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In-game blog: Jags vs. Colts

Oct 22 2007 6:16PM
Welcome to the press box at "The Jack." Fans are arriving early and they are wearing teal. The weather forecast is the major concern at this point. The skies are still threatening to dump some rain, but there&39;s hope the skies will clear before kickoff.

Oct 22 2007 7:22PM
The Jaguars inactives: Josh Scobee, Matt Jones (third QB), LaBrandon Toefield, Aaron Glenn, Pat Thomas, Brent Hawkins, Richard Collier and Uche Nwaneri.

Oct 22 2007 7:24PM
The Colts inactives: Craphonso Thorpe, Michael Coe, Clifton Dawson, Brannon Condren, Victor Worsley, Dylan Gandy, Jeff Charleston and Dan Klecko.

Oct 22 2007 7:51PM
I&39;ll be heading to the radio booth soon to do "Jaguars This Week Extra" with Jeff Lageman and Brian Sexton. You&39;re welcome to tune in. I&39;ll be back right before kickoff.

Oct 22 2007 8:36PM
I&39;m back and I&39;m ready for some football. How about you?

Oct 22 2007 8:39PM
The atmosphere at "The Jack" is fantastic. It&39;s packed and energized. These fans wouldn&39;t want to be anywhere else. The Jaguars need this for every game.

Oct 22 2007 8:41PM
The Colts have won the toss and will receive. The Jaguars will defend the south end zone. The wind is from the east at eight mph. The temperature is 77 with a 30 percent chance of rain. Enjoy the game.

Oct 22 2007 8:43PM
The Colts will start at their 25-yard line.

Oct 22 2007 8:43PM
Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne for 18 to the 43.

Oct 22 2007 8:45PM
Nearly intercepted by Reggie Nelson; the pass was short. The Jaguars are playing their basic 4-3 "cover two."

Oct 22 2007 8:47PM
Incomplete on third and 10. The Colts will punt. Terry Cousin came on a blitz. I like to see that.

Oct 22 2007 8:47PM
The Jaguars will start their first offensive possession at their nine-yard line.

Oct 22 2007 8:50PM
David Garrard opens with a completion to Ernest Wilford for 11 and a first down. The pass was right on the money.

Oct 22 2007 8:51PM
Greg Estandia got flattened on a route over the middle. Kelvin Hayden knocked the ball loose.

Oct 22 2007 8:53PM
Garrard got away with a dangerous pass. The Jags will have to punt. Adam Podlesh hits a good one. It&39;s out of bounds at the Colts 32.

Oct 22 2007 8:56PM
Three and out. The Colts tried a quick-count run on third and three and got nothing. The Jags might already be in their heads. Tricks don&39;t get it done against this defense.

Oct 22 2007 8:58PM
The Jags will start at their 25.

Oct 22 2007 8:59PM
Garrard to Wilford again for 10 and a first down.

Oct 22 2007 9:00PM
They&39;re wearing out the short stuff; bringing the Colts corners up.

Oct 22 2007 9:01PM
That&39;s what I&39;m talkin&39; about. Fred Taylor roars off left tackle for 16. He ran right into eight in the box; no problem.

Oct 22 2007 9:02PM
Garrard has them playing pass. The run is going to be there. It&39;s third and four. If they can convert here...

Oct 22 2007 9:03PM
It&39;s decision time; fourth and three. They&39;re going.

Oct 22 2007 9:04PM
Incomplete. Wow! Jack Del Rio was gutsy with that call. The Colts have it at their 34. The pass was for George Wrighster. It was a little behind him.

Oct 22 2007 9:05PM
That&39;s one place where the Jags could&39;ve used Josh Scobee&39;s leg. It would&39;ve been a 51-yard attempt.

Oct 22 2007 9:08PM
Holding against the Colts. The Colts are no-huddle, which has to be about tempo and not substitution because the Jaguars have their base defense personnel in the game.

Oct 22 2007 9:08PM
The Jaguars are starting to get some pressure on Manning. It&39;s thrid and 15.

Oct 22 2007 9:09PM
Kenny Pettway missed a tackle on Joseph Addai and Addai got the first down after a short pass.

Oct 22 2007 9:11PM
That was too easy. Rashean Mathis is playing too far off on that ball. Third and one at the 35. Clearly, the Jaguars are playing a keep-everything-in-front-of-you pass-defense. They&39;re trying to avoid the big play.

Oct 22 2007 9:13PM
The Colts went for the home run ball; incomplete. They&39;ll go for it on fourth and one.

Oct 22 2007 9:14PM
Addai blows through a big hole for 23 to the 12-yard line. The right side of the Jaguars line got gashed. They were slanting to their left and got caught on a cutback.

Oct 22 2007 9:16PM
The Jaguars need to get their defense off the field and hold the ball for awhile. I see some evidence of fatigue up front.

Oct 22 2007 9:17PM
Touchdown! Kenton Keith up the middle for three yards. Colts draw first blood.

Oct 22 2007 9:19PM
It&39;s rush or cover and the Jaguars have chosen cover. That means you gotta defend the pass and the Jaguars did not do a good job of that in that drive. My concern, however, is up front. It&39;s a humid night. The Jaguars must possess the ball. That was the first touchdown the Jaguars have allowed this season in the first quarter.

Oct 22 2007 9:20PM
The ball is at the 22. It&39;s time to run the ball.

Oct 22 2007 9:22PM
That&39;s the end of the first quarter. I&39;m looking for more movement up front on offense. The Jaguars offensive line needs to take control of this game. We all know what it takes to beat Manning; a ball-control offense.

Oct 22 2007 9:24PM
The Colts are called for pass-interference. It&39;s important to note that the Colts corners have come up. The Jaguars have to get off that sideline route and go up field or somebody is going to step in front of a pass. It may be tie for John Broussard.

Oct 22 2007 9:25PM
Garrard goes up the field to Estandia for 22 yards.

Oct 22 2007 9:27PM
Garrard to Dennis Northcutt for a first down on third and five.

Oct 22 2007 9:30PM
Quinn Gray is in the game.

Oct 22 2007 9:30PM
Garrard is having his left ankle taped. He was sacked low by Ed Johnson.

Oct 22 2007 9:31PM
Intercepted by Bob Sanders. It was thrown too high. The Colts have it at their 24.

Oct 22 2007 9:33PM
Garrard has a sprained ankle and has gone to the locker room. I don&39;t believe it will prevent him from returning to action. He was not limping badly.

Oct 22 2007 9:34PM
The defense needs to make a play. They stop Addai on first down. The game is in their hands right now.

Oct 22 2007 9:34PM
Manning to Wayne for a first down. If the Jags can&39;t cover better than this, they&39;ll have to rush.

Oct 22 2007 9:35PM
Clint Ingram just tattooed Addai. They guy can really hit.

Oct 22 2007 9:36PM
Manning is picking them apart. It&39;s that simple right now.

Oct 22 2007 9:40PM
Matt Jones is warming up. I don&39;t know why but he is.

Oct 22 2007 9:41PM
Manning to Wayne to the Jaguars 10. He beat Brian Williams. Pressure was late.

Oct 22 2007 9:42PM
Addai to the one. One play later, touchdown. Manning sneaks it in.

Oct 22 2007 9:43PM
Garrard is back. He&39;s in a tough spot. He&39;s gimpy and he has to lead this team back. Let&39;s see what he has.

Oct 22 2007 9:47PM
Taylor runs off left tackle for 17.

Oct 22 2007 9:49PM
There are a lot of great football players on the field tonight, and one of the is named Bob Sanders.

Oct 22 2007 9:49PM
Fourth and a foot at the Jaguars 49. Go for it? Yep.

Oct 22 2007 9:50PM
Colts call timeout with 2:55 to play. This could be the game right here.

Oct 22 2007 9:51PM
Maurice Jones-Drew loses a yard. It was a kind of end around type of play. Manning can put the dagger in here.

Oct 22 2007 9:54PM
Personal foul facemask by Marcus Stroud. That really hurts because John Henderson had tackled Addai for a five-yard loss. The Jags need to re-focus.

Oct 22 2007 9:56PM
We&39;re at the two-minute warning. The Colts are third-and-seven from the Jaguars 40. The Jags must bet a stop here or it&39;s going to mean more points for the Colts. They can not afford to give up another score.

Oct 22 2007 9:58PM
First down; 11-yard pass.

Oct 22 2007 9:59PM
The Jaguars are getting no pressure. It&39;s like throwing in skeleton.

Oct 22 2007 10:00PM
Manning overthrew his guy or it would&39;ve been a touchdown.

Oct 22 2007 10:01PM
Another bad pass by Manning or it would&39;ve been first and goal. The Colts will settle for a field goal. Adam Vinatieri is good from 36.

Oct 22 2007 10:02PM
The Jaguars will have to make a decision at halftime about whether to continue playing a four-man rush, or start blitzing. I don&39;t know that blitzing will work, but this isn&39;t.

Oct 22 2007 10:06PM
That&39;s the end of the half. Ouch! It&39;s time to regroup. Jack Del Rio and his staff are facing a major re-design. Do they stick to the game plan or abandon it? Manning is only 15 of 25 for 151 yards, no touchdowns and a 77.2 passer rating, but he&39;s dominating the game because he&39;s dominating time of possession. Frankly, he looks like a game manager.

Oct 22 2007 10:14PM
The Jaguars stayed in their base 4-3 cover two defense. In simple terms, the Colts receivers got open and Manning put the ball in their hands. The intent of the defense is to force some incompletions and erode confidence. That didn&39;t happen.

Oct 22 2007 10:19PM
Garrard won&39;t return. Gray is in the game.

Oct 22 2007 10:21PM
The Jaguars are threatening. They&39;re pounding the ball following a big return by Jones-Drew.

Oct 22 2007 10:22PM
Gray scrambles for a first down at the Colts 15. They&39;re going to measure but take my word for it.

Oct 22 2007 10:23PM
Jones-Drew to the five. Now they&39;re running the ball. Just run the darn ball.

Oct 22 2007 10:24PM
Greg Jones to the four; first and goal.

Oct 22 2007 10:26PM
Touchdown! Jones-Drew from a yard out. The Jaguars are back in the game. Now it&39;s in the defense&39;s hands, again.

Oct 22 2007 10:28PM
They&39;re reviewing for a fumble. He broke the plane. Trust me, I think.

Oct 22 2007 10:30PM
Told you. Touchdown! Indy is charged a timeout.

Oct 22 2007 10:32PM
Let&39;s see what the Jags do schematically on defense.

Oct 22 2007 10:32PM
They&39;re in nickel.

Oct 22 2007 10:33PM
The fans are fantastic. They haven&39;t quit. They&39;ve been great all night.

Oct 22 2007 10:35PM
Ingram is the linebacker who was taken out. So far, no change; first down.

Oct 22 2007 10:37PM
Del Rio is hot. The Jags are called for a neutral zone infraction. The Colts moved but it must&39;ve been second.

Oct 22 2007 10:38PM
Finally, some pressure. Paul Spicer gets the sack and a forced fumble. The Colts recovered at their 38.

Oct 22 2007 10:39PM
Still a four-man rush but they&39;re running some stunts and twists. That&39;s different.

Oct 22 2007 10:39PM
Colts will punt. Jags got pressure on Manning. They&39;re getting to him now.

Oct 22 2007 10:40PM
The Colts kill the punt at the Jags four. Now run it.

Oct 22 2007 10:42PM
Gray is in the biggest football game of his life. This is what he&39;s been waiting for. Time to play.

Oct 22 2007 10:42PM
Gray had it on the money but Broussard couldn&39;t hold on.

Oct 22 2007 10:44PM
Safety! Gray never had a chance. Dwight Freeney blew past Khalif Barnes and hit Gray from behind. He&39;s lucky to have held onto the ball.

Oct 22 2007 10:45PM
Bad kick by Podlesh. The Colts have it at their 44. The game has just turned decidedly in the Colts&39; favor.

Oct 22 2007 10:51PM
Manning is moving it down the field in painfully small increments.

Oct 22 2007 10:51PM
Finally, a sack. They blitzed. Thank you.

Oct 22 2007 10:54PM
No rush equals pass completion...for 22 yards to the Jaguars six. The ball appears that it may have hit the ground. We&39;re at the end of the third quarter. Del Rio may challenge that call.

Oct 22 2007 10:56PM
No challenge.

Oct 22 2007 10:56PM
Nearly intercepted by Sammy Knight.

Oct 22 2007 10:58PM
Vinatieri is in. It&39;s a chip shot. It&39;s all the Colts need. It&39;s good.

Oct 22 2007 11:01PM
Time to throw. There&39;s 13:29 to play. The Jags will have to move quickly now.

Oct 22 2007 11:06PM
Intercepted by Hayden. The pass was underthrown for Wilford.

Oct 22 2007 11:09PM
The Colts are in kill-the-clock mode. Time to pound with Addai. He has 82 yards rushing.

Oct 22 2007 11:11PM
This is going to be a bitter pill for the Jaguars to swallow. They wanted this one very badly. How will they react? They&39;re now facing a three-game road stretch in their schedule that will determine whether or not they remain playoff contenders. The Colts, of course, are headed for a showdown with the Patriots. They are in control of the AFC South.

Oct 22 2007 11:13PM
We&39;re inside seven minutes to play. I&39;m going downstairs to do postgame interviews. Thanks for hanging in there tonight.

Oct 22 2007 11:13PM
Just as I try to break away, they pull me back. Brian Williams intercepted Manning. The Jags have it at their 42.

Oct 22 2007 11:15PM
It&39;s gotta be quick now.

Oct 22 2007 11:18PM
Fourth down, incomplete. I&39;m outta here.

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