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In-game blog: Jags at 'Skins

The Senior Editor followed the action live as the Jaguars took on the Redskins in Washington. Here's what he wrote.

8/28/08 at 4:02 PM

Hi everybody and welcome to the press box at FedEx Field. I've got some news for you right away: Derrick Harvey has been activated for tonight's game and George Wrighster has been assigned to the reserve/PUP list, which means Wrighster will not be eligible for the active roster until week six of the regular season.

8/28/08 at 5:56 PM

These Jaguars won't dress tonight: Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, Chad Nkang, Brad Meester, Jerry Porter, Jeremy Mincey. Greg Jones will start at running back.

8/28/08 at 6:15 PM

Montell Owens won't dress, either. There will be others.

8/28/08 at 6:57 PM

The temperature is 72 degrees. There is a threat of rain.

8/28/08 at 6:58 PM

Scott Starks, Paul Spicer, Reggie Hayward and John Henderson are not dressed for tonight's game.

8/28/08 at 7:02 PM

The Jaguars have won the toss and will receive. Enjoy the game.

8/28/08 at 7:04 PM

David Garrard is at quarterback.

8/28/08 at 7:06 PM

The Redskins only have two starters in the game on defense.

8/28/08 at 7:06 PM

Garrard completes a third-down pass to Marcedes Lewis for a gain of 17.

8/28/08 at 7:09 PM

Garrard's deep pass for Reggie Williams on third down fell incomplete. The Jags will punt. Adam Podlesh hit it well. The Redskins start at their 18.

8/28/08 at 7:11 PM

The Jags' first-team defense is on the field.

8/28/08 at 7:12 PM

Mike Peterson intercepts off the deflection. The Jags have it back at the Redskins' 21. Rashean Mathis had the coverage.

8/28/08 at 7:13 PM

Greg Jones is having difficulty finding any running room.

8/28/08 at 7:14 PM

Garrard throws to Matt Jones on a curl route for a first down at the nine-yard line.

8/28/08 at 7:17 PM

Touchdown! Garrard to Reggie Williams for three yards.

8/28/08 at 7:20 PM

The first-team defense is still in the game.

8/28/08 at 7:24 PM

The Redskins have a smattering of starters on offense, including quarterback Jason Campbell.

8/28/08 at 7:26 PM

The Redskins are challenging an incomplete call. They lost. It's fourth down.

8/28/08 at 7:29 PM

I like that. Matt Jones caught a pass over the middle, took a hit and kept on ticking. That's what I needed to see.

8/28/08 at 7:30 PM

I don't like that. Garrard threw a high deep ball for Matt Jones. The ball was intercepted. I don't like the fact that Jones didn't contest for the ball. He didn't go up after it.

8/28/08 at 7:31 PM

Garrard got hit after the throw, which is about the third time that's happened tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if Garrard didn't play any more tonight.

8/28/08 at 7:32 PM

Campbell is off to a slow start.

8/28/08 at 7:33 PM

Three and out again. This is a strong performance by the Jaguars defnese. It's ready to go.

8/28/08 at 7:34 PM

Cleo Lemon is in the game.

8/28/08 at 7:36 PM

Lemon to Mike Walker for 17. That is, without a doubt, Lemon's best pass of the preseason. It was sharp and on time.

8/28/08 at 7:37 PM

The first-team line is still in the game.

8/28/08 at 7:38 PM

Lemon to Walker over the middle for a first down. Lemon is off to a fast start.

8/28/08 at 7:38 PM

That's the end of the first quarter.

8/28/08 at 7:39 PM

The Redskins open at the Giants next Thursday night, so Tom Coughlin has that going for him, which is nice.

8/28/08 at 7:41 PM

Greg Estandia dropped a pass. Estandia hasn't been the same guy this summer that he was last year, but my understanding is that he's safe.

8/28/08 at 7:43 PM

Mo Williams is down. I don't like the way it looked. He got his knee caught in the pile.

8/28/08 at 7:44 PM

Mo is being helped from the field, but he's putting weight on both feet. That's a good sign.

8/28/08 at 7:45 PM

Lemon to Troy Williamson for six yards. That's his first catch of the preseason.

8/28/08 at 7:47 PM

Uche Nwaneri has replaced Williams and he made a nice block on a Chauncey Washington run.

8/28/08 at 7:48 PM

Touchdown! Lemon to Estandia for four yards. Nice touch by Lemon. Williams has a sprained right knee.

8/28/08 at 7:49 PM

I really wish players would not jump up and bump rear ends. I just don't like the way that looks. Please do something else.

8/28/08 at 7:53 PM

Colt Brennan came into the game and immediately moved the Redskins down the field. They're at the Jaguars 32.

8/28/08 at 7:54 PM

Of course, the Jaguars' second-team defense is in the game.

8/28/08 at 7:56 PM

Field goal! From 45 yards.

8/28/08 at 8:00 PM

Walker with a drop. He's had too many of those in this preseason.

8/28/08 at 8:02 PM

D'Juan Woods makes a catch on a curl route. He and Williamson and Ryan Hoag are competing for a possible sixth receiver spot.

8/28/08 at 8:04 PM

Nice run by Washington. The Jaguars are dominating this game. They are heading into the season-opener at peak preseason performance.

8/28/08 at 8:06 PM

We're at the two-minute warning.

8/28/08 at 8:08 PM

Washington is playing hard. He's making a strong bid for a roster spot.

8/28/08 at 8:11 PM

Josh Scobee hits a chip shot with 1:07 to play.

8/28/08 at 8:13 PM

This can't be what Jim Zorn wants to take into the regular season. I don't care how many starters you have on the bench, this is bad because it's a noncompetitive effort.

8/28/08 at 8:17 PM

That's the end of the first half. Lemon is 10 of 13 for 97 yards, one touchdown and a 122.9 passer rating. Garrard is five of eight for 58 yards, one touchdown, one interception and an 84.4 passer rating.

8/28/08 at 8:18 PM

Washington has rushed for 42 yards on seven carries. He's also caught three passes for 32 yards.

8/28/08 at 8:18 PM

The Jags are ready and so is Vic. One more half to go. It can't go fast enough.

8/28/08 at 8:31 PM

The second half has started with the Redskins in possession.

8/28/08 at 8:32 PM

JImmy Kennedy is having a strong game. He's making a push for a roster spot.

8/28/08 at 8:34 PM

Rashod Moulton returned a punt 37 yards. That might be a little after the fact for Rashod; maybe not.

8/28/08 at 8:35 PM

I just said to the guy next to me that the Redskins are awful. He countered with they're not playing 16 starters. It's important to remember that the Redskins play seven days from now.

8/28/08 at 8:35 PM

Todd Bouman is at quarterback.

8/28/08 at 8:38 PM

Walker got ripped over the middle. He dropped the pass.

8/28/08 at 8:42 PM

Derrick Harvey is in the game.

8/28/08 at 8:42 PM

He's at left defensive end. I think that's noteworthy.

8/28/08 at 8:43 PM

Now he's at right end. I think that's noteworthy, too.

8/28/08 at 8:45 PM

Now he's at left end. By the way, has anyone seen Quentin Groves?

8/28/08 at 8:45 PM

Now he's out of the game.

8/28/08 at 8:48 PM

Harvey is back in.

8/28/08 at 8:49 PM

The Jaguars hold on fourth down.

8/28/08 at 8:52 PM

Harvey is in at quarterback.

8/28/08 at 8:53 PM

Washington broke off a long run but it was nullified by a penalty. Harvey was holding.

8/28/08 at 8:58 PM

It's raining. Derrick stop the rain.

8/28/08 at 9:01 PM

The Redskins have the ball. I'll let you know when something happens.

8/28/08 at 9:02 PM

Kenny Pettway with a sack. Does he have a chance?

8/28/08 at 9:05 PM

The fact that Brian Witherspoon has not been used to return punts tells me the Jaguars are trying to hide him. Why would they do that? Well, the answer is usually that they want to sneak him through waivers. I'm not predicting anything. That's just a thought.

8/28/08 at 9:07 PM

Richard Collier is not having a great night. He's had a big holding call and now a false start.

8/28/08 at 9:07 PM

Complete to Hoag for 16. That's the end of the third quarter.

8/28/08 at 9:10 PM

One more quarter of this.

8/28/08 at 9:14 PM

Harvey started the wave.

8/28/08 at 9:18 PM

Ryan Robinson just got called out by one of the Redskins PR people. Robinson said Gerald Sensabaugh didn't play. The other guy said he did and then produced pictorial evidence of it. He stuck it in Ryan's shirt pocket.

8/28/08 at 9:20 PM

The Jaguars just held on fourth and one at midfield.

8/28/08 at 9:20 PM

Please excuse me for a moment.

8/28/08 at 9:23 PM

Touchdown! Bouman to Williamson for 51 yards. It was a fabulous throw. Did Williamson just clinch a roster spot?

8/28/08 at 9:25 PM

The bad news is that Bouman won't last on the street, if the Jaguars don't keep him. He's got enough good tape now to get signed by a team in need of a guy.

8/28/08 at 9:26 PM

Every part of the Jaguars' game gets a check mark. Their energy was very high for this one. There should be no complaints.

8/28/08 at 9:34 PM

Maurice Jones-Drew is taller than Adam Schefter. How is that possible?

8/28/08 at 9:34 PM

I'm gonna shut it down, folks. First, let me say this: We made it through another preseason and I think we're stronger for having done it. I'm ready, I know you're ready and, as you can see, the Jaguars are ready. I'll "see" you in Tennessee.

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