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In-game blog: Jaguars vs. Cowboys

Sep 10 2006 2:38PM
pregame--Hi, everybody. Jack Del Rio and the team's medical staff huddled with Marcus Stroud on the field. Stroud is testing his sprained ankle. He's still jogging and moving about the field. If that's any indication, he may give it a go today.

Sep 10 2006 3:43PM
pregame--The Jaguars inactives: Dee Webb, Alvin Pearman, Clint Ingram, Richard Collier, Cortez Hankton, Marcedes Lewis, Bobby McCray and Quinn Gray (third quarterback).

Sep 10 2006 3:44PM
pregame--The Cowboys inactives: Mike Vanderjagt, Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, Nathen Jones, Bobby Carpenter, J'Vonne Parker, Cory Procter and Pat McQuistan.

Sep 10 2006 4:04PM
pregame--The temperature is 82 degrees. The hottest home-opener in Jaguars history was in 2002, when it was 85 degrees at kickoff vs. the Colts. The hottest opener in Jaguars history was in Chicago in 1998, when it was 88 degrees.

Sep 10 2006 4:14PM
pregame--Radar shows rain coming from the west. The chance of rain is 70 percent. All indications are the weather will be a factor in this game.

Sep 10 2006 4:21PM
Almost kickoff--Are you ready for some bloggin? Thank you for joining me today. I'll try my best to give you some flavor from the game. The Jaguars have won the toss and will receive.

Sep 10 2006 4:24PM
opening drive--Byron Leftwich hits George Wrighster for 13 yards and a first down at the Jags 36.

Sep 10 2006 4:26PM
incomplete--Leftwich throws incomplete for Maurice Jones-Drew on third down.

Sep 10 2006 4:27PM
punt--Chris Hanson's punt was only 36 yards. The Cowboys start at their 30.

Sep 10 2006 4:28PM
Stroud, Peterson starting--Marcus Stroud is in the starting lineup. So is Mike Peterson. These are two tough, dedicated guys.

Sep 10 2006 4:29PM
T.O. right away--Terrell Owens ran a slant on Rashean Mathis on the first play and caught a pass for 13 yards.

Sep 10 2006 4:31PM
*first down *--On third and two, T.O. was to the left and Drew Bledsoe threw to Terry Glenn for 10 yards and a first down on the right side.

Sep 10 2006 4:32PM
pickin' on Mathis?--All of the Cowboys' passes so far have been at Mathis.

Sep 10 2006 4:33PM
first down--Bledsoe to Jason Witten for 15 yards and a first down at the 23. Again, it was to the right side.

Sep 10 2006 4:35PM
touchdown--Julius Jones blew right up the middle for 23 yards and a touchdown. There was a huge hole. Rob Meier had replaced Stroud. John Henderson got caught up the field. Cowboys lead, 7-0. Eight plays, 70 yards, 3:57.

Sep 10 2006 4:36PM
rain has begun--This game is likely to get real wet. There will be a premium on running the ball. The Cowboys have just struck the first blow.

Sep 10 2006 4:39PM
quick analysis--That drive was too easy. The Cowboys threw at Mathis and ran at the Jaguars middle, which means they attacked the Jaguars' strength. There's a message in that.

Sep 10 2006 4:41PM
three and out--Third-down pass for Matt Jones was knocked away. The drive lost five yards. Hanson will punt.

Sep 10 2006 4:42PM
Cowboys on own 43--This is a critical series for the Jaguars. The Cowboys have great field position and the Jaguars defense has to make a stop right now.

Sep 10 2006 4:45PM
big play--Julius Jones just caught a 39-yard pass down the left sideline.

Sep 10 2006 4:47PM
big stop--On third and seven at the Jags 14, Bledsoe's pass for T.O. was knocked away by Deon Grant. Shaun Suisham boots a 32-yard field goal, but it could've been worse. Six plays, 43 yards, 10-0.

Sep 10 2006 4:48PM
Cowboys sharp--They look very quick. Their receivers get into and out of their breaks with lightning quickness. I'm impressed.

Sep 10 2006 4:51PM
thank heavens--The Cowboys are called for a major facemask on a second consecutive stop of Fred Taylor for no gain. That's the Jaguars' first first down.

Sep 10 2006 4:52PM
loss of six--Matt Jones loses ground on end around. The Cowboys defense is quick, too. The ball is at the Jags 30.

Sep 10 2006 4:54PM
sacked--Jay Ratliff sacks Leftwich on third and 13.

Sep 10 2006 4:55PM
Cowboys start at own 25--Dallas has had it all its way. Stroud is out.

Sep 10 2006 4:57PM
nice mix--The Cowboys started the game by throwing right. Now they're throwing at the left side. They're facing a third and 15 at their 20.

Sep 10 2006 4:58PM
Cowboys punt--Chad Owens returns a 61-yard punt 13 yards. Jags at their 20.

Sep 10 2006 5:01PM
end of first quarter--The Jaguars are facing a third and six at their 24. They will have the wind at their backs in the second quarter. Hopefully, the wind will make them faster. That's the problem right now. The Cowboys are playing faster.

Sep 10 2006 5:03PM
near interception--Anthony Henry just dropped an interception. The Jaguars receivers are getting no separation. The Cowboys will begin at their 31.

Sep 10 2006 5:05PM
interference on Mathis--While defending T.O.; Cowboys on Jags 38.

Sep 10 2006 5:07PM
near interception--Deon Grant almost had one. Bledsoe has been erratic. He missed T.O. wide open down the middle two plays earlier.

Sep 10 2006 5:09PM
stats--Bledsoe is six of 12 for 97 yards and a 77.4 passer rating. Leftwich is three of seven for 16 yards and a 50.3.

Sep 10 2006 5:10PM
big play--Leftwich hits Ernest Wilford up the seam for 30 yards at the Cowboys 50. Maybe that'll kick-start the Jags.

Sep 10 2006 5:13PM
third and three at Cowboys 43--Jags call timeout. This is a big, big play in this game. The Jags need to convert and move on for a score. There's 11:32 to play in the half. Remember this play.

Sep 10 2006 5:14PM
complete--To Reggie Williams for three yards and a first down.

Sep 10 2006 5:16PM
roughing the passer--Roy Williams got flagged for a shot to the midsection. The Jags are at the Cowboys 17. The Jags must score something.

Sep 10 2006 5:17PM
holding--Khalif Barnes got caught. The ball is moved back to the Dallas 27; first and 20.

Sep 10 2006 5:22PM
incomplete--Leftwich threw incomplete for Matt Jones in the end zone. Jones was covered. Reggie Williams was wide open underneath.

Sep 10 2006 5:23PM
field goal--Josh Scobee boots a 35-yard field goal, 10-3. Scobee has booted a field goal in nine consecutive games.

Sep 10 2006 5:25PM
still in the game--For as much as the Cowboys have dominated this game, the Jags are only down by a touchdown with 8:48 to play. Stroud is back in the game.

Sep 10 2006 5:27PM
Bledsoe runs--For a first down. Imagine that.

Sep 10 2006 5:30PM
Bledsoe getting weird--He nearly threw a ridiculous interception. He's starting to do weird things.

Sep 10 2006 5:31PM
Leftwich starting to warm up--Leftwich to Wilford for 15 at Jags 41. He's getting pass-protection.

Sep 10 2006 5:34PM
Cowboys coach's challenge--Parcells is challenging a catch by Matt Jones, who caught a 12-yard pass. The ball came out when Jones hit the ground.

Sep 10 2006 5:37PM
reversal--The pass is incomplete. The ball must be controlled to the ground.

Sep 10 2006 5:39PM
interception--Roy Williams intercepts pass for Wrighster. The ball is at the Dallas 28 with 3:17 to play in the first half. Donovin Darius has gone to the locker room for an IV.

Sep 10 2006 5:42PM
two-minute warning--The Cowboys have a third and four at their 34. Bledsoe has to be a concern for Parcells right now. Ever since that three-yard scramble, he's looked tentative.

Sep 10 2006 5:44PM
T.O. makes play--He took a short pass from Bledsoe, got the first down and more. The ball is at the Cowboys 46.

Sep 10 2006 5:48PM
interception--Mathis picks it. Terrible pass by Bledsoe. You could feel it coming a mile away. He's in a complete funk. The ball is at the Dallas 32.

Sep 10 2006 5:49PM
first down at 18--Matt Jones catches pass over the middle; one minute to play.

Sep 10 2006 5:50PM
twelve seconds to play--The Jags have a first down at the Dallas seven. The problem is they are out of times out. Do they kick now or try a throw into the end zone? Here we go.

Sep 10 2006 5:52PM
touchdown--Leftwich throws a lob to Reggie Williams. The defender fell down. We have a tie game, 10-10.

Sep 10 2006 5:53PM
Parcells facing halftime decision?--What does he do with Bledsoe? He could be in the tank. He's eight of 18 for 121 yards, an interception and a 44.0 passer rating. After a fast start, he looks like a deer in the headlights.

Sep 10 2006 5:54PM
Leftwich stats--Leftwich is 13 of 22 for 117 yards, one touchdown, one interception and a 69.7 passer rating. After a slow start, he's come to life. He's getting adequate passs-protection.

Sep 10 2006 6:06PM
halftime strategy--You can bet Jack Del Rio is going to throw the kitchen sink at Bledsoe in the second half. The Cowboys have receivers open all over the field but Bledsoe isn't getting the ball to them. He has his eyes on the pass-rush.

Sep 10 2006 6:07PM
Cowboys strategy--I would think the Cowboys would go back to the get-the-ball-out-quick passing attack they used at the start of the game. They can't let Bledsoe stand in the pocket.

Sep 10 2006 6:11PM
third and two--Short pass, long gain, but the Cowboys are called for offensive pass interference; a pick. Reggie Hayward has sustained a left leg injury. He had to be helped off the field.

Sep 10 2006 6:14PM
Jorge Cordova in the game--He replaced Hayward and applied pressure. The Cowboys punt it away. The Jags have it at their 26.

Sep 10 2006 6:16PM
Slant to Reggie--Pass gains 14 to Dallas 49. The Jaguars are in control.

Sep 10 2006 6:17PM
Hayward update--Strained left Achilles. Will not return.

Sep 10 2006 6:19PM
Cowboys look tired--The speed is gone. Maybe the humidity is getting to them. They are not the same team that started the game.

Sep 10 2006 6:21PM
wide left--Scobee misses from 49 yards on fourth and two. The Cowboys get great field position. Ouch!

Sep 10 2006 6:25PM
third and three at Jags 26--Big play.

Sep 10 2006 6:26PM
complete--After a false start, Witten gains seven on third and eight. They're going for it on fourth and one.

Sep 10 2006 6:27PM
first down--Marion Barber gained eight to the 16. It looked like the right tackle jumped the count. No penalty.

Sep 10 2006 6:28PM
Jones to the 11--Right up the middle. Stroud's in the game.

Sep 10 2006 6:28PM
third and four--The ball is on the 10. This is the big play of the game so far.

Sep 10 2006 6:29PM
touchdown nullified--Witten called for offensive pass in the end zone. Third and 14 from 20.

Sep 10 2006 6:30PM
playing for the field goal--Suisham will try a 36-yarder.

Sep 10 2006 6:31PM
no good--It hit the right upright. The score remains tied. The Jags got lucky on that pass interference call. It was a mild push-off.

Sep 10 2006 6:32PM
let's not forget--Mike Vanderjagt is inactive for today's game.

Sep 10 2006 6:35PM
first down--Matt Jones catches a nine-yarder over the middle for a first down. That's the end of the third quarter. This one is starting to get real good.

Sep 10 2006 6:38PM
Leftwich to Jones--To the Dallas 36; plus 25. Leftwich is getting no rush. The Cowboys front is dead tired.

Sep 10 2006 6:38PM
Leftwich to Jones, again--This time to the 14. It's anything Leftwich wants. The Cowboys are whipped.

Sep 10 2006 6:40PM
to the five--Leftwich to Fred Taylor. The Cowboys are out of it physically.

Sep 10 2006 6:40PM
first and goal--Taylor gains two to the three.

Sep 10 2006 6:41PM
Leftwich 10 straight--Completions ... folks, I hope you're seeing this on TV. If you ever wanted to know what the heat and humidity of north Florida is worth to the Jaguars, this is the game that shows it.

Sep 10 2006 6:50PM
touchdown--Quarterback draw. I could've run it in. Jags lead, 17-10, with 11:27 to play.

Sep 10 2006 6:52PM
three and out--When the body runs out of gas, it runs out of gas.

Sep 10 2006 6:54PM
Jags have it at their 25--It's time to run out the clock. That's what championship teams do in this position; 10:55 to play.

Sep 10 2006 6:56PM
Isn't it hot in Dallas?--How does a team come from Dallas and "die" in the Jacksonville heat?

Sep 10 2006 6:59PM
third and seven at Jags 38--With 8:45 to play, the Jags could take at least two minutes off the clock with a first down here.

Sep 10 2006 7:00PM
pass too short--They were going for a pick, but Reggie Williams didn' get to the sticks. Hanson punts. Cowboys at their 13.

Sep 10 2006 7:05PM
interception--Nick Greisen picks it. Bledsoe threw it right to him.

Sep 10 2006 7:07PM
first down--Leftwich to Reggie Williams for 15 to the Dallas 23. The defender wasn't near him.

Sep 10 2006 7:09PM
Leftwich to Wilford--Like taking candy from a baby. All the Jags need is a field goal. Be cool, now.

Sep 10 2006 7:09PM
Taylor to the five--Second and goal.

Sep 10 2006 7:11PM
touchdown--Taylor around left end. Nobody even touched him. The Jaguars are playing against air. This has to be awfully tough for a team from a warm climate to accept.

Sep 10 2006 7:14PM
Glenn beats Mathis--On a deep ball. Cowboys are in scoring position as two-minute warning approaches. I'm surprised the Jaguars let a receiver get behind them in that situation.

Sep 10 2006 7:18PM
touchdown--T.O. caught it. He beat Brian Williams and Donovin Darius. Jags lead, 24-17, with 1:54 to play. It's all about the onside kick now.

Sep 10 2006 7:20PM
Jags recover onside kick--Montell Owens caught it. It was a bad kick. Not having Vanderjagt hurt the Cowboys.

Sep 10 2006 7:21PM
timeout Cowboys--With 1:03 to play. Third down for the Jaguars.

Sep 10 2006 7:22PM
run it or pass it--I think the Jaguars could throw for a first down, but do you risk an incompletion that stops the clock?

Sep 10 2006 7:23PM
timeout Cowboys--The Jags run it for no gain. Fourth down for the Jags. Now what? Try the field goal?

Sep 10 2006 7:24PM
Just teasing--No way you try a field goal. Hanson punts it into the end zone. There are 51 seconds remaining. The Jags didn't handle that situation real well.

Sep 10 2006 7:25PM
interception--By Brian Williams. The pass was for T.O.

Sep 10 2006 7:26PM
review--As expected. Did the ball hit the ground?

Sep 10 2006 7:27PM
ball hit the ground--The call was reversed. Cowboys ball, second down.

Sep 10 2006 7:28PM
I don't like that call--I don't think the replay was conclusive. The officials overstepped their bounds.

Sep 10 2006 7:28PM
sack--Paul Spicer dropped him.

Sep 10 2006 7:29PM
interception--By Mike Peterson. That's all. Bledsoe could barely throw the ball 15 yards.

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