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In-game blog: Jaguars vs Jets

Oct 8 2006 1:25PM
(pregame) -- Hello, from Alltel Stadium, where the Jaguars have won seven of their last eight home games. Against the Jets today, the Jaguars will try to make it eight out of their last nine.

Oct 8 2006 2:55PM
(pregame) -- I'm waiting for the inactives. It's believed Marcus Stroud's consecutive-games streak will stop at 84. It's also expected that Matt Jones will not play.

Oct 8 2006 3:33PM
(pregame) -- The Jaguars inactives are: Quinn Gray (third quarterback), Matt Jones, LaBrandon Toefield, Dee Webb, Alvin Pearman, Marcellus Wiley, Richard Collier, Marcus Stroud.

Oct 8 2006 3:35PM
(pregame) -- The Jets inactives are: Kellen Clemens (third quarterback), Cedric Houston, James Hodgins, Anthony Schlegel, Ryan Riddle, Trey Teague, Zach Hilton, Dave Ball.

Oct 8 2006 4:12PM
(coin toss) -- The Jets won the coin toss. They will receive and defend the south goal.

Oct 8 2006 4:13PM
(kickoff) -- Justin Miller returns Josh Scobee's kickoff to the Jets 22-yard line.

Oct 8 2006 4:15PM
(first down) -- Chad Pennington sneaks for a yard on third and one. The Jets are using a no-huddle attack.

Oct 8 2006 4:16PM
(correrction) -- That was not Pennington at QB on the sneak. It was Brad Smith.

Oct 8 2006 4:18PM
(first down) -- Rashean Mathis is flagged for holding. The Jets have it at their 41-yard line.

Oct 8 2006 4:19PM
(interception) -- The ball was deflected into the hands of cornerback Brian Williams. The pass was way behind Coles. He tipped it to Williams.

Oct 8 2006 4:20PM
(big play) -- Sceen pass to Fred Taylor. He was caught behind by safety Kerry Rhodes at the Jets 13.

Oct 8 2006 4:21PM
(to the six) -- Maurice Jones-Drew off the right side for seven.

Oct 8 2006 4:21PM
(touchdown) -- Jones-Drew right up the middle untouched. That was awfully easy.

Oct 8 2006 4:23PM
(observation) -- It's hard to believe Pennington could be the fourth-rated passer in the league. His lack of arm strength is shocking.

Oct 8 2006 4:28PM
(three and out) -- The Jaguars are dominating.

Oct 8 2006 4:31PM
(observation) -- The Jets look like they want to attack the flanks, but Pennington doesn't have the arm to get the ball outside the numbers before the defenders close on the ball.

Oct 8 2006 4:31PM
(it actually worked) -- The Jaguars ran an end around with Reggie Williams. It gained nine yards. Imagine that.

Oct 8 2006 4:33PM
(anything they want) -- The Jaguars are playing against air. First down at the Jets 39-yard line.

Oct 8 2006 4:33PM
(to the 25) -- Right up the middle with Fred. Let me carry it, coach.

Oct 8 2006 4:34PM
(to the 13) -- Leftwich to Wrighster. Leftwich is three of three for 55 yards.

Oct 8 2006 4:35PM
(touchdown) -- Fred right up the middle untouched. Talk about soft. I've never seen anything softer.

Oct 8 2006 4:36PM
(players, not plays) -- Eric Mangini was the Patriots defensive coordinator when the Pats held the Jags to three points in the playoffs. The Jags have scored 14 with 4:44 left in the first quarter. Players, not plays, always.

Oct 8 2006 4:42PM
(surrender draw) -- On third and 15. The Jags will get it back.

Oct 8 2006 4:45PM
(three and out) -- Three failed plays by the Jags.

Oct 8 2006 4:46PM
(ball at the nine) -- That's where the Jets start.

Oct 8 2006 4:48PM
(Ingram playing a lot) -- The Jaguars third-round draft choice is playing and Nick Greisen is not.

Oct 8 2006 4:51PM
(Jones-Drew) -- Is the first Jaguar to score a touchdown in three consecutive games since Taylor did it in 2002.

Oct 8 2006 4:51PM
(sack) -- Rob Meier gets it. The Jets are punting.

Oct 8 2006 4:54PM
(punt blocked) -- Jags recover at the Jets eight-yard line. It was blocked by Gerald Sensabaugh and recovered by Jorge Cordova.

Oct 8 2006 4:57PM
(touchdown) -- Jones-Drew up the middle. The Jets are challenging the call.

Oct 8 2006 4:59PM
(Mike Peterson out) -- With a left shoulder sprain. He will not return.

Oct 8 2006 4:59PM
(ruling stands) -- The replay showed nothing.

Oct 8 2006 5:01PM
(not on this given Sunday) -- Not by the Jets, at least. What we'll see now is the Jaguars' ability to protect a lead.

Oct 8 2006 5:05PM
(interception) -- Terry Cousin picks it off and returns it the Jets 23. The ball was in the air forever.

Oct 8 2006 5:06PM
(up the middle) -- All day. I've never seen anything like this.

Oct 8 2006 5:07PM
(first and goal) -- Give it to me, give it to me.

Oct 8 2006 5:09PM
(roughing the passer) -- First down at the three. It was on Jonathan Vilma. I'll be back at you later on this one.

Oct 8 2006 5:11PM
(touchdown) -- Leftwich to Wrighster for a yard.

Oct 8 2006 5:14PM
(opinion on roughing the passer call) -- Vilma made contact with Leftwich while the ball was still in Leftwich's right hand. Vilma was flagged for landing with all of his weight on Leftwich. We've reached the point that defenders are expected to provide a soft place for quarterbacks to land. The rules of the game have reached the point of ridiculousness.

Oct 8 2006 5:16PM
(big leads are nice) -- But there's a lot of football left to play in this game and you have to guard against letting up. That's when injuries occur.

Oct 8 2006 5:21PM
(ready to play) -- Jack Del Rio and his staff had their team ready to play. They get an "A " for coaching in this one.

Oct 8 2006 5:26PM
(roughing the passer) -- Helmet to helmet. I just watched the replay. I'm befuddled. David Garrard is in at quarterback.

Oct 8 2006 5:27PM
(Leftwich looks OK) -- He's standing along the sideline. Tony Corrente is the referee. I don't know much about him. I will remember him as the "quarterback's referee."

Oct 8 2006 5:28PM
(two-minute warning) -- Leftwich will re-enter the game after the two-minute warning.

Oct 8 2006 5:38PM
(halftime) -- If you're one of the people who likes blowouts, this one's for you. The Jaguars have 102 yards rushing. Leftwich has 68 yards passing, a touchdown and a 116.9 rating. Pennington is at 24.0. Ouch!

Oct 8 2006 5:41PM
(Boselli's big day) -- Tony Boselli is being made the inaugural inductee into the "Pride of the Jaguars." He was a great football player and one of the best players to interview I have ever covered. Tony was a fan's player and a reporter's player, too. Congratulations, Tony.

Oct 8 2006 5:54PM
(second half) -- Has begun. The Jags have the ball.

Oct 8 2006 5:54PM
(Brady drops another one) -- He'll never catch Lynn Swann.

Oct 8 2006 5:56PM
(big play) -- Leftwich to Ernest Wilford for a short gain, then Wilford took it down the sideline for 40 yards. The ball is at the Jets 25.

Oct 8 2006 5:59PM
(field goal) -- Scobee knocks it home from 43. He eased into the ball. Scobee told me his problems were the result of trying to kick the ball too hard. He's trying to hit it with 80 percent now.

Oct 8 2006 6:02PM
(tickets distributed (sold)) -- 66,604.

Oct 8 2006 6:04PM
(interception) -- By Deon Grant. Grant came from 10 yards away and was able to close on the ball.

Oct 8 2006 6:07PM
(touchdown) -- A simple slant and Reggie Williams had his man beat by 10 yards. Leftwich hit Williams in stride.

Oct 8 2006 6:11PM
(Jags this good or Jets that bad?) -- You just don't expect a professional football game to be this lopsided. The Jaguars defenders are closing on passes that seem to hang in the air forever. They say accuracy is the number one quality a quarterback must possess, but what good is it if he lacks arm strength?

Oct 8 2006 6:19PM
(Pennington's rating is up) -- To 33.1.

Oct 8 2006 6:27PM
(end of third quarter) -- The Jets are at the Jaguars eight-yard line as the third quarter ends. It looks like they may score. I'm going to be leaving you here, folks. I trust you can take it the rest of the way.

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