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In-game blog: Jags at Titans

Dec 17 2006 10:04AM
(pregame) -- Hello and welcome to LP Field. The weather is beautifu; temperatures near 70 today. The field, however, is freshly re-sodded and will probably be a little soft in the middle.

Dec 17 2006 10:58AM
(pregame) -- The Jaguars will be attempting to win three in a row for the first time this season. The Titans are on a four-game winning streak.

Dec 17 2006 11:11AM
(pregame) -- With a win today, the Jaguars can even the all-time series with the Titans at 12-12. The Jaguars need 12 yards rushing to set a franchise, single-season rushing record.

Dec 17 2006 11:47AM
(pregame) -- Jaguars inactives: Charles Sharon, Ahmad Carroll, Brian Iwuh, Richard Collier, Cortez Hankton, James Wyche, Jeremy Mincey and Tony McDaniel.

Dec 17 2006 11:48AM
(pregame) -- Titans inactives: Andre Woolfolk, Eric King, Justin Geisinger, DeQuincy Scott, Bo Scaife, Jonathan Orr, Jesse Mahelona and Josh Savage.

Dec 17 2006 12:38PM
(pregame) -- LaBrandon Toefield is active for one of the few times this season. I think that says something about the concern for Fred Taylor's hamstring and Maurice Jones-Drew's calf injuries.

Dec 17 2006 1:01PM
(coin toss) -- The Jaguars won the toss and will receive.

Dec 17 2006 1:05PM
(why) -- Do that? Matt Jones on an end around for minus nine.

Dec 17 2006 1:07PM
(three and out) -- That series was immediately doomed on the first play. The Titans take over at their 41-yard line.

Dec 17 2006 1:09PM
(three and out) -- Three straight runs won't get it done against the Jags, Jeff.

Dec 17 2006 1:10PM
(yuk) -- That was a terrible start for the Titans. They ran three straight dives and then punted into the end zone. They took no advantage of field position and some early momentum.

Dec 17 2006 1:12PM
(roughing the passer) -- That was pretty weak, but tack on 15 to the Jaguars 35. All he did was push him.

Dec 17 2006 1:13PM
(he would've gone) -- All the way but the hamstring got him. Fred Taylor was to the races, almost. The ball is on the Titans 30.

Dec 17 2006 1:14PM
(big play) -- Third and seven.

Dec 17 2006 1:16PM
(touchdown) -- Titans. David Garrard was throwing to the sideline for Reggie Williams and didn't get enough on it. Pacman Jones stepped up, made the pick and took it to the house.

Dec 17 2006 1:18PM
(that was) -- An 83-yard return by Jones. Garrard shouldn't have thrown the ball. George Wrighster was also in the area. There may have been some route confusion. I don't know.

Dec 17 2006 1:19PM
(what a turnaround) -- Taylor would've coasted into the end zone if he didn't have the hamstring injury. Instead of leading by seven the Jaguars are trailing by seven. The Jaguars may have also lost Taylor for the game. He's questionable to return.

Dec 17 2006 1:24PM
(first down) -- Jones-Drew got it on third and two. The ball is at the Jaguars 44.

Dec 17 2006 1:26PM
(first down) -- Wrighster spun away to get the first down after catching a short pass. The ball is at the Titans 45.

Dec 17 2006 1:27PM
(the Titans) -- Are playing the run hard early downs. They are loaded up hard against the run.

Dec 17 2006 1:30PM
(big play) -- Garrard scrambled left and then right and then found Reggie Williams all alone down the left sideline. Williams took it to the 10.

Dec 17 2006 1:32PM
(touchdown) -- Jones-Drew up the middle for 12 yards. The whole was huge.

Dec 17 2006 1:37PM
(three and out) -- Vince Young threw incomplete on third down.

Dec 17 2006 1:38PM
(what's with Fisher?) -- The Titans were very conservative again. What's he afraid of?

Dec 17 2006 1:42PM
(another catch) -- By Kyle Brady. He needs three more receptions to catch Lynn Swann. The quarter ends with the Jags at the Titans 33.

Dec 17 2006 1:45PM
(sacked) -- That's a loss of 12; third and 16.

Dec 17 2006 1:45PM
(it's going to be) -- About a 42-yard field goal attempt. Josh Scobee will have the wind at his back.

Dec 17 2006 1:46PM
(it's good) -- From 43 yards. Scobee reaches a career high in points, 109.

Dec 17 2006 1:52PM
(third and one) -- At the Jaguars 40.

Dec 17 2006 1:53PM
(incomplete) -- Young overthrew his receiver. Titans are going for it.

Dec 17 2006 1:54PM
(didn't make it) -- Bad call by Fisher. Why does he think he's going to run it on the Jaguars?

Dec 17 2006 1:54PM
(Taylor update) -- Won't return.

Dec 17 2006 1:55PM
(if you're going) -- To go for it on fourth down, don't you have to run it on third down. The Titans' play-calling is perplexing.

Dec 17 2006 1:59PM
(three and out) -- The Titans get it at their 30 after a poor punt by Chris Hanson.

Dec 17 2006 1:59PM
(I like) -- What Fisher's doing on defense. He's playing run on the early downs and blitzing on the passing downs. It's been an effective strategy, when the Titans have stopped the run.

Dec 17 2006 2:01PM
(nearly intercepted) -- By Rashean Mathis. Young threw a horrible duck; underthrew his guy by 10 yards.

Dec 17 2006 2:03PM
(three and out) -- Young threw into triple coverage. The Titans will punt. Jags have it at their 26.

Dec 17 2006 2:06PM
(big run) -- By Jones-Drew. The Jaguars caught the Titans on an all-out blitz on third down. The draw gained 17.

Dec 17 2006 2:12PM
(big play) -- Third and four at the Titans 35. We're at the two-minute warning.

Dec 17 2006 2:15PM
(nice catch) -- By Reggie Williams at the 12.

Dec 17 2006 2:16PM
(he didn't) -- Get two feet down in bounds but the officials ruled Williams was forced out of bounds.

Dec 17 2006 2:17PM
(they're reviewing) -- The play for possession.

Dec 17 2006 2:19PM
(time of possession) -- Jaguars have had it for 21:23 and the Titans for 6:42. The Jaguars have 12 first downs and the Titans have one.

Dec 17 2006 2:21PM
(catch overruled) -- Williams was ruled not to have controlled the ball through contact with the ground. The ball is moved back to the 35; fourth and five.

Dec 17 2006 2:22PM
(am I seeing this right?) -- Are the Jaguars going for it on fourth and five?

Dec 17 2006 2:22PM
(sacked at the 41) -- I don't get it. The Titans have it with 1:50 to play.

Dec 17 2006 2:23PM
(first down) -- At the Jaguars 44.

Dec 17 2006 2:25PM
(the ball) -- Is now at the 30 with :58 to play.

Dec 17 2006 2:28PM
(pass to) -- The 17. There are two seconds to play. The field goal is going to be about 35 yards, but, first, we're going to have a review of the last catch.

Dec 17 2006 2:31PM
(catch overruled) -- Drew Bennett did not control the ball through contact with the ground. Move the ball back to the 26.

Dec 17 2006 2:32PM
(timeout Jaguars) -- Rob Bironas is attempting a 44-yard field goal into a significant wind.

Dec 17 2006 2:33PM
(the wind got him) -- Wide right. The wind hit the kick about halfway there. As I said, it's a significant wind.

Dec 17 2006 2:35PM
(end of the first half) -- That was a strange half, especially the way it ended. I'm surprised the Jags didn't punt on fourth and five to preserve the lead; maybe even force a Titans punt into the wind. The Jags dodged a bullet. Young's pass to Bennett didn't have enough zip on it and that's why Bennett failed to control it.

Dec 17 2006 2:49PM
(big return) -- Pacman takes the second-half kickoff back to the Jaguars 30. Tack on a big facemask and put the ball at the 15. What a way to start the second half.

Dec 17 2006 2:50PM
(third and four) -- At the nine. Big play.

Dec 17 2006 2:51PM
(field goal attempt) -- Young threw it out of bounds. Bironas is attempting a 30-yard field goal.

Dec 17 2006 2:51PM
(it's good) -- The kick is from 27 yards and ties the game.

Dec 17 2006 2:56PM
(nice block) -- By the official. First down for the Jags at their 43. That's a big play.

Dec 17 2006 2:59PM
(first down) -- At the Titans 40 following a pass to Marcedes Lewis.

Dec 17 2006 2:59PM
(the Jaguars) -- Are throwing at Reynaldo Hill.

Dec 17 2006 3:01PM
(Jones-Drew) -- Got the first down and delivered a pop. He's been fantastic again; 80 yards rushing on 17 carries.

Dec 17 2006 3:01PM
(remember) -- What I said about Reynaldo Hill. The Jaguars have targeted him. They'll come back to him.

Dec 17 2006 3:02PM
(LaBrandon Toefield) -- Breaks loose for 12 to the Titans 14.

Dec 17 2006 3:03PM
(big sack) -- Why didn't he throw it out of bounds? He was out of the pocket. The ball is all the way back to the 21; loss of 11.

Dec 17 2006 3:05PM
(catastrophe strikes) -- Garrard scrambled up the middle, fumbled at the 15. The ball was picked up Cortland Finnegan and he returned it for a touchdown.

Dec 17 2006 3:06PM
(the return) -- Is 92 yards. It appeared to be a pre-determined scramble; maybe to get the ball into better field goal range. Garrard tried to do too much.

Dec 17 2006 3:08PM
(Garrard is cramping) -- Let's see if he comes out.

Dec 17 2006 3:09PM
(Garrard is) -- Coming out onto the field. Gray was warming up. We have to keep an eye on that.

Dec 17 2006 3:11PM
(Vince Manuwai) -- Is out. Dennis Norman is in.

Dec 17 2006 3:12PM
(apparently) -- It's hot down on the field. Manuwai is cramping, too. The Jaguars bench is in the sun.

Dec 17 2006 3:12PM
(nice pass) -- To Ernest Wilford. First down at the Jaguars 47.

Dec 17 2006 3:14PM
(big play) -- Third and four at the 48.

Dec 17 2006 3:15PM
(touchdown) -- Another interception return for a touchdown. This one was by Chris Hope. Garrard right into his hands.

Dec 17 2006 3:17PM
(Garrard was) -- Throwing for either Marcedes Lewis or Reggie Williams. They were both in the same area. That's the second one of those situations today. The passing game is in disrepair.

Dec 17 2006 3:22PM
(end of the third quarter) -- I'm speechless. Everybody complained about the losses to the Texans. This is the one that's going to bother me.

Dec 17 2006 3:26PM
(I'll say this) -- Reggie Williams plays hard. He just made a catch, took a hit and got the first down. I respect that kind of toughness.

Dec 17 2006 3:28PM
(first down) -- Garrard scrambles for it. Now Mo Williams is cramping.

Dec 17 2006 3:31PM
(the Titans) -- Have yet to gain 100 yards on offense with 11:32 left in the game. They have 98 yards and just 23 plays.

Dec 17 2006 3:32PM
(I don't think) -- I've ever covered a game like this. The Jaguars have held the ball for 39:13 to 10:00 for the Titans.

Dec 17 2006 3:34PM
(nice play) -- Garrard scrambled and threw to Williams at the six.

Dec 17 2006 3:34PM
(Toefield) -- To the one.

Dec 17 2006 3:35PM
(touchdown) -- Lewis makes a one-handed catch of a fade pass.

Dec 17 2006 3:36PM
(challenge) -- That was inevitable.

Dec 17 2006 3:39PM
(no catch) -- Lewis didn't establish possession. Third and goal at the one.

Dec 17 2006 3:41PM
(fourth and goal) -- From the one.

Dec 17 2006 3:42PM
(incomplete) -- For Matt Jones. Pacman knocked it away.

Dec 17 2006 3:47PM
(Garrard's stats) -- He's 19 of 31 for 186 yards, no touchdowns, two interceptions and a 51.3 passer rating. He's been sacked four times.

Dec 17 2006 3:50PM
(third down) -- The Jags must get a stop here with 4:43 to play. It's third and six. I expect the Titans will run it.

Dec 17 2006 3:51PM
(big sack) -- Loss of 22 yards. What was that? Why not just hand it off. Mathis back to return the punt.

Dec 17 2006 3:53PM
(the ball) -- Is at the Jaguars 41 with 4:21 to play. The Jags have to score now.

Dec 17 2006 3:54PM
(long gainer) -- Drew-Jones to the 22 on a screen.

Dec 17 2006 3:55PM
(what a great run) -- By Garrard to the two. Wow!

Dec 17 2006 3:56PM
(touchdown) -- Fade to Matt Jones. My old buddy Reynaldo Hill was the target. There's 2:37 to play.

Dec 17 2006 3:57PM
(the Jags) -- Have no times out. That's the problem now. They'll probably have to try an onside kick.

Dec 17 2006 3:58PM
(Titans recover) -- It was an easy kick to cover; never took a crazy bounce.

Dec 17 2006 3:59PM
(two-minute warning) -- The Jags might get the ball back with about 30 seconds or so to play. The outlook is grim.

Dec 17 2006 4:04PM
(he threw it) -- With 1:07 to play. What was that? The Jags have a chance.

Dec 17 2006 4:04PM
(the ball) -- Is at the 11 with 1:01 to play. Fisher gave away 40 seconds.

Dec 17 2006 4:07PM
(intercepted) -- That's all.

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