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Jaguars and CBS47 WTEV-TV Renew Broadcast Partnership

The Jacksonville Jaguars and CBS47 WTEV-TV have reached an agreement to continue their local broadcasting partnership. The team is entering into a new two-year agreement with the station. Terms of the deal, which provide exclusive broadcasting rights, are undisclosed.

"Our fans have come to know where to find Jaguars programming, and we look forward to building on that continuity with CBS47," said Jaguars Vice President/Communications and Media Dan Edwards.

"We're pleased to renew and continue this relationship with our television partner and we look forward to working with them to bring great Jaguars coverage to our fans," Edwards added.

Jeff Whitson, V.P./General Manager of CBS47 and FOX30 said, "We think it makes a lot of sense to extend our production relationship with the Jaguars to be concurrent with the CBS and FOX NFL agreements."

"The Jaguars have been terrific to work with, and we look forward to continuing the partnership," Whitson added.

"We've worked hard to raise the quality of all of the Jaguars productions," said Whitson, "and will continue to do so over the next two years. However, we see this as more than just production; we view it as our responsibility to help grow the Jaguars fan base across our television stations and websites as well as on the Jaguars Television Network in Gainesville, Orlando, Tallahassee and Savannah."

CBS47 will continue to air locally produced Jaguars preseason games, as well as the Jack Del Rio Show, the Jaguars Pregame Show and Jaguars All Access. There will also be several specials aired during the year.

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