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In-game updates: Jags at Bills

Vic Ketchman at 10:09
Hi, everybody, and welcome to the press box at Ralph Wilson Stadium on a gorgeous fall day in western New York.

Vic Ketchman at 10:57
This stadium is coming up on 30 years of age, which is usually when they start talking about needing a new stadium, but not here. This one is in good shape, it's been remodeled to add premium-seat revenue, and it's part of a complex that includes what might be the best indoor facility in the league.

Vic Ketchman at 10:59
Deji Karim is expected to make his debut today. Inactives will be announced 90 minutes before kickoff.

Vic Ketchman at 11:47
Brock Bolen is active for today's game. I'm looking forward to seeing if he can pick up where he left off in the preseason.

Vic Ketchman at 11:50
The Jaguars are wearing their white-jerseys, black-pants First Holy Communion uniforms today.

Vic Ketchman at 12:00
Based on Reggie Wayne's performance last week, I have to believe Chan Gailey's gonna make sure David Jones sees a lot of Lee Evans today.

Vic Ketchman at 12:04
There are no household names in today's officiating crew.

Vic Ketchman at 12:14
The Bills are likely to have a high pick in next year's draft, which they almost certainly will use to draft a quarterback. If they ever win again, this place will be full and no one will be talking about the bad economy any more.

Vic Ketchman at 12:18
Based on body language in pregame, the Jaguars would seem to be focused.

Vic Ketchman at 12:19
Wanna know why the Bills are struggling? They only have one player left, Posluszny, from their 2007 draft class. You are what you draft.

Vic Ketchman at 12:25
I'm about to head to the radio booth for my final pregame segment. I won't be back until kickoff.

Vic Ketchman at 13:01
The Jags won the toss and elected to defer their choice.

Vic Ketchman at 13:02
The Bills will receive the kickoff. C.J. Spiller is back to receive, along with Donald Jones. Enjoy the game.

Vic Ketchman at 13:02
Spiller doesn't get back to the 20.

Vic Ketchman at 13:03
Fred Jackson rips off seven around left end.

Vic Ketchman at 13:04
Anthony Smith made a shoestring tackle on Jackson at the line. Jackson had an open field.

Vic Ketchman at 13:04
Sacked! Kampman sacks Fitzpatrick.

Vic Ketchman at 13:05
Thomas fumbles the punt. Bills have it across midfield. He never caught it.

Vic Ketchman at 13:06
The ball is at the Jags 45. Major bummer. The Jags were going to be in position to take early control of the game.

Vic Ketchman at 13:06
Touchdown! Fitzpatrick to Lee Evans. He beat David Jones by five yards. It was a walk-in.

Vic Ketchman at 13:07
As I said in pregame, Jones is gonna get a good look at Evans today.

Vic Ketchman at 13:08
How could you start a game worse than this? I would give serious consideration to Derek Cox.

Vic Ketchman at 13:010
Brad Meester just tied Jimmy Smith for most starts in Jaguars history.

Vic Ketchman at 13:010
Big run by Mo on the first play. The whole left side was caved in. Gain of 16.

Vic Ketchman at 13:12
Intercepted. It was tipped at the line and picked by LB Andra Davis.

Vic Ketchman at 13:13
From the 30, Jackson burst around left end for a big gain to the Jags 11. Gain of 19.

Vic Ketchman at 13:13
On that long run, Evans blocked Jones all day.

Vic Ketchman at 13:16
Field goal time. A second-down attempted screen might've scored had somebody not tipped the pass. I'm not sure who tipped it.

Vic Ketchman at 13:16
The kick is good. Kampman tipped the pass. Whew!

Vic Ketchman at 13:17
Forget about my number one thing, "Be patient."

Vic Ketchman at 13:18
Short kick, nice return by Karim out to the 40.

Vic Ketchman at 13:20
The Jags are gonna be able to put pressure on Fitzpatrick. The Bills line is struggling to block Kampman.

Vic Ketchman at 13:22
Strange run. Mo just stood and waited for a hole to develop, but it did. He gained 23.

Vic Ketchman at 13:22
Karim gets a carry and gains five. The Bills really are bad agaisnt the run. There are holes everywhere.

Vic Ketchman at 13:23
Big third and five coming up. Watch for Marcedes Lewis, if you're watching on TV.

Vic Ketchman at 13:24
Sacked! No one open. Garrard drifted out of bounds. He lost six. He should've thrown it away.

Vic Ketchman at 13:24
Scobee nails the kick from 49.

Vic Ketchman at 13:27
Spiller returns the kick to the 27.

Vic Ketchman at 13:28
Jackson bursts off the right side for a big gain to the Bills 45. Cox is in the game for Jones.

Vic Ketchman at 13:29
Alualu on the stop for no gain.

Vic Ketchman at 13:30
Roscoe Parrish was late off the snap and it threw off the timing on Fitzpatrick's throw.

Vic Ketchman at 13:30
What a catch by Parrish. He was cut in midair by Mathis. The gain is 20.

Vic Ketchman at 13:31
Jackson off the right side for 10. The Bills are running the ball.

Vic Ketchman at 13:31
Since Jones was taken out, Evans has been moved to the right side and Parrish to the left.

Vic Ketchman at 13:32
Jackson gets nine more. The Jags defense is getting gashed

Vic Ketchman at 13:32
Spiller catches a short pass for a first down. Play-action has been established. Watch for it here.

Vic Ketchman at 13:33
False start. That helps a lot. First and 15 from the 20. Takes them out of run.

Vic Ketchman at 13:34
Quick slant to Evans to the 11. Good throw.

Vic Ketchman at 13:34
Spiller to near a first down at the five.

Vic Ketchman at 13:35
That's the end of the first quarter. It's third and one.

Vic Ketchman at 13:36
The Bills had the ball for 10 and a half minutes and ran 18 plays for 139 yards; Jags had the ball for four-and-a-half minutes and ran eight plays for 46 yards.

Vic Ketchman at 13:37
It's third and inches just outside the five.

Vic Ketchman at 13:38
First down, just across the five. Classic Chan Gailey; sent Spiller in motion.

Vic Ketchman at 13:39
Jackson to the one.

Vic Ketchman at 13:40
Holding on the Bills. Big, big penalty. Wow! How can you do that at the one-yard line. That's why the Bills are 0-4.

Vic Ketchman at 13:41
Tyson Alualu's name can not be pronounced. The PA guy has butchered it.

Vic Ketchman at 13:42
The Jags got away with pass interference on that play.

Vic Ketchman at 13:42
Fourth and goal from the three. The penalty killed the drive.

Vic Ketchman at 13:43
The kick is good. The Jags dodged a bullet.

Vic Ketchman at 13:45
Karim returns kick to the 24.

Vic Ketchman at 13:46
Vince Manuwai is in the game at left guard for Justin Smiley.

Vic Ketchman at 13:48
First completion of the day; to Zach Miller for 11.

Vic Ketchman at 13:49
Mo's tackled for a loss. The Bills aren't selling out to stop the run like I thought they would. I'm not seeing eight in the box.

Vic Ketchman at 13:49
They were in nickel on that play.

Vic Ketchman at 13:50
Nice pass to Lewis for a first down. The pass-protection was solid.

Vic Ketchman at 13:50
They're seven in the box on every play in this drive. That surprises me.

Vic Ketchman at 13:51
Same pass play to Miller again. It's a little delay.

Vic Ketchman at 13:53
Garrard scrambles for a first down at the Bills 26.

Vic Ketchman at 13:54
Drayton Florence just made a play.

Vic Ketchman at 13:55
Sacked! It was a safety blitz.

Vic Ketchman at 13:55
Scobee nails it again from 49.

Vic Ketchman at 13:57
How about Tom Coughlin? He's kickin' the poop out of the Texans in Houston.

Vic Ketchman at 13:58
Austin Lane, the bringer of pain, is in the game.

Vic Ketchman at 14:00
Sacked! Terrance Knighton gets it; Lane was there, too.

Vic Ketchman at 14:01
Pass-defensed by Cox against Evans. It was the same pass play on which they scored. Good play by Cox. That'll help his confidence.

Vic Ketchman at 14:02
Punt time. Good rush by the Jags. It's time for the offense to do something.

Vic Ketchman at 14:03
Nice punt. Thomas returns to the Jags 15.

Vic Ketchman at 14:03
Smiley has an ankle sprain.

Vic Ketchman at 14:06
Mo pounds out a first down on two runs. The run is there.

Vic Ketchman at 14:06
That time they had eight in the box and they stopped Mo cold.

Vic Ketchman at 14:07
Garrard with a good shot to Thomas across midfield. The protection was outstanding.

Vic Ketchman at 14:08
The end around goes big. Thomas carries the ball to the Bills 15. There was no one there. We're at the two-minute warning.

Vic Ketchman at 14:08
The Jags are getting a handle on this game now.

Vic Ketchman at 14:11
It's third and one.

Vic Ketchman at 14:12
First down at the four.

Vic Ketchman at 14:13
The Jags have two times out remaining.

Vic Ketchman at 14:13
Pass to Mo at the one.

Vic Ketchman at 14:13
Time out, Jags. They'll run it in from here.

Vic Ketchman at 14:14
Wrong, they faked it to Mo and threw it to Lewis for the touchdown. The Bills appeared to be helpless in that drive.

Vic Ketchman at 14:15
We're going to be tied at halftime. I don't know if that's bad or good, but I know it's a lot better than trailing by 10.

Vic Ketchman at 14:17
That's the end of the half.

Vic Ketchman at 14:31
Karim on a big kickoff return to open the half. It's at the Bills 39.

Vic Ketchman at 14:33
Garrard to Lewis for a first down. The Bills can't match up right now.

Vic Ketchman at 14:33
Touchdown! Garrard 27 pass to Lewis.

Vic Ketchman at 14:34
All of a sudden, the Bills have gone limp. It started with that holding call at the goal line. It seems to have taken the heart out of them.

Vic Ketchman at 14:36
This could be the game, if the Jags stone the Bills here.

Vic Ketchman at 14:39
The Bills have come completely apart at the seams. They can't do anything.

Vic Ketchman at 14:40
Chop block; that's two penalties in a row.

Vic Ketchman at 14:41
Gailey is screaming at the official. It sure didn't look like a chop block. I can't imagine what the guy saw.

Vic Ketchman at 14:42
It's fourth and one. Does he go for it?

Vic Ketchman at 14:42
No! That's smart thinking. The fans boo, of course.

Vic Ketchman at 14:43
Short punt and illegal touching. The Jags are gonna great field position.

Vic Ketchman at 14:46
Run, run, run.

Vic Ketchman at 14:47
Run, run gets a first down. Start over.

Vic Ketchman at 14:47
I'm sorry, it's third and a foot.

Vic Ketchman at 14:47
They ran that stupid option play. I don't know if Mo got it. He did not. Go for it?

Vic Ketchman at 14:48
Yeah, he's going for it. Wow!

Vic Ketchman at 14:48
Sneak doesn't get it. You don't wanna know what I think right now.

Vic Ketchman at 14:49
The ball is at the Jags 45.

Vic Ketchman at 14:49
Fitzpatrick nearly threw the ball into the stands.

Vic Ketchman at 14:50
Jackson breaks it big. He's down to the 14. Here we go.

Vic Ketchman at 14:51
Personal foul on Cox for grabbing the helmet. The ball is at the five.

Vic Ketchman at 14:52
No gain by Jackson.

Vic Ketchman at 14:52
Pass was behind the receiver. It should've been a touchdown.

Vic Ketchman at 14:53
Touchdown! Fitzpatrick to Steve Johnson. Mathis wants a pass interference.

Vic Ketchman at 14:54
So, everybody, how do you like that option play now, huh?

Vic Ketchman at 14:57
Another big return by Karim, this one to the Jags 47.

Vic Ketchman at 14:58
Mike Sims-Walker not only doesn't have a catch, he hasn't had a ball thrown at him.

Vic Ketchman at 14:59
End around again. This time it only gained a few yards. Just RUN THE BALL.

Vic Ketchman at 15:00
Holding in pass-blocking, on Meester.

Vic Ketchman at 15:01
There's a pass to Sims-Walker. It gains 12. It's third and three.

Vic Ketchman at 15:01
To Sims-Walker for five and a first down. He got whacked but held on.

Vic Ketchman at 15:02
There you go. Karim up the middle for 13 and a first down. Just run the ball. Don't get cute.

Vic Ketchman at 15:03
Sims-Walker with a big catch at the 11.

Vic Ketchman at 15:03
All of a sudden, Garrard has found Sims-Walker.

Vic Ketchman at 15:03
I'm sorry, it's at the six.

Vic Ketchman at 15:04
Touchdown! Walk in by Mo, but, no, it's holding against the Jags, on Lewis.

Vic Ketchman at 15:04
It was obvious.

Vic Ketchman at 15:06
Third and goal from the seven. This is the big play of the game.

Vic Ketchman at 15:06
Touchdown! To Sims-Walker. Posluszny got caught in coverage on him. A LB on a WR won't work.

Vic Ketchman at 15:07
I have to believe the order went down to get the ball to Sims-Walker.

Vic Ketchman at 15:010
Spiller's done nothing in the return game today.

Vic Ketchman at 15:010
Kampman is having another great game. He was a sensation acquisition. He's the Jaguars' best player on defense.

Vic Ketchman at 15:11
Kampman again. He bull-rushed two guys into the QB.

Vic Ketchman at 15:12
That's the end of the third quarter. The Bills need to rebuilding their two lines.

Vic Ketchman at 15:15
The Jags have great field position near midfield. They can deliver the clincher on this possession.

Vic Ketchman at 15:15
Mo just gashed them up the middle for 20 and a first down. Mo is down.

Vic Ketchman at 15:16
He's walking off.

Vic Ketchman at 15:17
Karim around right end for a first down. They're not last in the league in run-defense for no reason.

Vic Ketchman at 15:18
Karim had a solid debut.

Vic Ketchman at 15:18
Third and one. Pound it.

Vic Ketchman at 15:20
Karim's short. Kick.

Vic Ketchman at 15:21
It's good from 34. That should be the clincher.

Vic Ketchman at 15:22
Jones-Drew sprained his right wrist.

Vic Ketchman at 15:23
I won't stay to the end of the game because I have to walk to the locker room through the crowd from here.

Vic Ketchman at 15:23
Sizable return by Donald Jones to the Bills 40.

Vic Ketchman at 15:26
It's third and long. This is the game.

Vic Ketchman at 15:27
Pass was behind the receiver. The Bills will punt.

Vic Ketchman at 15:27
Fake punt, he didn't get it.

Vic Ketchman at 15:27
That's your dash 30 dash, folks.

Vic Ketchman at 15:29
To Thomas on a slant for a first down.

Vic Ketchman at 15:31
It's fourth down. Here comes Scobee.

Vic Ketchman at 15:32
It's good from 40. I'm going to the locker room. Thanks for joining me today.

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