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In-game blog: Titans vs. Jags Senior Editor followed the action live as the Jagaurs took on the Titans in Jacksonville. Here's what he wrote.

Sep 9 2007 10:47AM
Hello and welcome to "The Jack." The air-conditioning is working just fine in the press box but the field is not air-conditioned and, folks, it is real, real hot. If it doesn't cloud up, I'd have to believe the heat is going to be a major factor. The loser will be the team whose tank goes on empty first.

Sep 9 2007 11:09AM
The Jaguars are 4-1 on kickoff weekend at "The Jack" when the temperature has been 82 degrees or higher. The Jaguars are 7-2 in Sept. over the last three years. Only the Colts and Seahawks at 8-1 each have been better. This is a big month for the Jaguars. They have two one o'clock home games to open the season. They need to get off to a fast start.

Sep 9 2007 11:52AM
The Jaguars inactives: Reggie Williams, LaBrandon Toefield, Aaron Glenn, Brad Meester, Richard Collier, Kenny Pettway and Tony McDaniel.

Sep 9 2007 11:53AM
Sorry, but I missed Clint Ingram. He is also inactive for the Jaguars.

Sep 9 2007 11:54AM
The Titans inactives: Justin Gage, Reynaldo Hill, Kelly Herndon, Chris Henry, Casey Cramer, Leroy Harris, Biren Ealy and Jesse Mahelona.

Sep 9 2007 11:56AM
Another correction: For Tennessee, Paul Williams is in active, not Justin Gage.

Sep 9 2007 12:07PM
Josh Scobee fell over while kicking in pregame. He has gone to the locker room. Adam Podlesh is now doing the kicking in pregame. I don't have any more information than that. I'll update when info is available.

Sep 9 2007 12:10PM
I think Podlesh did kickoffs at some point in his college career. He's practicing kickoffs right now and he's dropping the ball just inside the 10 with some decent height. Field goals would seem to be the issue.

Sep 9 2007 12:21PM
If you have access, I invite you to listen to the "Jaguars This Week Extra" segment of the pregame show, which begins at 12:30. I'm heading over to the radio studio now.

Sep 9 2007 1:01PM
It appears Podlesh is going to do kickoffs. What we don't know is whether or not Scobee will do field goal attempts. The Jaguars have offered no official update on Scobee.

Sep 9 2007 1:03PM
Tennessee has won the toss and will receive. Have a nice season everyone. Thanks for joining me for today's blog.

Sep 9 2007 1:04PM
The temperature is 87 degrees at kickoff.

Sep 9 2007 1:05PM
Michael Griffin returned the kickoff to the Titans 43. Podlesh's kick was taken at the 12 on the run. It was low and short and that's a problem.

Sep 9 2007 1:06PM
Vince Young begins his ROY encore with a fumble and a four-yard loss. Welcome to the majors with Mr. Young.

Sep 9 2007 1:08PM
Three and out; two harmless completions. Dennis Northcutt makes a fair catch at the Jags 13.

Sep 9 2007 1:09PM
David Garrard's first throw is a beauty, to Northcutt for 22 and a first down at the 35. I mean it was right on the button; a laser.

Sep 9 2007 1:12PM
Garrard to Marcedes Lewis, but short of the first down. Podlesh punts to the Titans 21. He was downwind. This could be a long day for the rookie. By the way, all of a sudden it has gotten cloudy. It's not nearly as warm.

Sep 9 2007 1:12PM
Chris Naeole was in the starting lineup.

Sep 9 2007 1:15PM
By the way, Jack Del Rio is wearing a coat and tie. He must truly love fashion to do that on a day like this.

Sep 9 2007 1:15PM
Facemask, the big one, on Marcus Stroud. The ball is at the Titans 42. The Titans follow with an end around by Brandon Jones for 19 to the Jags 39.

Sep 9 2007 1:19PM
Timeout Titans. They're at the Jags 32, third and three. By the way, at kickoff it was 98 degrees on the field.

Sep 9 2007 1:19PM
The Jaguars look gassed during this timeout.

Sep 9 2007 1:20PM
Young scrambles for a first down at the 28.

Sep 9 2007 1:21PM
Daryl Smith just hit Bo Scaife full speed. Loss of two on that pass.

Sep 9 2007 1:23PM
Scaife just made a fantastic catch for 22 yards to the Jaguars six. The Jaguars had it covered. It was just a lob. It's being challenged by Del Rio.

Sep 9 2007 1:26PM
The call stands. It's ruled Scaife maintained possession. Frankly, from what I saw on TV, the ball wasn't visible.

Sep 9 2007 1:26PM
Lendale White to the five. This is where Young is dangerous on the QB draw.

Sep 9 2007 1:27PM
White for three to the two.

Sep 9 2007 1:28PM
Incomplete. The middle was wide open. Young could've walked into the end zone, but he chose to throw a ground ball.

Sep 9 2007 1:29PM
Rob Bironas is good from 20 yards; 13 plays, 77 yards. That's a good way to keep your defense off the field. The Jaguars have got to get off the field on third down. The Titans converted two of three third downs.

Sep 9 2007 1:31PM
Young is an improved QB since I last saw him. They're not asking him to do much in the passing game. The feat that he'll run is palpable; it's everything in his game.

Sep 9 2007 1:32PM
Maurice Jones-Drew returns the kickoff 42 yards to the Jags 39. That's big in establishing field position and this appears as though it'll be a field position game.

Sep 9 2007 1:35PM
Albert Haynesworth just got a personal foul for a demonstrative tackle on Jones-Drew. He'd be an outstanding player if he could discipline himself. The Jags offensive line is not doing well.

Sep 9 2007 1:36PM
Touchdown! What a throw. What a catch. That's what I'm talkin' about; 47 yards Garrard to John Broussard, who made a spectacular diving catch as he crossed the goal line. Scobee is on to kick. It's good.

Sep 9 2007 1:37PM
What I just witnessed in the best play in Garrard's career. You'll see this one on Sportscenter. Garrard looks great. Garrard to Broussard is a pass-catch combination that first surfaced in the training camp scrimmage.

Sep 9 2007 1:39PM
Podlesh is kickin' beer cans, but he got away with that one. It rolled around for a while; Titans start at their 20.

Sep 9 2007 1:40PM
The pass to Broussard was right on the button. He didn't have to dive. He could've just run under it. It was perfect. By the way, that's the first time I've seen a Jags WR get separation since Jimmy Smith was in his prime.

Sep 9 2007 1:42PM
I don't like what I'm seeing on defense. The Jags are gotten moved around up front.

Sep 9 2007 1:43PM
That's the end of the first quarter. It was an uplifting start offensively for the Jags. Garrard is the star. The Jags need to get the running game going. Defensively, they look vulnerable right now.

Sep 9 2007 1:45PM
Young is throwing sideways and the Jaguars can't make the tackle. That one is for 17.

Sep 9 2007 1:46PM
Chris Brown rips up the middle for 24 to the nine. The Jags defense is gassed.

Sep 9 2007 1:47PM
The Titans' TOP is 13:31.

Sep 9 2007 1:47PM
It's third and goal at the five. Watch for the QB draw.

Sep 9 2007 1:48PM
It was the QB draw; to the one. It's fourth and goal. He's going for it.

Sep 9 2007 1:50PM
Stopped! Brian Iwuh in on the stop, with others. The Jags take over at their one. White, no gain.

Sep 9 2007 1:51PM
The Jaguars have got to do something about time of possession. Right now, it's 15:48 to 2:48. You have to stop the run and get off the field on third down. He's not a third-and-10 passer. Just stop the darn run.

Sep 9 2007 1:51PM
It should've been ruled a fumble and a touchdown return. They're ruling down by contact. I thought we did away with that.

Sep 9 2007 1:53PM
Garrard is on fire. Over the middle to Lewis for 15 and a first down. Confidence in Garrard is growing.

Sep 9 2007 1:55PM
Lewis couldn't get away for a first down. He's a yard shy. Nice pass, nice play; have to pull away.

Sep 9 2007 1:55PM
The Titans have it at their 33. All right, let's see if the defense can get a three and out. They desperately need it.

Sep 9 2007 1:59PM
Interception by Mathis. Stroud hit Young's arm. The ball is at the Titans 29.

Sep 9 2007 1:59PM
The Jags have one yard rushing. They're getting whipped up front.

Sep 9 2007 2:00PM
Garrard to Northcutt for 12; third and one.

Sep 9 2007 2:01PM
Garrard to Ernest Wilford for 13 and a first down at the Titans seven. It's all Garrard right now.

Sep 9 2007 2:02PM
Jones-Drew just got slammed on first down. The Jags gotta throw.

Sep 9 2007 2:02PM
Roughing the passer Antwan Odom. First and goal at the three. Garrard had been sacked. Odom got the facemask.

Sep 9 2007 2:04PM
Jones-Drew for nothing. I repeat, the Jags must throw. This one is in Garrard's hands.

Sep 9 2007 2:04PM
Matt Jones drops a perfect pass in the back of the end zone.

Sep 9 2007 2:05PM
Timeout with 4:28 to play in the half. It's 7-3 Jags, third and goal at the four.

Sep 9 2007 2:07PM
So much for run the ball, stop the run. The Jags aren't running the ball or stopping the run and they're winning this game. Why? Because of Garrard. This is what I meant when I said turn him loose.

Sep 9 2007 2:08PM
Incomplete; threw it away to avoid a bad play. Scobee is good from 22.

Sep 9 2007 2:11PM
The Titans pick up the ground ball and return it to their 36.

Sep 9 2007 2:12PM
Young is on the verge of coming apart. That was a near interception; no receiver near the ball.

Sep 9 2007 2:13PM
Brian Williams saves the day. Chris Brown would've scored and Williams not tripped him up. Brown went 42 yards right up the middle.

Sep 9 2007 2:14PM
The Titans are now at 142 yards rushing; 6.5 per carry. The Jags may be winning right now, but if they don't at least stop the run they will not win this game.

Sep 9 2007 2:15PM
The Jags have exactly no yards rushing. I don't get it. Is this the result of spending an entire spring and summer emphasizing the passing game?

Sep 9 2007 2:17PM
First and goal at the 10.

Sep 9 2007 2:18PM
Twelve in the huddle for the Titans; five-yard penalty. The ball is at the 12, second and goal. You can't make these kinds of mistakes if you're going to play run the ball/stop the run.

Sep 9 2007 2:19PM
Young incomplete. He's starting to get wild. Third and goal from the 12.

Sep 9 2007 2:20PM
Loss of two on the pass. Field goal time. First, the Jags call timeout with :42 left in the half.

Sep 9 2007 2:21PM
It's good from 31; 10-6 Jags.

Sep 9 2007 2:23PM
Garrard was flattened on the rush. What's witht the Jags offensive line? Del Rio's going to get in some faces at halftime.

Sep 9 2007 2:26PM
The Titans are going to get the ball back. Podlesh is on with :17 to play.

Sep 9 2007 2:26PM
Short kick; nearly blocked. The Titans have it at their 49 with nine seconds to play. Young already went to the locker room. Kerry Collins is in the game. What is this?

Sep 9 2007 2:27PM
Collins slides down. That's embarrassing. Jeff Fisher has to be hot, and not just from the sun.

Sep 9 2007 2:32PM
Garrard is seven of 12 for 123 yards, one touchdown and a 121.2 passer rating. Young is eight of 12 for 59 yards, one interception and 43.4. He apparently left the field early to get into the air-conditioning.

Sep 9 2007 2:40PM
Reggie Hayward and Marcus Stroud spent the offseason in rehab. Paul Spicer missed nearly all of training camp with a back problem. John Henderson has missed time with a shoulder problem. See where I'm going? The defense does not appear to be ready to start the season. I could be wrong but that's how I see it.

Sep 9 2007 2:42PM
Here we go. Jags start at their 20. Let's watch closely to see who has the most left in the tank.

Sep 9 2007 2:42PM
Garrard scrambles for 13 and a first down. He looks fresh.

Sep 9 2007 2:43PM
Finally, Fred Taylor rips off a good one; 17 yards. It was a cutback run.

Sep 9 2007 2:46PM
Garrard to Northcutt on the sideline; a great throw. Third and six.

Sep 9 2007 2:46PM
Garrard to Wilford for a first down on third and five. I can't tell you how good Garrard looks.

Sep 9 2007 2:49PM
QB draw on third and seven. Garrard gains 10 to the 19 for a first down. Garrard is doing it all.

Sep 9 2007 2:51PM
Fourth and 10, Jags are going for it; out of Scobee's range today.

Sep 9 2007 2:51PM
Shovel pass gets nothing. Garrard was mobbed. The Titans defensive line continues to dominate.

Sep 9 2007 2:58PM
Personal foul on Terry Cousin, facemask tackle of Young. The ball is now at the Jags 48.

Sep 9 2007 2:58PM
Chris Brown rips up the middle again. The middle is getting pounded. Brown now has 105 yards on 10 carries. Ouch!

Sep 9 2007 2:59PM
Brown up the middle again, this time for 13 and a first down at the Jags 21. I'm telling you, I could run through these holes.

Sep 9 2007 3:00PM
QB draw for six to the 14; third and two.

Sep 9 2007 3:01PM
No rush, Young throws behind his man but he catches it for four yards and first and goal at the 10. This is the fourth time the Titans have had first and goal.

Sep 9 2007 3:01PM
White on an inside counter to the four. The middle is wide open.

Sep 9 2007 3:02PM
Brown to the two; third and goal. They're gonna pound it twice.

Sep 9 2007 3:03PM
Touchdown! Make it once. Young up the middle on a QB draw. Everybody knew what was coming, but it was wide open. The days of Garrard not losing the game are over. Now he needs to win it.

Sep 9 2007 3:04PM
The Titans have rushed for 202 yards; 5.9 per carry. They have a 10-minute TOP advantate. The sun is out again and it's just getting hotter.

Sep 9 2007 3:05PM
I'll tell you how stupid I am. I am thought before the game that if the Titans tried to play ball control, they'd have a bunch of three-and-outs and the Jaguars would control the clock and tire the Titans defense. Looks like I had it all wrong.

Sep 9 2007 3:07PM
The Jaguars are now in a position that they have to rely on Garrard. They'll try to run, I'm sure, but I think the outcome of this game will ride on Garrard's right arm.

Sep 9 2007 3:09PM
Garrard to Northcutt for nine; third and one. You have to make these to win.

Sep 9 2007 3:09PM
The Titans won the line surge but Garrard sneaked for the first down at the 30.

Sep 9 2007 3:10PM
That's the end of the third quarter. I look back on Matt Jones' drop in the end zone and I get sick.

Sep 9 2007 3:13PM
Garrard to Broussard for nine. They have to get the run going.

Sep 9 2007 3:13PM
Taylor for none gain; third and two.

Sep 9 2007 3:14PM
Big play; Jones-Drew blows through the line for 23 yards to the Titans 38. That's big.

Sep 9 2007 3:14PM
Garrard to Jones-Drew for a first down at the 28.

Sep 9 2007 3:34PM
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