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The Jaguars began their first full week of training camp today. The

players practiced in the morning in full pads for the first time in this

year's training camp, and they were in uppers in the afternoon.

"They were willing, but the execution wasn't very good," Coughlin

said of the morning practice. "When it's full speed and everybody's

flying around, the speed factor alone is something that must be

adjusted to. People have to be ready to adjust to that. Consequently,

it was sloppy. But, being in pads separates the football players from

those who look good in shorts. Hopefully, it'll continue to be a

difficult time for us to sort them out, to make it competitive, to have

lots of people competing for jobs. I look forward to that."

With newly signed linebacker Lonnie Marts practicing for the first

time, Joel Smeenge moved back to defensive end. "But it was good

to have Smeenge have full practices at linebacker, because now

he's not going to be limited to one front and one or two coverages if

he has to play linebacker again. As for Marts, he won't be too far

behind. Some of the terminology may take him a little time. But he's

been in some different systems (with other teams). I expect him to

pick everything up fast."

Coughlin also talked about the following players:

(on safety Blaine McElmurry) "He's smart. He's dedicated. He's a

good team player. He does whatever he's asked. He's been in

games. He's competed in games. Obviously, everyone took notice

of that. So he's the kind of guy I don't expect to make mistakes. I

expect him to be where he's supposed to be all the time. And pretty

much whenever you do it's intuitive."

(on draft choices Jason Craft and Dee Moronkola, both

cornerbacks) "They've made some plays. Moronkola has had, I'd

say three outstanding practices in a row. And Craft made an

excellent break on the ball this morning on Jimmy Smith and

knocked the ball out. (Because of Fernando Bryant's holdout), those

guys are getting extra shots and extra opportunities and taking full

advantage of it."

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