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In-game blog: Jaguars at Colts

* Senior Editor Vic Ketchman kept fans updated as the Jaguars took on the Colts at the RCA Dome. Here's what he wrote. *

Sep 24 2006 9:45AM
(pregame) -- I just sat down in the RCA Dome press box and it's quiet enough in here to get some sleep. At one o'clock, my head will be pounding from the noise. I think I see them starting to connect the speakers now.

Sep 24 2006 11:55AM
(pregame) -- Here are the Jaguars inactives: LaBrandon Toefield, Dee Webb, Derrick Wimbush, Marcellus Wiley, Richard Collier, Chad Owens, Montavious Stanley and Quinn Gray (third quarterback).

Sep 24 2006 11:58AM
(pregame) -- The Colts inactives are: Adam Vinatieri, Bob Sanders, Kelvin Hayden, DeDe Dorsey, Tyjuan Hagler,Brandon Stokley, Josh Thomas and Corey Simon.

Sep 24 2006 12:41PM
(pregame) -- Watch time of possession. That's how you beat the Colts. The Chargers and Steelers had nearly identical time of possession in their wins over the Colts last season, both of which were in the RCA Dome. The Jags will not win the game without winning time of possession.

Sep 24 2006 1:06PM
(just about kickoff) -- Good jersey town; this place is full of Peyton Manning jerseys.

Sep 24 2006 1:08PM
(coin toss) -- The Jaguars won the toss and will receive. Pete Morelli is the referee. I think he was the referee for the Steelers-Colts playoff game that produced the Troy Polamalu controversy.

Sep 24 2006 1:10PM
(kickoff) -- Big hit on return. The crowd is amped, I think. The Jags start at their 22.

Sep 24 2006 1:11PM
(first down) -- Fred Taylor does it on two runs. First down at the 34. Fred's in his 100th game.

Sep 24 2006 1:13PM
(another first down) -- It's been all Taylor. Cortez Hankton was in the game. Matt Jones will see very little playing time, if any.

Sep 24 2006 1:15PM
(soft up front) -- Maurice Jones-Drew gains nine to the Colts 37; first down. Matt Jones was in the game on that play.

Sep 24 2006 1:16PM
(just run it) -- Jones-Drew gains 26 to the 10. Run it all day. The Colts can't stop the run; never could.

Sep 24 2006 1:17PM
(third down) -- At the four.

Sep 24 2006 1:19PM
(touchdown) -- Byron Leftwich walked in untouched. The drive was 78 yards, 11 plays. The Jaguars gained 68 yards rushing. Why throw it?

Sep 24 2006 1:20PM
(factoid) -- The Jaguars are 18-3 under Jack Del Rio when they score first.

Sep 24 2006 1:22PM
(good kick coverage) -- Gerald Sensabaugh drops Terrence Wilkins at the Colts 13. For the Colts to win this game, Manning is going to have to stand on his head. It's all on him.

Sep 24 2006 1:25PM
(first down) -- Manning to Marvin Harrison. He was wide open.

Sep 24 2006 1:27PM
(punt) -- Nice return by Alvin Pearman to the Jaguars 35. The Jags can strike a big blow with a score on this drive. The Colts defense is very vulnerable without Simon and Sanders.

Sep 24 2006 1:31PM
(first down) -- On third and inches, Leftwich ran a sneak. The ball is at the Jags 45.

Sep 24 2006 1:32PM
(loses cool) -- Reggie Williams flagged for taunting.

Sep 24 2006 1:33PM
(just run the ball) -- Jones-Drew gains 18. The whole was huge; third and eight.

Sep 24 2006 1:34PM
(first down) -- It's anything they want in the run game. The Colts can't stop anything. Jones-Drew gains 12 to the Colts 40.

Sep 24 2006 1:37PM
(inteception) -- Leftwich overthrew his receiver on second and four. It was a deep pass for George Wrighster; unforced error. That throw got away from Leftwich.

Sep 24 2006 1:40PM
(end of first quarter) -- The Jaguars ran for 105 yards in the first quarter. The Colts never stopped them. I think you're reading my mind.

Sep 24 2006 1:43PM
(pressure) -- Manning was chased out of the pocket. It's amazing, he literally couldn't throw the ball on the run. All he could manage was a weak toss out of bounds.

Sep 24 2006 1:44PM
(punt) -- Pearman returns four yards to the Jags 31. Colts CB Nick Harper injured groin. His return is questionable.

Sep 24 2006 1:47PM
(Colts have to change strategy) -- They are getting gashed so bad in the run game that they're going to have to commit more guys to the line of scrimmage.

Sep 24 2006 1:49PM
(another personal foul) -- This one is on Vince Manuwai. The Jaguars are in punt formation.

Sep 24 2006 1:52PM
(touchdown) -- Wilkins takes it back 82 yards. It was a long, high punt. The Jaguars missed a tackle. I'm not sure who it was.

Sep 24 2006 1:52PM
(that's a no-no) -- In a game like this, in which you're dominating the line of scrimmage and time of possession, that's the kind of cheap score you can't allow.

Sep 24 2006 1:53PM
(one more thing) -- That penalty on Manuwai really hurt. Without the penalty, Wilkins probably doesn't field the ball and it goes into the end zone. You have to keep your cool.

Sep 24 2006 2:00PM
(first down) -- Jones-Drew gets it done. The Colts are starting to crowd the box with their safeties. The deep ball might be there.

Sep 24 2006 2:01PM
(roughing the passer) -- On the Colts. The ball is moved to the Colts 44, first down.

Sep 24 2006 2:02PM
(first down) -- Jones-Drew gains 11. He now has 83 yards on seven carries.

Sep 24 2006 2:04PM
(third and inches) -- At the Colts 23. Big play ... or two.

Sep 24 2006 2:04PM
(false start) -- The Jags are really hurting themselves with penalties.

Sep 24 2006 2:06PM
(first down) -- Swing pass to Jones-Drew. He did all on second effort; a great run. Just pound it in.

Sep 24 2006 2:07PM
(first and goal) -- At the five. Taylor gained 12 on a draw. The Colts can't stop the run. Taylor has 66 yards on 15 carries.

Sep 24 2006 2:10PM
(not this time) -- The QB draw didn't work and then Josh Scobee misses on a 24-yard field goal attempt. He hit the left upright.

Sep 24 2006 2:11PM
(quick analysis) -- The Jaguars are keeping the Colts in this game with stupid penalties and special teams failures.

Sep 24 2006 2:13PM
(burns him) -- Reggie Wayne goes deep on Brian Williams to the Jaguars 29. The Jaguars are challenging the catch.

Sep 24 2006 2:17PM
(Jags win challenge) -- Wayne did not control the ball through contact with the ground. The pass is incomplete. It works both ways, doesn't it? You must control the ball through contact with the ground, period.

Sep 24 2006 2:18PM
(first down Colts) -- Pass to Wayne at the Colts 42. Manning is warming up.

Sep 24 2006 2:23PM
(first down) -- On third and 17; Manning to Wayne. That combo is starting to wear the Jags out. The ball is at the Jags 45 with 1:15 to play in the half.

Sep 24 2006 2:27PM
(got away with one) -- Rashean Mathis was beaten deep by Harrison. Mathis grabbed Harrison's jersey lightly as Harrison reached for the ball. No penalty. The Jaguars have the ball at their 10 with :37 to play.

Sep 24 2006 2:28PM
(end of half) -- The Jags took a knee.

Sep 24 2006 2:29PM
(Morelli time) -- Pete Morelli and his crew are being booed as they leave the field. Nobody booed when they blew the Polamalu call, huh?

Sep 24 2006 2:32PM
(wasted effort) -- The Jaguars dominated the first half -- 156 yards rushing to 10 -- but have nothing to show for it. When you commit to the running game, you can't give away points on special teams. The Jaguars have nine minutes more time of possession.

Sep 24 2006 2:46PM
(Colts on the move) -- At the Jaguars 30. Manning is in full bloom now. The Jaguars are in a dogfight.

Sep 24 2006 2:47PM
(touchdown) -- Manning to Dallas Clark. The only question was would Manning see him? Clark was standing all alone at the goal line. Who blew the coverage?

Sep 24 2006 2:49PM
(Leftwich will have to come to life) -- He's five of eight for 28 yards, an interception and a 29.2 passer rating. This won't be a run-only game now. The Jags QB will have to trade bullets with Manning.

Sep 24 2006 2:54PM
(three and out) -- Run two, pass one. It won't work now.

Sep 24 2006 3:00PM
(punt) -- Colts have thrown the ball 17 times in their last 19 plays. The Jaguars have the ball at their 39, their best field position of the day. Time to re-start the offense.

Sep 24 2006 3:02PM
(eight in the box) -- So Leftwich throws to Ernest Wilford at the Colts 44; plus 17.

Sep 24 2006 3:05PM
(timeout Jaguars) -- Wrong personnel on the field; clock running down. The offense is struggling right now. The Colts are loading the box to take away the run. The Jags should probably turn to the pass, especially on early downs.

Sep 24 2006 3:07PM
(short pass) -- Huh? Fourth down.

Sep 24 2006 3:08PM
(great punt) -- Chris Hansen dropped it beautifully inside the five and it was killed at the Colts three. Hansen should not be faulted on the touchdown return. He pinned the returner on the sideline.

Sep 24 2006 3:12PM
(punt) -- Pearman returns to Jags 39. Trailing 14-7, the Jags must take advantage of this field position. It's time to open it up.

Sep 24 2006 3:12PM
(make that the 34) -- Sorry for the mistake.

Sep 24 2006 3:13PM
(Matt Jones in on third down) -- He has a huge height advantage on Jason David.

Sep 24 2006 3:14PM
(first down) -- Leftwich to Jones-Drew; nicely executed pass.

Sep 24 2006 3:15PM
(first down) -- Good mix of run on pass; pass on first down, run on second. Jones-Drew has 94 yards rushing.

Sep 24 2006 3:16PM
(Jones-Drew at 100 rushing) -- He gained six; second and four.

Sep 24 2006 3:17PM
(dropped) -- Wrighster drops pass on third and one. The Jags are going to attempt a field goal.

Sep 24 2006 3:18PM
(wide left) -- Scobee misses from 49 yards.

Sep 24 2006 3:25PM
(Colts on the move) -- Second and nine at Jags 30. Can't allow a field goal.

Sep 24 2006 3:26PM
(big play coming up) -- It's third and nine. A stop here saves the day with 13:46 to play in the game.

Sep 24 2006 3:27PM
(offensive pass interference) -- That cancels a big-gainer and saves the Jags' bacon. It'll be third and 19 at the Jags 40. He'll probably throw underneath to set up the field goal.

Sep 24 2006 3:27PM
() --

Sep 24 2006 3:28PM
(incomplete) -- Harrison dropped the ball after being hit. It might've been good enough for a first down. The Colts punt to the Jags six.

Sep 24 2006 3:30PM
(make it the seven) -- Sorry for the mistake.

Sep 24 2006 3:32PM
(near interception) -- The safety read Leftwich's throwing motion.

Sep 24 2006 3:33PM
(three and out) -- The Jaguars have scored one touchdown in their last eight quarters. One touchdown will seldom win one game let alone two.

Sep 24 2006 3:35PM
(11:53 to play) -- The Colts have it first down at their 39.

Sep 24 2006 3:38PM
(Colts killing the clock) -- Dominique Rhodes ripped off a couple of runs. The Colts are at the Jags 23. Brian Williams is down.

Sep 24 2006 3:38PM
(Williams walks off) -- Looks like he was just dinged.

Sep 24 2006 3:43PM
(to the one) -- Manning to Wayne. Donovin Darius was in coverage.

Sep 24 2006 3:44PM
(loss of one) -- Darius knifed through.

Sep 24 2006 3:45PM
(touchdown) -- Manning play-action bootleg. He fooled everyone and jogged around right end for the score with 8:30 to play.

Sep 24 2006 3:47PM
(analysis) -- The Jags let this one get away. As it stands, they'll return to Jacksonville with great regret for opportunity lost. Manning wasn't great but he was good enough.

Sep 24 2006 3:51PM
(trying to fight back) -- Second and six at the Colts 19.

Sep 24 2006 3:54PM
(first and goal) -- Pass to Wrighster at the seven.

Sep 24 2006 3:56PM
(touchdown) -- Leftwich to Jones-Drew with 3:32 to play.

Sep 24 2006 4:00PM
(first down) -- That was a major conversion run by the Colts. The Jags take a timeout at 2:03. The Colts are at their 23.

Sep 24 2006 4:05PM
(third and six) -- Play of the game, right here. There's 1:55 to play. If the Jags get a stop, they'll have a chance to tie.

Sep 24 2006 4:05PM
(stopped) -- Colts try to run. Now they'll try to punt.

Sep 24 2006 4:06PM
(1:07 to play) -- Timeout Indy. The Jaguars will have about a minute to play when they get the ball.

Sep 24 2006 4:07PM
(bad punt) -- Out of bounds at the Jaguars 42. The Jags are still in this game. It's in Leftwich's hands now.

Sep 24 2006 4:09PM
(interception) -- Mike Doss read Leftwich all the way. It was like fielding a punt. That's all.

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