downfield.

Oct 1 2006 6:35PM
(they need to throw long) -- The field is shrinking; third and six.

Oct 1 2006 6:36PM
(interception) -- Leftwich hit as he throws. The pass was intended for Reggie Williams, tipped and intercepted by Phillip Daniels. There were two Redskins in the vicinity. The field has shrunk.

Oct 1 2006 6:37PM
(Portis plus nine) -- The Redskins are at 96 rushing. The ball is at the 20.

Oct 1 2006 6:39PM
(third quarter ends) -- The Jaguars trail, 20-17, and the Redskins have a first down at the Jaguars' 17. The Jaguars must hold the Redskins to a field goal. I repeat, that is a must.

Oct 1 2006 6:41PM
(grinding, grinding) -- Portis to the six; first and goal. He's at 81.

Oct 1 2006 6:42PM
(big stop) -- Daryl Smith makes a big hit on Portis; second down. Watch Cooley here.

Oct 1 2006 6:44PM
(big play, again) -- Third and goal from the nine. Must hold here.

Oct 1 2006 6:45PM
(touchdown) -- Brunell underneath to Santana Moss. Redskins ran a clear out. It was a nicely-conceived play.

Oct 1 2006 6:46PM
(27 points) -- That's the most points the Jaguars have allowed since Nov. 20, 2005, when they gave up 28 in a win at Tennessee. That's a span of nine games.

Oct 1 2006 6:47PM
(intern Nate) -- That last stat is compliments of our intrepid intern, Nate LoCascio.

Oct 1 2006 6:48PM
(OK, offense) -- Do your stuff. This is when you find out what you have. The Jags start at their 18.

Oct 1 2006 6:50PM
(good pass, catch) -- To Reggie Williams over the middle at the Redskins' 47. That pass, however, is followed by a sack.

Oct 1 2006 6:51PM
(nice play) -- To Marcedes Lewis, who takes the ball to the Redskins' 21.

Oct 1 2006 6:53PM
(touchdown) -- Leftwich to Williams, who got clobbered by Sean Taylor. The collision knocked Williams' helmet off but he held onto the ball. The Jags trail, 27-24, with 10:20 to play.

Oct 1 2006 6:53PM
(Williams da man) -- He just established himself, without a doubt, as the Jaguars' number one receiver.

Oct 1 2006 6:56PM
(holding) -- Wipes out run by Randle El. The ball is moved back to the Redskins' 16.

Oct 1 2006 6:57PM
(fumble) -- Completed pass, fumble and recovery by Deon Grant. I'll be back.

Oct 1 2006 6:58PM
(celebration by Grant and Marcus Stroud) -- Moves ball back to Redskins' 33. Lloyd caught the pass and fumbled.

Oct 1 2006 7:00PM
(first down) -- At the 19.

Oct 1 2006 7:01PM
(third down) -- Big play.

Oct 1 2006 7:03PM
(by the hair of his chinny, chin, chin) -- Scobee over the top of left upright from 43 yards. The game is tied with 6:40 to play.

Oct 1 2006 7:05PM
(big return) -- To the Redskins' 49. Expect the run.

Oct 1 2006 7:05PM
(lots of pounding now) -- Portis plus 11 on first down.

Oct 1 2006 7:06PM
(Portis to the Jags' 37.) -- 5:20 to play.

Oct 1 2006 7:07PM
(swing pass) -- To the Jags' 31; third and one.

Oct 1 2006 7:07PM
(first down) -- Portis up the middle.

Oct 1 2006 7:08PM
(to the 23) -- Ladell Betts plus six.

Oct 1 2006 7:09PM
(Betts to the 20) -- Third and one.

Oct 1 2006 7:11PM
(fourth down) -- We're at the two-minute warning. Joe Gibbs has a decision to make. Kick or go for it? If he goes for it and makes it, the Jags are likely not to get the ball back. They only have time out remaining. The Redskins are challenging the spot on the field.

Oct 1 2006 7:13PM
(ruling stands) -- It's fourth down.

Oct 1 2006 7:15PM
(they're kickin') -- Hall from 37.

Oct 1 2006 7:16PM
(It's good) -- Not the greatest kick, but the Redskins lead, 30-27, just inside two minutes to play.

Oct 1 2006 7:18PM
(Jags start at their 33) -- With 1:50 to play.

Oct 1 2006 7:19PM
(Matt Jones not playing) -- Cortez Hankton is.

Oct 1 2006 7:19PM
(deep ball incomplete) -- for Ernest Wilford. Second down.

Oct 1 2006 7:20PM
(fourth down) -- At the 50; :39 left to play.

Oct 1 2006 7:21PM
(first down) -- Pass to Wilford for 13 at Redskins' 37 with :33 to play.

Oct 1 2006 7:22PM
(to Wilford at the 23) -- :27 to play.

Oct 1 2006 7:23PM
(third down) -- With :18 to play. If they don't convert here, it's Scobee time.

Oct 1 2006 7:24PM
(incomplete) -- Here's Scobee. It'll be from 40 yards.

Oct 1 2006 7:25PM
(barely) -- Just inside the left upright. We're going to go to overtime.

Oct 1 2006 7:28PM
(coin toss) -- Redskins won the toss. They will receive.

Oct 1 2006 7:30PM
(Leftwich has been great) -- He's 21 of 35 for 289, three touchdowns, one interception and a 103.2 passer rating. If he wins, it will have been a very happy homecoming.

Oct 1 2006 7:32PM
(first down) -- Portis carries to the Redskins' 35; gain of 15.

Oct 1 2006 7:33PM
(Portis over 100 rushing) -- Last guy to do it against Jags is Stephen Jackson last year.

Oct 1 2006 7:35PM
(touchdown) -- Brunell to Moss for 68 and touchdown.

Oct 1 2006 7:35PM
(play being reviewed) -- Did Moss step out of bounds prior to catch?

Oct 1 2006 7:37PM
(the play stands) -- The game is over.

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