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In-game blog: Jags vs. Skins

Aug 30 2007 5:35PM
Hi and welcome to the end of the preseason. Thank heavens. By the way, my "Ask Vic" inbox is getting killed with questions about a report that John Henderson has sustained a significant neck injury. I checked on his condition this afternoon and I was told Henderson sustained a minor neck injury in the Green Bay game but quickly recovered and is expected to be in the starting lineup for the season-opener.

Aug 30 2007 5:40PM
Jeff Lageman and I were having a little pregame conversation in my office, which is directly across from the visitors&39; locker room, when there was a knock at the door. You guessed it; Mark Brunell. He knew where to go for some hot rumors and a trip down memory lane. Speaking of hot rumors, how about this one: Brunell to Seattle? It didn&39;t seem to upset him.

Aug 30 2007 5:56PM
Expected not to play: Reggie Nelson, Clint Ingram, Pat Thomas, Brad Meester, Chris Naeole, Kenny Pettway, Willie Mays, Paul Spicer, Babe Ruth and Tony McDaniel, and I don&39;t expect to see John Henderson, Reggie Hayward, Marcus Stroud or Arnold Palmer. Right now, there are 25 Jaguars players going through a full-scale workout, which is going to be their exercise for the day. I&39;ll have a lot more won&39;t-dress guys later.

Aug 30 2007 6:26PM
Byron Leftwich went through a passing workout a little earlier. I think it&39;s obvious he won&39;t play. He didn&39;t play in last year&39;s preseason finale. I&39;ll be interested to see how long David Garrard plays.

Aug 30 2007 6:52PM
All rosters must be cut to 53 players by four p.m. on Saturday. I am expecting the Jaguars to announce all of their cuts at one time, some time Saturday afternoon, and I&39;ll make sure the story is posted on as soon as possible.

Aug 30 2007 7:38PM
The Jaguars won the toss and will receive. Folks, there are so many reserves on the field that I&39;ll probably struggle tonight. Be forgiving, please.

Aug 30 2007 7:39PM
The Jaguars start at their 16-yard line. David Garrard is the starting quarterback.

Aug 30 2007 7:42PM
Tony Pashos appears to be the only regular in the starting lineup. Garrard completes a pass on third down but short of the sticks. Adam Podlesh&39;s punt was very poor. The Redskins take over at their 30; Podlesh got some lucky roll.

Aug 30 2007 7:42PM
The Redskins are playing their first-team offense. The Jags have a motley collection on defense.

Aug 30 2007 7:44PM
Matt Jones is not dressed. I don&39;t know why he isn&39;t. He was dressed and went through pregame warmups.

Aug 30 2007 7:46PM
The Redskins are at the Jaguars 40 following a long run. Brent Hawkins, Seth Payne, Derek Landri and James Wyche are the defensive linemen.

Aug 30 2007 7:48PM
A pass completion gives the Redskins a first down at the Jags 25. Two plays later, touchdown? Jason Campbell to Antwaan Randle El. He beat Dee Webb for a 23-yard touchdown catch.

Aug 30 2007 7:51PM
The Redskins are playing their number two defense. The Jags have the ball at their 31.

Aug 30 2007 7:53PM
Byron Leftwich is not dressed. A lot of starters are not dressed.

Aug 30 2007 7:53PM
LaBrandon Toefield now has three carries for two yards.

Aug 30 2007 7:54PM
Garrard hits Charles Sharon with a laser shot. Gain of 19 to the Redskins 49.

Aug 30 2007 7:54PM
Garrard to Greg Estandia for 13 yards to the Redskins 36.

Aug 30 2007 7:57PM
Sack; two straight blitzes by the Redskins. The ball is at the 44, fourth down. Podlesh punts into the end zone.

Aug 30 2007 8:00PM
Mark Brunell is at quarterback. His first play is a classic Brunell misdirection pass. Just like old times.

Aug 30 2007 8:03PM
Chad Nkang made an aggressive stop on third-and-one. He&39;s been moved to linebacker but he&39;s going to make this team, in my opinion, as a special teams gunner.

Aug 30 2007 8:05PM
The Jags have it at their 20. Garrard is the quarterback. Toefield is still the running back.

Aug 30 2007 8:06PM
It&39;s raining. Garrard to Sharon for 12 and a first down. Sharon runs one of the best curls I&39;ve ever seen. He has distinct possession receiver potential.

Aug 30 2007 8:08PM
That&39;s the end of the first quarter. The Jags are facing second-and-eight at their 34. Garrard is four of five for 51 yards. Sharon has two catches for 31 yards. He&39;s off to a fast start in his battle ot make the roster.

Aug 30 2007 8:10PM
Garrard to Reggie Williams for 14 yards and a first down. Garrard follows with an incompletion for Williams along the sideline.

Aug 30 2007 8:11PM
Garrard to Estandia for nine yards and a first down. Garrard was under a heavy rush and stood right in there and completed the pass.

Aug 30 2007 8:12PM
Alvin Pearman is in the game and he shows a nice burst around right end for four yards to the Redskins 36. This is a nice drive.

Aug 30 2007 8:13PM
Garrard&39;s pass was tipped but caught by Mike Walker for a few yards. The Jaguars offensive line is struggling.

Aug 30 2007 8:15PM
Josh Scobee is good from 51 yards; 7-3 Redskins. Garrard threw deep for Walker on third down. The pass was knocked away by David Macklin. Walker didn&39;t show any leaping ability. That&39;s basically a jump ball play and he didn&39;t jump; just reached.

Aug 30 2007 8:19PM
Marcus Mason runs for 25 yards. First down at the Redskins 46.

Aug 30 2007 8:20PM
Landri just made a fantastic play to run down the running back and drop him for a loss. On a team that has multiple injuries on its defensive line, Landri is making a strong bid for a roster spot. He&39;s been very productive in the preseason.

Aug 30 2007 8:22PM
Quinn Gray is the quarterback. Garrard gets only a quarter of action; seven of 10 for 77 yards, 92.5 passer rating. He&39;s had an outstanding preseason.

Aug 30 2007 8:24PM
Gray to Williams for a first down; sharply thrown and on the money.

Aug 30 2007 8:27PM
Gray on a real good-looking throw over the middle to Sharon for 15. It&39;s third down. The Jags had a hold.

Aug 30 2007 8:28PM
Podlesh gets off a nice punt that time; 48 yards, six-yard return.

Aug 30 2007 8:31PM
Nkang makes the tackle in coverage. This kid looks good.

Aug 30 2007 8:34PM
Pass interference on Dee Webb. The Redskins are at the Jags 22.

Aug 30 2007 8:36PM
Ryan Hoag beats Webb for a touchdown. I need to see something from Webb. I don&39;t see that he&39;s done enough to make the roster.

Aug 30 2007 8:40PM
John Broussard sure isn&39;t getting much playing time. If that trend continues, it would indicate to me the Jaguars are trying to hide him so he might clear waivers. I don&39;t know how they&39;re going to erase him from the tapes of the previous three games.

Aug 30 2007 8:44PM
Gray looks pretty good but his line looks pretty awful. If this gets much worse, the Jags will have to run the ball and surrender.

Aug 30 2007 8:48PM
Touchdown! Gray to Williams on a short out. The defender blew the tackle and Williams went down the sideline 40 yards untouched.

Aug 30 2007 8:49PM
I like what I&39;ve seen from Gray. He&39;s thrown the ball well. He&39;s a talent. After all these years of developing him, in my opinion, you want to keep him and wait to be rewarded.

Aug 30 2007 8:50PM
Brunell is out. He was five of six for 47 yards. Gray is six of 10 for 92 yards, one touchdown and a 123.8 passer rating. That&39;s the end of the first half.

Aug 30 2007 9:09PM
Pearman just returned a punt 28 yards. He&39;s winning his battle against Toefield.

Aug 30 2007 9:11PM
Touchdown! Toefield 12 yards up the middle; big hole. That&39;ll help Toefield&39;s cause.

Aug 30 2007 9:22PM
Broussard just made a spectacular leaping catch along the sideline. There&39;s no hiding that. This guy has to make the team.

Aug 30 2007 9:24PM
Sharon has had a good night. Williams has had a good night. Broussard just made a great catch, showing ability I haven&39;t seen from any other receiver on the team. Northcutt, Wilford and Jones are uncuttable. I&39;m starting to think Walker may be headed for IR.

Aug 30 2007 9:28PM
Roy Manning just intercepted a pass and returned it 27 yards for a touchdown. Manning was signed two days ago.

Aug 30 2007 9:35PM
Most of the players on the field right now are playing for the tape. They&39;re playing to catch the attention of other teams who may need a player at the position they play.

Aug 30 2007 9:37PM
Comments by Jack Del Rio at halftime, in my opinion, make it clear that Reggie Williams had made the final roster. "Reggie has done a nice job. We didn&39;t make it easy for him. We wanted to make sure we pressed him and got the most out of him. He really committed and has come on the last couple of weeks...he&39;s more focused. We just need to continue that."

Aug 30 2007 9:40PM
Was Del Rio tipping his hand on Toefield? "Toe can play anywhere in the NFL. I really fell like he can start anywhere."

Aug 30 2007 9:45PM
That&39;s the end of the third quarter. It is very hot in this press box. One more quarter and another preseason will be history. I&39;m ready for the regular season.

Aug 30 2007 9:47PM
Toefield is the leading rusher with 15 carries for 62 yards. Pearman&39;s only had three carries but he offers a lot of versatility. Frankly, I think Del Rio is showcasing Toefield.

Aug 30 2007 9:49PM
Nick Greisen has bruised ribs.

Aug 30 2007 9:52PM
The Jaguars are currently in a long, time-consuming drive. They&39;re at the Redskins 13. Toefield is piling up the yardage. I think Del Rio wants to get him 100 yards.

Aug 30 2007 9:55PM
Sharon just caught his fourth pass. He has 51 yards receiving.

Aug 30 2007 9:56PM
Touchdown! Gray to Isaac Smolko for five yards. Smolko is a practice squad candidate. The Jaguars are also playing him at linebacker and that&39;s the kind of versatility a coach likes in a practice squad player.

Aug 30 2007 9:58PM
There&39;s 8:20 to play, there are very few fans left and I&39;m about ready to head down to my office and prepare for postgame interviews. Thanks for spending the preseason with me. Are you ready for some football? I am. I&39;ll see ya on Sept. 9.

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