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The Jacksonville Jaguars completed the third day of their four-day pre-camp today at the Ferrell Fields adjacent to ALLTEL Stadium.

Head coach Tom Coughlin noted the continued improvement of the rookies during the four-day camp. "You can see that in the third day the rookies are a little bit better at getting lined up," said Coughlin. "It is not always pretty, but I like the fact that the young guys in the second and third group on either side of the ball right now are getting a lot of reps - sophisticated reps with three and four wide receivers, nickel and dime coverages and the recognition involved. We threw some different alignments and motion at them today, made the defense line-up accordingly and I think all of those things are positive. The more you can throw at them and the more that they have to think and react now, hopefully will become instinctive in training camp. You have to go through this part of it and the veterans have helped these guys very much. They have helped them in meetings, they have helped them on the field and that is all positive.

"Tomorrow we are going to work. It is not going to be an exit day. We are going to work on a lot of situational things, not staying on one thing too long. We will finish with the two-minute drill tomorrow."

The four-day pre-camp will conclude Friday, with practice beginning at 10:10 a.m. Coach Coughlin is available to the media at 12:00 noon on the field, and the locker room is open for media interviews from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. All practices are closed to the general public.


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